Editor, Will A. Vick

August 5, 1896

Forks of Pike

U.W. Neal and daughter, Miss Bernice, of Watertown were in our midst Wednesday.

Miss Alice Robinson returned home Thursday after an extended visit with relatives at Shop Springs.

Master Howard Preston of Woodbury came after his brothers, J.W. and Chas. Preston on important business.

T.P. Stevens spent Saturday and Sunday with home folks.

Mr.& Mrs. J.B. West visited relatives at Watertown Sunday.

Miss Nannie Barry is visiting relatives at Alexandria.

Mr.& Mrs. J.J. Evans of Nashville are mingling with their many friends here.

Master George McMillin has been right sick several days but is better now.

Misses Mai Measle and Maud Flippen attended the ice cream festival at Alexandria Thursday.

Little Eva Robinson is greatly improved.

Misses Jessie and Lillie Groom and W.C. Groom and wife attended preaching at Alexandria.

Miss Mary Flippen with others from Liberty and Smithville are having an enjoyable time on the river.

Sewell Barry, Faullie Gibbs and Claudie Groom went to Dowelltown Sunday.

Mrs. H.C. Givan is better this week.

Mrs. Selena Yeargin of Alexandria spent several days with relatives here.

Miss Lola Robinson, on her return from Shop Springs, spent Thursday night with Miss Martha Robinson.

Miss Helen Barry is in feeble health.

The colored folks had a picnic in H.G. Roy's lot last Saturday.

Wm. Robinson and daughter, Miss Maggie, spent several days last week with relatives at Milton.

Tobe and Misses Angie and Ida McMillen spent Sunday with Miss Mattie Ford of Round Top.

Bill, the old family horse of Sam Vanatta, is almost dead.

Jones Mills

Brother Harsh has just closed a protracted meeting at Columbia College with twelve additions to the church. Our protracted meeting at the Banks church commences on Saturday before the first Sunday in August by J.L. Thompson.

J.L. Smith, our merchant, has a very sick child at this time.

Lone Star

Letter from Jas. D. who, "last Monday was spending my first birthday so far away from home. For twenty two years I have been the object of a mother's anxious care."

Henderson's X Roads

Since writing, Levi D. Phillips has passed from labor to rest. He was a good man and died full of faith and full assurance of rest beyond the river.

Johny Reaves and Joseph Cason have each lost a child recently.

Thomas Oakley of Commerce came up in search of a square meal last week.

Recently a hail storm a mile and a half in length and width literally ruined the crop of Alex Major on the Lebanon and Murfreesboro pike.

The lightning sturck the house of G.W. Thompson some days back knocking down part of the chimney, mantle stairsteps, ceiling, making havoc of window lights. Bro. Thompson was in the house on the bed at the time. He received no injuries whatsoever.

New Bildad

E.L. Mooneyham attended the teachers institute at Smithville Saturday.

Harley Kirby and Grover Cantrell are away from school on account of fever.

Mrs. E.L. Mooneyham is on the sick list this week.

A.L. Mooneyham of Belk spent part of last week visiting relatives here.

H.G. Atnip and A.J. Cantrell have begun work on their first brick kiln. They aim to burn two this summer and fall.

Jackson Cantrell was married to Miss Cora Evans here yesterday, Eld. P.G. Byars officiating.

Emblem, Texas

Messrs. J.L. Banks and W.R. Williams, with their families, have gone below Sulphur Springs on a two days grape hunt.

No little town as young as Soonover (Emblem), it being only five years old, for brave fighting. The last on record was fought last Saturday at 3 p.m. between Morgan Brown and Charley Seals.

A sad and unexpected accident occurred 3 miles East of here last Saturday in Mr. Wagner's 1700 acre pasture, most of which is prairie. As Will Phillips and a young man named Ramsey on their horses were racing, by some means on a sudden turn both horses fell, but not together. Mr. Baird chanced to be passing by and found them both hurt. Dr. Barbee was sent for. The breath of Ramsey was knocked out, he soon recovered. Phillips breathed only tow or three times after the Dr. got to him, as both lungs were crushed.

Revs. Purtle and Hedrick of the M.E. Church South are conducting a revival under a tent at Emblem. It seems natural and almost makes one think he was in the walls of some DeKalb county church to see our old friend and brother, T.D. Vandergriff in the congregation.

Mrs. Leona Butler has been sick with fever for a few days.

I.H. Murphy and family have 200 miles west to visit Mrs. Murphy's relatives.

Mr. Jo Herman has been confined to his room for some time with erisipelas.

Our Neighbors
News Taken From Our County Exchanges
Putnam County ---- The Citizen

Mrs. Lillian Wright, who has been visiting relatives at Smithville for some time, returned home.

A.J. Goodbar of Nashville is here looking after the development of his quary of lithographic stone in the 15th district of this county.

M. Fishel of Nashville died at his home there Monday night of Bight's disease. His son, Fred Fishel of this place, went down this morning.

Dock Rucker, the escaped convict who has been such a terror in the lower end of the county for several weeks, was captured at his home near Silver Point last Friday by a posse headed by Constable Solon Maddux.

Rutherford County ---- The News

The little son of Mr.& Mrs. J.C. Hooper, East Main street, died last Thursday and was buried Friday.

Non-Resident Notice
Delilah Ferrell vs. Adam Ferrell

It appearing to the Clerk that Adam Ferrell is a non-resident of the State of Tennessee. [He] to appear before the judge of the Chancery court at its next term in September.

Land Sale
Jno. Conditt vs. S. Puckett, et als

offer for sale on 22nd August, 1896 at the court house door lying in the 8th civil district of DeKalb county. First tract containing 39 acres more or less and bounded on the North by Hayes, South by Maynard, East by Pedigo and West by Caney Fork River. Second tract containing 12 acres more or less, bounded on North by Hays, South by Maynard, East by Pedigo and West by Maynard, said two tracts of land levied upon as the property of Jno. James and is the land on which he lives and is now in possession of. Jas. Dearman, Const. --- Jas. Fuson, Clerk


Rev. J.H. Wright, pastor of the seventh Baptist church at Nashville is assisting Rev. J.B. Fletcher in a revival meeting now going on at this place.

The Masonic Training School opened Monday with a large attendance. Miss Cora Jarrad is assisting Prof. Jones in the school.

Charlie Botts is visiting relatives at this place.

Dr. W.W. Jones and family have returned to their home in Murfreesboro.

Miss Alice Cullom leaves this week for her home in Woodburn, Ky, to be absent two weeks.

Mrs. Hal Tubb will visit her parents at Franklin next week.

Misses Eula and Linnie Smith entertained last week in honor of Miss Sexton of Nashville, who is visiting at this place.

Capt. William E. Foutch was in town today.

Tom Cobb died last Wednesday night after a lingering illness.

Bud Wood, formerly a citizen of this place and a son of Yan Wood, was killed at Sherman, Texas last week by his brother-in-law.

Rev. Aura Smith, a sanctified Missionary Baptist preacher and his wife will hold a tent meeting.

Mrs. C.A. Bailiff, who has been quite sick, is improving.

Elder O.P. Barry and wife leave this week for Alabama.

Hal Tubb went to Smithville Friday.

W.C. Odum of Dry Creek was in town today.

B.E. Mullens and family visited relatives at Sykes Monday.

Wash Reynolds was here today shaking hands with the voters.


School here taught by C.B. Allen is improving in numbers and interest-51 enrolled.

Mrs. Crutchfield, who has been seriously ill, caused by a frightened horse overturning a buggy while she and Mrs. C.B. Oliver were returning from New Middleton, in improving. She is now at Wm. Barrett's and will be brought home as soon as possible.

Jim Evans of Brush Creek passed here Tuesday enroute Enoch where he purported to make final arrangements for his canvass for Senator. He takes the place of W.R. Shaver, who has withdrawn from the race.


Rob't. Barger is able to be out again.

Henry Bratten is clerking for J.T. Turney again.

Mrs. S.L. Williams has returned from the Springs.

John Turner's old wagon horse died one day last week.

Ewell Hobson and Prof. Brown went to Smithville yesterday.

Mrs. M.C. Vanatta has been on the sick list for a few days but is better today.

Maj. H.A. Overall is improving after a spell of sickness lasting some time.

Bethel Womack has returned from a week's visit to relatives in Warren county.

Mrs. Dr. Whaley has gone to Nashville with little Tom Overall to have his eyes treated.

Dr. W.H. Robinson's saddle mare died last week.

John Clark has been very sick for several weeks but we are glad to announce he is improving.

Uncle John Ponder left for Illinois last week, where he will likely make his home for the future.

Mrs. Josie (Scott) Lynch died at her home 1 1/2 miles north of town Saturday night.

The editor with his entire family, Misses Mary Lizzie Hughes of Eagleville, Mary Flippen of Forks of Pike, and Novella West of Smithville, Elzie Givan, Bob Evans, and T.M. Bright and family have just returned from a several days fishing trip on the river. Camp was pitched on the famous Sligo farm and we desire to extend thanks to Messrs. R.B. West and Newt Billings for a great many courtesies. The party enjoyed the visits of several friends during their stay. Captain Geo. Cantrell was engaged as head fisherman and the result was the landing of more than 100 pounds of the finny tribe. The trip was so pleasant that another has been planned for next year.

James Evans of Nashville was in Liberty Monday on business.

W.C. Odom of Dry Creek was here yesterday. For some time he has been in very feeble health.

W.H. Allen for assessor and Oscar Bratten for constable will have no opponents in this district.

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