Editor, Will A. Vick

July 15, 1896


Miss Givan has been sick for the past week, but is some better now.

Messrs. Tom and Herbert Burger and their sister, Miss Effie May, visited their aunt of Daylight last week.

Master Willie Jass is visiting his uncle, Jesse Robinson of Prater.

Miss Mary Reams school of Hickory Grove will commence the 13 of July.

Mr.& Mrs. Clark of Leed visited Mr. Herbert Maffet family last Saturday night.

New Bildad

Prof. J.L. McGinnis will move down on the river the latter part of the week and where he will take charge of his school.

E.L. Mooneyham, who moved from here in early spring to Smithville to finish up his education, will return this week with his diploma to resume his schoolwork here.

District Conference

The District Conference of Lebanon District will be held in Elmwood, July 21-23. The first day will be devoted to the Sunday-school Conference work. The following programs will guide: Sermon or address, Rev. J.T. Currey; [other discussions by;] Rev. G.B. McPeak; R.P McClain; Rev. T.J. Baker; Rev. J.W. Hatcher; Rev. G.L. Beale; Rev. B.T. Smotherman.

Foul Murder in Putnam County

Last Saturday afternoon about 3:30, between Double Springs and Bloomington, four shots were fired from a pistol and Robert H. Jared, constable of the 12th district, fell from his horse a dead man. The facts as to who fired the fatal shots and the circumstances which led to it, so far as we can learn are as follows: There was a large crowd assembled at Bloomington, celebrating the Glorious Fourth, among which were several boisterous citizens, who were patriotically "tanked up" and one who had specially made himself obnoxious was Almon_ Martin. Constable Jared in the discharge of his duty arrested Martin. In the meantime, Jared had learned the death of his sister-in-law at her home several miles away, he had turned his prisoner over to Deputy Sheriff J.L. Odum and they all started off in the direction of Cookville where Martin was to be placed in jail. Jared however, only intended accompanying Odum until he met his brother Alvin, who had gone to Double Springs, and with whom he intended returning home. When they were in a half mile of Double Springs when they met Alvin Jared and George Thompson. Robert bade Odum goodbye and turned around and went back with them. They had not gone more than 200 yards when they met Perry Essex, who lives two miles from this place and Chas. and Waynom Isom, who live near Peekville, they passed on the left of each other and Alvin Jared says someone said Howdy to them and rode on. He was in advance of Robt. And hearing a pistol shot turned around in his saddle and saw a man shooting Robert. He thinks the man who shot was Essex. Robert fell from his horse and the three rode rapidly away. Upon examination it was found that four balls had entered Jared's body. One struck him in the right temple and passed through his head, another in the chest and two in his bowls [sic], any which would have proved fatal. The news reached Sheriff C.S. McCaleb, who was coming from Bloomington with his family and he quickly rushed to where Jared lay dead. He mounted Jared's horse and with Deputy Odum and C. Gillem started in pursuit of the murderers. They could easily follow them as the mule tracks were plain the soft ground and showed that they were running. After crossing the Buffalo Valley road, going south only two mule tracks were visible and it was evident that one of them had turned another way. On the officers sped after the two and about 4 o'clock overtook them five miles distant about two miles below Pilot Knob. The two proved to be Perry Essex and Wayman Isom. When arrested they demanded of the officers what the arrest meant, Sheriff McCaleb had been killed and they (Essex and Isom) knew all about it, after which Essex said to Isom they might as well tell all about it. They said Chas. Isom did the killing.

They were taken back to Bloomington, but excitement was too high and mob violence was talked of that Sheriff McCaleb brought his prisoners to Cookville and placed them in jail where they have been closely guarded. It was rumored that a mob would attempt to lynch them Monday night, but no disturbance was attempted. Up to going to press Chas. Isom has not been caught although a posse of officers have been scouring the country. A Pressman tried to get Essex to make a statement regarding the killing and although he said he was present and knew all about, he absolutely refused to talk, but said he would testify on the witness stand. The only reason that can be assigned for the cowardly deed is that, the three were boisterous at Bloomington and Jared had admonished them to keep quiet, but Deputy Odum says Jared was with him all day and that he could not have said anything to them. --- Cookeville Press


Walter, the year old child of Thos. Bradley, has been very sick but is improving.

The cause of that benignted smile which fringed the expression of Lee Enoch on the morning of 9th was the presence at his home of a being of the feminine persuasion. Mother and child are doing well.

Bob McDonald killed a snake the other day, which he thought had been eating eggs, but upon examination it was found that the snake had swallowed a gourd.

Our Neighbors
News Taken From Our County Exchanges
Rutherford County ---- The News

A bold attempt to kill a prominent young farmer of Walter Hill occurred last Thursday night. And so far no clue has been obtained to the detection of the criminal. It seems that Jake Jacqueth was eating supper when someone knocked at the front door of his mother's residence and thinking it was a neighbor, Mr. Jacqueth went to the door. As he opened it a man ordered him to stand back and fired twice at him, but fortunately both balls flew wide of their mark and the scoundrel sneaked off before he could be identified. Mr. Jacqueth with some farm hands went in pursuit of the man but failed to find him. Mr. Jacqueth cannot account for the man's queer action unless it was robbery.

Messrs. Walter and Will T. Hale gave a most elegant entertainment at their home in this city last Wednesday night. A large number of young ladies and gentlemen were in attendance and all report a delightful evening.

Miss Ida L. Matthews died last Saturday at her home near Walter Hill. Heart disease was the cause of her death. Her funeral was held Monday morning at 10o'clock at Hall church.

A very delightful dance was given at the residence of Cliff Henderson on the Manchester road Thursday night.

Mrs. Joann Collier, wife of Col. N.C. Collier, died at her house on east Main street last Sunday morning at 8 o'clock, services were held at the Methodist church Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock.

Smith County ---- The Times

Leroy Pippin of California will visit in a few days relatives in Putnam county. He has been absent from this section nearly 50 years.

We learn that A.H. Carpenter of New Middleton and Mr. White of Pikeville has secured the public school at Cookville for the coming school year.

White County ---- The Favorite

Sheriff Dibrell's baby is dangerously sick.

President Billingsley of Burritt College has gone to Buffalo, N.Y. to attend the National Education Association.

Mrs. Bettie Swindell, who lived on Ownward Seminary, dropped dead while milking last Thursday evening from heart disease. She was the wife of J.R. Swindell.

Robert Crowder has been dangerously sick with fever for several days.

James Alley died last Sunday morning of bilious colic, aged 35 years. He had been sick but a few days and suffered greatly.

Putnam County ---- The Press

Messrs. J.W. Hanna, A.J. Mathews, Chas. Rampe of Napolean, O. who are interested in this oil territory, left yesterday for home. They will return within thirty days with complete outfits and will at once put down some wells. The first will be on the farm of Sam Myers four miles North of town.

Doc Tudker of Silver Point, who was convicted at the January term of court for robbing old man Driver and sentenced to a term n the penitentiary, escaped from the new prison near Nashville some time ago and straightaway returned to his native hearth. While walking along the highway Sunday, as reports have it, he met Driver's son and fired by a spirit of revenge, proceeded to administer a sound and severe thrashing to young Driver and after smiting him full sore he journeyed on his was. It is said the Doc has a gun and pistol and says he'll shoot the first man who attempts to arrest him. Such characters should be loaded in a siege gun and fired against a bluff.

A serious if not fatal cutting affray occurred last Sunday morning at Love-lady meeting house in which Sims Hatfield, the eighteen year old son of Esq. L.B. Hatfield of Hudgens, came near losing his life. The person who cut him was Jimmie P. Burgess, son of W.S. Burgess, and of about the same age as Hatfield. From what can be learned it seems that the two boys had been quarreling for several days and on Sunday morning when Hatfield went to sweep out the church he was followed by Burgess and it was but a short while before the quarrel was renewed and a blow or so were exchanged, then Hatfield knocked Burgess down with a stick, when Burgess arose he used his knife upon his adversary inflicting a serious wound in his right side three and one half inches long. Dr. J.F. Dyer attended the wounded and he hopes to pull Hatfield through alright. Burgess was arrested but the father of both boys got together and compromised the matter and Burgess was then released.

During the Fourth of July exercises at Small change last Saturday, Combes Burgess of White county was arrested for disorderly conduct by constables Beecher Huddleston and Sam Wilmoth. While in the custody of the officers, we learn he was forcibly taken from them by J.T. Whitson, Guy Bohannon and Add Terry and placed on a horse. The officers pulled Burgess off the horse when he was again rescued by the same parties and places on another horse. Again the officers got him off the horse and the third time did his rescuers succeed in mounting him and this time he was successful in getting away.

Wilson County ---- The Tribune

Hon. J.R. Smith of Watertown went to Chicago Monday.

Died at the home of his son, Dr. R.V. Foster, in Lebanon, last Friday, Rufus Foster. The remains were buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery Saturday. Funeral services were held by Rev. W.P. Bone.

Mr. Alex Morgan lost his entire crop of corn, it being utterly demolished the wind blew down two barns on his place.

Cannon County ---- The Herald

W.P. New is having his wagon scales moved to the south side of the square where they will be more convenient to the public.

Esq. W.R. Martin's horse started to run away with a buggy last Wednesday, but Mr. Martin succeeded in stopping the animal before any damage was done.

Judge W.C. Houston left Thursday for Tate Springs, East Tennessee, for a few days rest.

Messrs. Vick & Bright have their new warehouse at this place nearly completed and have moved a portion of their goods into it.

James Kitrell and John Hayes drove down to the river to water their horse last Wednesday when the horse became frightened and ran away. They were dumped out into the river, but fortunately neither was hurt. The horse kicked loose from the buggy and ran up to the public square where he was caught.

Last Tuesday as John Young and a Mr. Robertson of Statesville were driving down the Rushing hill one mile east of town their horse became frightened and ran away with serious results. In the mad rush down the steep hill the coupling of the wagon broke which allowed the bed to fall to the ground. This, by some means, threw the rear end of the bed up and it went over endwise down the hill, throwing the occupants several feet. Mr. Robertson escaped unhurt but Mr. Young did not fare so well. The edge of the wagon bed fell on the back of his head, fracturing the skull and cutting an ugly wound from one ear almost to the other, severing the flesh from the skull down to the back of his neck. Misses Mary Fugitt and Annie Givins happened along at the time and remained with the wounded man, washing his wound and doing all in their power to relieve him while Mr. Robertson went for assistance. Mr. W.A. Cathcart and his kind wife who never miss an opportunity to do a kind favor or act, had the unfortunate gentleman carried to their house where everything in their power was done to relieve him of his sufferings. Dr. Hearn was called and dressed the wound, and after a few hours Mr. Young appeared to rest easier. His daughter, Mrs. Patterson and her husband arrived from Statesville about 8 o'clock at night and remained with their father till morning when he was removed to his home. He stood the 16 mile trip well and there is some hope entertained now of his ultimate recovery.


L.L. Melton went to Sugar Tree Knob Saturday to attend the bedside of his father who is very low.

Miss Effie Mullinax of Hurricane Creek is visiting at Joe Riches.

Bob Hawkins and Willie Walkup of Rock House were here yesterday.

George Moore's little daughter broke her arm last week by falling from a swing.

Mr. Sam Turner begins school here today.

H.H. Kidwell visited relatives at Belk Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Laura Allen, who has been visiting at Dr. Estes for some time, returned home Saturday.

George Smithson went to Liberty Friday night to attend the ice cream supper.

Bro Ben Turner preached at the Methodist church yesterday.


Marrying is still in progress. Elijah Parker and Miss Malinda Crook were married last Thursday morning before breakfast it is reported. Esq. Yearing officiated as usual.

Yesterday evening about three o'clock the writer was called upon to attend the burial of Dock Crook's little baby boy at Fuller's Chapel after the usual services the corps was carried to the cemetery near by and deposited in the grave to await the great resurrection.

Miss Telia Crook of Clear Fork is visiting the writer at this writing.


Of The Bank of Alexandria At The Close Of Year's Business
June 30, 1896

I, J.F. Roy, cashier of the above named Bank do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. --- J.F. Roy, cashier

Sworn to and subscribed before me, June 30, 1896 ---- R.F. Jones, N.P.

Directors: Irenus Beckwith, U.W. Neal, D.W. Dinges, J.W. Overall, Dan Williams, Wm. Vick, W.A. Turner, R.B. Floyd, J.F. Roy.


Ed Reece and wife, R.L. Rollins and wife and Mr.& Mrs. White of Nashville are visiting in town.

Mrs. D.J. Hall of Sykes was in town Tuesday.

Mr.& Mrs. Lee Jones of Nashville are visiting relatives at this place.

Hatton Shaver and Erwin Kennedy went to Grant Sunday.

Judge Dan Williams returned from Altamont Sunday where he has been holding court.

Roy & Jones have a fine sulphur well at their warehouse on Main street.

J.S. Knowles of Nashville is visiting here.

Chas. Wood came back from Nashville Friday.

Mont Wade has returned to Nashville.

Misses Bettie and Effie McMillin were in town today.

H.C. Rutland went to Nashville today.

Rob Roy will make a trip to Nashville this week.

Billie Wood of Watertown was here today.

Robinson - Yeargin

W.B. Robinson of Florence, Ala. and Miss Mattie Yeargin were united in marriage Wednesday night, July 8th, at the home of the bride's parents near Goodlettsville, Rev. Dr. McFerin officiating. Misses Winnie and Radie Yeargin, neices of the bride were the attendants, the bride carried in her hand a large bouquet of bridal roses. The parlor was decorated with evergreens and cut flowers. After the ceremony the guests partook of an elegant repast. The bride and groom are very popular and well known in this community. After a few days stay with the bride's parents, they will leave with the best wishes of their many friends for their future home in Florence, Ala.


Cow horn turnips seed at R.B. Foster's.

Born to John Turner and wife last week, a girl.

Miss Forest Squires has returned from a visit to Coffee county.

Wm. Corley and H.L. Overall shipped a car load of hogs Monday.

C.W.L. Hale went to Smithville yesterday on some legal business.

Liv Tubb has a few bargains in Furniture-must be sold this month.

Robt. Barger has been dangerously sick for several days but he is better today.

Rev. T.J. Eastes filled his regular appointment at Salem.

Mrs. W.D. Evans of Forks of Pike died last Thursday evening and was buried at Salem on Friday.

Rev. T.A. Carden is assisting Rev Mr. Darnell in a protracted meeting at Mt. Hebron.

The little baby boy of Mr.& Mrs. Dock Crook died last Saturday night and was buried at Fuller's Chapel on Sunday.

Hiram Hale, a good citizen of the Dry Creek country, died last Monday night and buried this morning with Masonic honors.

Eld. T.L. Kidwell will begin a series of meetings at Eureka Academy, Dowelltown.

Tom Vick says he has been investigating and has found out that there will be people at the Chrysanthemum show this fall from Italy, Hungary, Portugal and Holland.

R.B. West of Smithville was here last Friday on business.

Will T. Hale came in from St. Louis last Saturday to rest up a few days.

A.J. Goodson of Smithville spent Saturday and Sunday in Liberty.

J.J. Smith and W.B. Foster of Smithville were in Liberty yesterday.

B.B. Taylor sent a raft of poplar logs last Saturday. Monday he shipped a carload of sheep.

Mr. A. Foster, daughter and son of Smithville, have been visiting relatives here.

Dr. W.A. Barger of Statesville came down Sunday to see his brother, Robt.

Mrs. W.E. Myer and Miss Lucy Hart of Carthage came over on their bicycles last week and spent a few days visiting relatives and friends here.

Mrs. Jo Stephens and baby, Lura, and her sister Miss Eliza and Angie Elkins have been visiting the family of J.N. Stone near Dowelltown this week.

Rev. Jos. Jameson came up from Nashville Saturday, but returned Tuesday. He will begin a camp meeting in Missouri Friday.

Wm. Robinson, H.N. Craddock and Miss Delia Yeargin returned from Huntington last Saturday where they had been to attend the commencement exercises. Matt Robinson and H.L. Craddock received their diplomas.

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