Editor, Will A. Vick

June 24, 1896

New Bildad

Prof. U.V. Adcock and wife of Belk visited your writer Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Mattie Sanders of Smithville visited Miss Lizzie Davis of this place a few days ago.

Our Neighbors
News From Our County Exchanges
Smith County ---- The Times

On June 3rd a difficulty occurred at Celina between Milton Williams and the Coe negros, all of the Pea Ridge country, in which Williams was shot and instantly killed by the negroes. It seems that an old feud had existed between Williams and the negroes for several years, growing out of Williams indicting and convicting some of the negros for hog stealing some time ago. They met in Celina and renewed the quarrel, resulting in the death of Williams. One of the negroes was shot, but not seriously wounded. We learn that the negroes have been arrested and are now in jail. Williams was an uncle of McClure and Joe William, who were tried for killing Capt. Tim Armstrong near Nashville, and the negroes are of the notorious set of Coe negroes who killed one of the Taylor boys several years ago.

Mrs. R.H. Cleveland and daughter, who have been in Texas for some time for the latter's health, returned to Pleasant Shade last Friday. The child is much improved.

A Petition was in circulation last week in the 21 district, calling on W.B. Pettie of Monoville to run for State Senate.

F.K. Ferguson, son of Maj. W.W. Ferguson of Riddleton, who has been at the military school at West Point, N.Y. for several years, was one of the graduates of that institution last Friday.

W.B. Pickering of Carthage is in St. Louis attending the Republican convention. Mrs. Pickering will meet her husband in Cincinnati when they will visit relatives in Atherns, Ohio.

White County ---- The Expositor

Col. W.L. Givens and J.B. Swafford returned from Sparta Saturday. They had a rough experience on their way home. The rains had swollen Caney Fork and in fording they both got a good ducking. They could not cross Glade Creek at all and were compelled to build a bonfire and camp out on the bank over night. Despite these discomforts they report an enjoyable and successful trip and are willing to make affidavit that Sparta and White county contain the most hospitable and friendly people to be found on earth. ---- Dayton Republican

Chancery court adjourned Friday and Chancellor Fisher returned to Carthage Saturday. He was accompanied by his son, Tommie, on his trip to Sparta. Like Judge Smith, Judge Fisher has bought him a fine farm and will pay some attention to farming at his leisure time. It is the old Cullom farm for which he paid $12,000.

W.T. Conger returned from Chattanooga Saturday, where he had been prosecuting a corporation for $10,000 damages. Last winter Mr. Conger fell on a defective sidewalk and seriously injured his hip, from which he will never fully recover. The trial resulted in a hung jury.

Chas. F. Greely of St. Louis, Mich. Arrived in the city Saturday. He will make Sparta his future home and will take charge of the Central Hotel.

Maj. P.C. Isbell of Manchester and J.P. Gartner of McMinnville have died recently. They were both prominent men and will known in White county.

The residence of John H. Potter has been about completed and it is an ornament to the town.

Cannon County ---- The Herald

Dr. C.T. Kellogg left last Saturday to take up the work of teaching in Georgia.

George Downing, living two miles from town was kicked by a horse last Sunday cutting a gash on his forehead and lightly fracturing the skull. The wound was dressed by Dr. H.M. Hearn and Mr. Downing will soon be able to be out.

Robert Hayes will shortly move to the M.S. Fugitt place to be ready to take charge of the Murfreesboro & Woodbury mail line on July 1.

Sheriff W.K. Keele went to Murfreesboro Thursday, having in charge James Brandon, who was under indictment in that county for public drunkenness.

Warren Smith, who has been in Texas for the past few months, returned home Monday.

Robert Higgins was in town Monday and had a piece of bone taken from his little six year old daughter's head. About the first of last January the little girl fell and struck her head against a rock fracturing her skull. The bone was removed by Drs. Tatum & Lester and is the eighth piece that has been removed since the accident occurred. The little girl has never seemed to suffer to any great extent from the wound.

Last Saturday evening a man by the name of Davis and a woman by the name of McNelly tramped into town, procured a marriage license and with the aid of Esq. H.L Preston, were made man and wife. They were from Wilson county and as soon as the ceremony was performed they went their way rejoicing.

Putnam County ---- The Press

Rutledge Smith has been re-elected director of the Tennessee Centennial.

Dr. Cole of the 10th District, whose house recently burned, is preparing to rebuild.

Mrs. J.W. Davis, who lives two miles north of town, died last Wednesday after a lingering illness.

The little child of John Jackson came near choking to death last Monday on a small piece of candy.

We understand that Hon. D.B. Plumlee of Clay county announced himself a candidate for congress at Livingston last Monday.

Mrs. J.C. Freeze had the misfortune to fracture her left arm by a fall last Tuesday.

Miss Josie E. Lee and Frank Richmond of Jackson county, were married at the home of the bride's father, Capt. Z. P. Lee, in this city at 3 o'clock p.m. today.

Wilson County ---- The Tribune

Rufus Stroud was bound over by Commissioner Golladay Monday for illegal sale of whiskey.

Policeman Hatcher raided a crap game last Sunday morning. Three of the shooters were captured.

Prof. J.I.D. Hinds has gone to Boston to attend a meeting of the committee on Sunday school lessons.

Died at her home on the Hartsville pike, five miles from Lebanon, on Tuesday night, Mrs. Jane Crowell, wife of G.L. Crowell of typhoid fever. The funeral services were held by Rev. W. Weakley at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock.

Rutherford County ---- The News

Messrs Coleman & Hodge will run a supply store at Sulphur Springs near Old Jefferson this summer.

Florida watermelons have made their appearance on the market. They go for 40 cents.

Dixon C. Williams

Rev. Dixon C. Williams, who is well known throughout this section as a former evangelist, but for the past three years as an attache of a Chicago firm which built creameries throughout the South, one now building in Gallatin, figured in an affray at Bowling Green, Mo. recently. The following account is clipped from a St. Louis paper:

"Dixon C. Williams of Chicago, Ill., a Cumberland Presbyterian evangelist, also a vice president of the Chicago Manufacturing Company, 240 to 248 West Lake street, had a difficulty with Hack Miller, a livery stableman, a the Palace Hotel, which resulted in Williams dangerously cutting Miller with a knife in the abdomen. Miller is in a critical condition and may not live.

The origin of the difficulty was over an order for a livery team. Miller made use of some abusive language and threatened to take revenge and invited Williams outside of the hotel office. Mr. Davis, proprietor of the hotel, ordered both men to go outside, which they did, and Miller struck Williams in the face. Then Williams used his knife with a fatal effect. Miller was taken to his home. Williams was arrested and promptly gave bail for his appearance on the 26th inst., at which time he will have a preliminary examination.-Ex.

Forks of Pike

Misses Elma and Julia Jennings of Round Top spent Saturday night with Miss Rosa McGlo__hern.

Miss Delia Yeargin closed her art class at the home of Mr.& Mrs. Wm. Yeargin last week.

Profs. C.M. and J.W. Preston, who have just returned from Bethany, W. Virginia, were down from Woodbury last week in the interest of a fall school.

Miss Mary Flippen spent last week with Mrs. Will A. Vick of Liberty.

Misses Agnes and Eva luck of Watertown visited their sister, Mrs. H.C. Givan last Thursday.

Miss Maggie Robinson attended the closing exercises of Prof. Joe Ford's school on Sycamore.

Mr. Thos. Groom and daughter, Miss Nannie, went to Dibrell last week to be present at the close of school at that place.

John A. Fuson and family of Auburn spent Sunday with the family of John Stevens.

Miss Maude Flippen has been visiting Miss Novella West of Smithville for several days.

The children of Mr.& Mrs. H.C. Givan have the whooping cough.

Miss Fannie Measle has whooping cough also.

Miss Nelia Robinson returned home last week after an extended visit Mr.& Mrs. Chas. Robinson of Milton.

Miss Mai Measle spent Saturday night with Miss Sallie Givan of Clear Fork.

Messrs N.E. Groom and W.P. Roy attended the exhibition at Sycamore Friday night.


J.H. Green had his thumb painfully hurt by the saw at his mill on West End.

Gen. W.B. Stokes has been confined to his room from the effects of a fall a few days since.

George Hunt of the Carthage Times was in town last week.

James Jones is in Watertown assisting in invoicing the clothing stock of Bryan, Hale & Co.

Mrs. L.F. Davis, Miss Bessie Mai Davis and Tom Davis are here visiting Mrs. O.D. Williams.

James McMillin of Statesville was in town today.

Erwin Kennedy visited home folks at New Middletown Sunday.

Mr. Burley Kennedy was in town today.

Dixie Floyd was visiting his father last week.

John Reed and Miss Etta Foust will be married Wednesday of this week.

Miss Flora Snoddy entertained last week in honor of Miss Watts.

L.W. Rollins and Charlie Woods left last week for Columbus, Ohio.

Mrs. C.R. Groomes of St. Louis is visiting relatives at this place.

Miss Corille McClellan is visiting friends in Smithville.

Hal Tubb left this evening to attend the quarterly conference at Carthage.

Mr.& Mrs. Tom Campbell of New Middleton were in town today.

Hendersons X Roads

Miss Bettie Williams, daughter of J.H. Williams, died Sunday night a week ago.

Mrs. Jackson Patterson of Cainsville died the same night. She was a member of the M.E. Church.

Mrs. Lucy Clemmons, wife of Dr. Foster Clemmons, died Wednesday and was buried in the new burying ground recently purchased by Rocky Valley Baptist church.

Uncle Levi Phillips is at the point of death.

Mrs. Arch Lehman, who has been quite sick, is now improving.

Miss Ida Williams in much better.

Born to Arch Lehman and wife last week, a boy.

Also to Mr.& Mrs. John Williams recently, a boy.

John W. Williams has been quite sick-better now.

Owing to sickness in his family and serious sickness in the community, Rev. J.T. Oakley did not go up to Smithville Sunday.

Killing At The Hall

Last Friday a difficulty occurred near Temperance Hall in this county in which Gilbert Malone received a blow from which he died Monday. The particulars, as near as we can get them are as follows: Wm. Malone and Gilbert, brothers, had a well between them, out of which both used. The water had gotten scarce and Wm. Malone's wife had warned Gilbert (cannot read the rest of the story)


Miss Lillian Keaton died of malarial fever last Tuesday, after a very short illness and was buried at the Sycamore cemetery.

Burr Stoner has been right sick but is improving.

Miss Delia Keaton is very sick with fever.

Wm. Corner is right sick.

John Martin (col) died of fever and was buried today.

Roland Butcher and wife visited at Forks of Pike yesterday.

G.W. Hale went to Watertown on business last Monday.

Fred Wilde, our painter, who has been gone for a good while, was with us last week.

Messrs. J.B. Hollandsworth and Richerd Grizzle went to Dribrell Friday.

Miss Mattie Lamberson spent last week with Miss Laura Kidwell.

Messrs. Joe D. Hawkins and Will Bailey, Rock House, were over yesterday.


There will be a debate at Gassaway beginning June 30the and continuing four day between W.J. Watson and J.P. Watson. Topics for discussion: The design of baptism; Total hereditary depravity; The practice of Apostacy; The practice of baptists in praying for and instructing sinners in the practice of conversion.


Miss Sallie Whaley in Watertown last week.

Mrs. Lucinda Evans is very much improved this week.

Little Miss Willie Mai Oliver of Gordonsville is visiting here.

Ed Melton and his sister of Gassaway were here yesterday.

J.C. Prichard, of the river country, was here on business yesterday.

Mt. Zion church on Smith Fork has bought a chapel organ from Vick & Bright.

Hoyt Stewart of Woodbury came over Saturday.

W.G. Evans and Rev. T.A. Carden have gone to Warren to attend a St. John Masonic celebration.

D.D. Overall, John Bass, R.B. Vanatta, Drury Williams and M.A. Stark have gone to the river on a fishing trip.

J.W. Overall returned last Saturday from the St. Louis convention.

Born to W.C. Smith and wife on the 22nd, a boy.

Ezra Smith of Watertown spent last night in town.

Miss Virgil Overall left this morning for Murfreesboro on an extended visit.

Nick Anthony of Temperance Hall has been visiting friends here for a few days.

Miss Nora Martin will leave for her home July 1st. Ladies desiring anything in Millinery line will find it to their best interest to call. --Overall Bros.

Miss Sudie Carden has returned to her home in Coffe county accompanied by Miss Forest Squires, who will spend several weeks visiting there. They were carried to McMinnville by Tom Vick.

Josiah Bass and little daughter and J.C. Bass and wife of Georgia came in last week. All but Josiah will remain here for sometime, he leaving Monday for New York, accompanied by his father, Capt. E.W. Bass.

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