Editor, Will A. Vick

June 17, 1896


Roy & Jones are having a well drilled at their warehouse on Main Street. J.H. Snoddy has had a nice office fitted up on Main street. Work will begin in a few days on the Floyd block, corner Main and High streets. Wm. Vick and W.A. Vick passed through town this morning on their way to Nashville.

Patterson and Roy issued last week a splendid paper. This is their first issue of the Alexandria Times.

Miss Ella Kitchings returned last week from McKinney, Texas, where she has been on an extended visit to relatives.

John W. Rutland and family left Saturday to visit Jo A. Rutland and wife at Rome.

Misses Mellance and Carrie Hallum of New Middleton were shopping in Alexandria today.

R.C. Nesmith and wife have returned from a visit to relatives and friends in Texas. They spent several days in Alexandria last week.

Mrs. King, wife of Rev. Ira W. King died Thursday and was buried at Union Hill in Smith county.

The children of Rev. Ira W. King expect to move him this week to the home of his daughter, Mrs. Gwaltney of Smith county.

H.D. Foust, Jr. is painting the fence of Mrs. Em Turner.

James Jones went to Brush Creek on business today.

A.P. Smith and family visited relatives at Dowelltown last week.

Miss Pauline Dinges, who has been attending Price's College, Nashville, has returned home.

D.W. Dinges is at Bloomington Springs.

Jo Wheeler, Annie Roy, Carrie Bell and Matte Jones are visiting relatives at Murfreesboro.

Mrs. R.V. Wright and Miss Hattie Blackburn are expected from Nashville today.

Mrs. Jack Jenkins and Miss Nova Jenkins of Grant were in town today.

George Lester has returned from a visit to his brother, W.W. Lester, at Hartsville.


A quiet little village nestling among the great hills of old Cannon, situated near the margin of a clear pebbled stream which is dotted here and there with little white cottages only, save just between two streams that bubble out from mountain afar off, stands the handsome home of Mr. L.L. Melton. Gassaway is noted for its hospitable people and good water, most especially the excellent sulphur water in Mr. J.A. Melton's yard. Just at present nothing astir save the chatt among the young people of the closing out of Prof. Ford school on Sycamore Thursday the 18th and Friday night of the 19th a concert and with the music expected to be quite interesting.


J.A., of this place and Joe Oakley, formerly of Washington D.C., have dissolved partnership in the "lounging business" and J.A. has gone to Liberty, while Joe, with his entire family is preparing to drop back into the Henderson's X Roads community and locate for life.

Among those who attended the opening of the Centennial exercises from this place were: J. Alden Hale, J. Foobies Patton, S. Sylvester Priest, and S. Levy McAffrey.


Bill (Brooks) Vick, the democratic candidate for sheriff, was here looking for votes Saturday.

Born to Joe Arnold and wife of a recent date, a girl.

Jep Hendrix and wife have commenced housekeeping again.

Advertising pays as Monroe Malone's advertisement no doubt was the instrument of him obtaining a helpmeet recently, he advertised for a milker and got one.

Mrs. Jas. Smith is right at the point of death with consumption.

Eight couples drove to Smithville (after Bildad's footwashing), they were as follows: Mat Bratten and Miss Zella Vick, Bob Bratten and Miss Forest Squires, Tom Vick and Miss Sudie Carden, Will Fite and Miss Lelia Whaley, S.E. Tramel and Miss Lillie Davis, John L. Lamberson and Miss Cynthia Ruyle, Jas. Mears and Miss Lula McClellan, J.R. Tramel and Miss Benia Gothard.

Henderson X Roads

Mr. Bill Arnold of Cainsville had a stroke of aplexy last Thursday and at this date is reported at the point of death.

Mrs. J.L. Davis, who was recently injured by being thrown from a buggy, is improving but unable to be up.

Misses Bettie and Ida Williams seem to be a little better. Hopes are entertained for their recovery.

Mr. Bill Cox was thrown from his buggy in Lebanon last Friday and seriously hurt.

Uncle Billy Alsup and wife are spending a time with Mr.& Mrs. H.A. Phillips.

Elder G.A. Ogle and J.T. Oakley with their wives spent a few days last week in Smith county.

The infant babe of Mr.& Mrs. Willie Clemmons is dangerously sick and not expected to live.

Miss Nannie Harrington of Baird's Mills is visiting her sister, Mrs. Blankenship.

Since writing the above, Mr. Arnold has died. He was a substantial citizen and a member of the C.P. Church. His funeral was conducted by Bro. McWilliams Sunday afternoon. Rev. Arnold was a good man and the father-in-law of Rev. H.J. Lanham.

Dismal News

Mrs. Polly Bennett is on the sick list at this writing.

An accident happened a few days ago-Lee Agee's cow was grazing on the hillside below W.R. Bennett's and from some cause unknown to him she plunged down the bluff and crippled her so bad that he had to kill her.

Miss Jane Sandlin of Dowelltown is visiting relatives on Dismal this week.

Marrying in this neighborhood is getting to be very common. Esq. Yeargin married John Hindsley and Miss Jennie Scott last Thursday evening about 3 o'clock. Also he joined together in holy wedlock Henry Bess and Martha Corley the same evening, one a widower and the other a widow.

Old Brother Hawker has decided to rent out his place and move to the Hill place or the Berry Vick residence and carry the mail for Demps Hill.

The two Scott boys, Will and Robert, who came in from Missouri some time ago, intended on starting back home this morning.

A very interesting discourse [was] delivered by Rev. T.J. Strickland on the great doctrine of the operation of God's spirit.


Mrs. Dow Hollandsworth died last Sunday morning and was buried at the Cantrell cemetery.

Josh Lentz has had a relapse of mumps but is improving.

The School Meeting
Last Saturday several citizens met at the Masonic Academy for the purpose of considering what is generally known as the Dr. Robinson plan for a 10 months school at this place. The meeting was called to order by Dr. Robinson, J.D. Smith was elected chairman and C.L. Bright secretary. The plan was then read. On motion of J.H. Overall the plan in substance was adopted and a committee of five named to perfect the plan. The committee is as follows: Dr. W.H. Robinson, J.D. Smith, J.H. Overall, T.G. Bratten and C.L. Bright.

Our Neighbors
News Taken From Our County Exchanges
Cannon County ---- The Herald

J.H. Thrower, who has been confined to his bed for sometime with rheumatism, is able to be out.

A few days ago while the family of H.B. Rushing, one mile east of town, were away from home, some party or parties entered the home a stole a suit of clothes and a pair of shoes. Capt. W.J. Wood and Robert E. Fisher went to Caney Fork and spent a couple of days fishing.

Rutherford County ---- New Era

Judge Smallman and daughter, Miss Lillian, left last Monday for Tate Springs where they will remain for several weeks.

George Blue left this Wednesday for Wilson county to take supplies to the mines.

Will D. Upshaw of Atlanta, Ga., whose writings under the nom de plume of "Earnest Willie" have something like a national reputation, spent several days in our city.

Putnam County ---- The Press

Milt Williams was killed in Celina one day last week by some negroes.

Capt J.H. Curtis, U.S. Deputy Collector, J.B. Barnes and T.B. Ogletree, Dept. U.S. Marshals and John Hart, U.S. Commissioner, seized and destroyed an illicit distillery last Thursday near Hardy's Chapel, on the old Hardy farm in Overton county, Tenn. It contained 13 tubs and 200 gallons of beer which was destroyed. No arrests were made.

We regret to learn that Uncle Isaac Brow, who lives two miles south of Cookeville is suffering very much with a cancer in the throat. He is nearly 88 years old and it is feared that he will not be able to hold up under the distressing malady.

Farley, Stagle & Whitson are preparing to enlarge their planing mill and factory building.

Wilson County ---- The Tribune

Last Saturday afternoon as Mrs. C.C. Hamblen, who lives near Leeville, was driving down East Main Street, she discovered a runaway team coming up behind her. She became frightened and jumped out of the surrey, breaking one of her legs just below the knee. She was carried into the house of W.A. Huggins and Drs. Dillard and McFarland were summoned. They soon set the limb and Mrs. Hamblen was removed to the home of Dyer Suddarth where she still remains.

The Weir Castle Fishing Club left Monday on their annual fishing trip. They have gone to their clubhouse on Cumberland river and will be gone two weeks. The club is composed of R.L. Weir, B.J. Dillard, I.W.P. Buchanan, H.W. Donald, J.B. Tolliver, A.W. Hooker and J.M. Fakes.

Smith County ---- The Times

W.W. Ford, the Carthage tobacco manufacturer, is in Nashville and Louisville this week.

H.C. Roberts, the oil lessee, and his wife, now living at Livingston, are visiting relatives at Cherry Valley.

Dr. C.H. Briggs of Nashville, last Tuesday performed an operation on the person of Mrs. Lemuel Clark, near Elmwood. Mrs. Clark is the mother-in-law of Charles Jellicotte, well known here.

The directors of the Gordonsville school we learn have rescinded their action in giving the fall school to Miss Martha Neal of Lebanon, on account of her being unable to handle the grades taught and it is now rumored that Prof. N.L. Gold will secure the same for the ensuing year.

Beatrice, the little six-year-old daughter of Ephriam Cleburne of Brush Creek, has a musical voice that only needs culture to make of her a prima donna. She shows great talent for her age. C.P. Cullom of Carthage, who was injured by a mowing machine recently, is able to be out again.

Insolvent Notice

The insolvency of the estate of John Gleason, deceased, having been suggested to the County Court for DeKalb county file before the 1st Monday in Oct., 1896. S.N. Williams, Admin. H.A. Bratten, Atty.

Attention Teachers

Papers or discussions will be presented during the Normal at Smithville upon the following subjects. The parties who have this work assigned them are expected to make preparations. Citizenship and character by Profs. E.W. Brown and J.F. Caplinger; Attention and recitation by Profs. Drake and Parker; Model teacher by Profs W.J. Gothard and E.L. Mooneyham.


Miss Ethel Eastes of Grant, who has been visiting friends and relatives for two weeks past returned home Sunday.

School closed here the 11th, Miss Maggie Manning, the teacher, deserves much credit. She will be added to the faculty at New Middleton this fall.

W.F. Hale, salesman for Stark. Bros. Nursery, Mo., will leave soon for Illinois, where he will teach.

Miss Pearl Rodgers of Brush Creek is spending a few days here with her sister, Mrs. Crutchfield.


Will T. Hale left for St. Louis Thursday.

Born to J.H. Overall and wife on the 18th, a boy.

Mrs. Viola Givan is visiting in Smithville this week.

Miss Mary Flippen is visiting friends here this week.

Percy Whaley is off this week traveling with a drummer.

Oliver Stanton of Gordonsville is visiting relatives here at present.

J.B. Williams visited relatives on Smith Fork Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. M.C. Vick has returned from the Sulpher Spring much improved.

Thomas Givan of this place is visiting relatives in Watertown this week.

G.P.M. Williams and R.V. Campbell went to Smithville on business last Wednesday.

Huggins, Clark & Co. started their thresher yesterday, Mrs. Ruyle's crop being their first work.

Rev. Jack Lewis will preach at the M.E. Church on the 4th Sunday this month.

Mrs. J.P. Stark went to Watertown today to be at the bedside of a Miss Neal who is very low and not expected to live.

T.M. Bright's pony, Munsey, died yesterday morning. She was given to his little boy, Horatio, by Col. Horatio Berry of Hendersonville, Tenn. and was very highly prized.

Born to B.L. Hale and wife on the 12th, a boy.

Happy Jno. Evans of Knoxville was here this week.

Miss Willa Whaley visited at Watertown since our last.

Rev. T.A. and Bob Carden are visiting in Coffee county this week.

Mrs. R.W. Yeargin of Alexandria visiting Mrs. Wm. Vick at present.

Mrs. Mattie Oliver of Gordonsville is visiting Mrs. J.W. Overall this week.

Frank K. Davis, representing Lyles, Davis & Goodall, has been here this week.

Misses Octa and Lura Hale of Murfreesboro visited relatives here several days last week.

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