Editor, Will A. Vick

May 20, 1896

On The Wing

Thursday the 7th inst. in company with J.C. Henderson, one of our popular merchants, I turned my face toward Chattanooga the meeting place of the Southern Baptist Convention. At Lascassas we were joined by Rev. G.A. Ogle. At Murfreesboro we found Rev. J.M. Stewart and when we boarded the 10 o'clock train we found a host of friends bound for the convention. At the depot we found the committee of entertainment to give directions to homes previously assigned. I had the good fortune to have a home with Mrs. Lizzie Fletcher Mosely, formerly of Smithville, Tenn. Mrs. Mosely lives on the historic Lookout Mountain. ---- John T. Oakley

The Steakley Trial

Found Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter

The second trial of W.L. Steakley for killing Albert Griffith at Cleveland, May 17, 1894, after adjournment of the Congressional convention, has been in progress the past ten days and resulted in a verdict by the jury Tuesday morning of involuntary manslaughter, the jury fixing the punishment at four years imprisonment.

This was a compromise verdict, as five of the jury favored clearing the defendant, while others favored various terms of imprisonment.

Monday was consumed in the Bradley county Circuit court by the argument of counsel. The state was represented by Attorney General Fletcher, Jo Clift and Hon. Perry Gaut, while Steakley was represented by Robert Pritchard of Chattanooga P.B. and James Mayfield of Cleveland and J.H. Bible of Chattanooga.

The defendants' counsel immediately gave notice that they would argue a motion for a new trial this morning (Friday). If a new trial is not granted and appeal will be taken to the Supreme Court.

The many friends of Mr. Steakley in White and Warren counties learn with regret this verdict and have hopes that it will not be permitted to stand by the courts of the country. Steakley's character is that of a quiet and reputable man. He is small of stature, only weighing about 115 pounds and is in bad health. Confinement brings on his old trouble, bleeding at the lungs. Steakley has a wife and four children dependent upon his labor for support.---- Sparta Expositor


Rev. J.E. Givens preached a very interesting sermon at Hickory Grove Sunday.

Chas. Inglis, who has been teaching, is now taking a vacation at home with the old folks.

Frank Womack and family visited Mrs. Womack's parents near Smithville last week.

Miss Ora Davis is attending a strawberry festival at Liberty church today.

Miss Jessie Davis attended children's day at Vernon last Sunday.

The Christian Endeavors had a social at Jon Davis Saturday evening.

Thos. Brown, who has been suffering from a relapse of the measles, is better.

Miss Maggie Etter of McMinnville attended preaching at Daylight Sunday.

Mrs. Kate Bryant, sister of Mrs. Dave Ramsey, went home last Tuesday.

Frank Lowry of Leeds visited friends at Daylight the first Sunday.

Mr. & Mrs. Alf Wheeler of Newland visited at Daylight not long since.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Smith County ---- The Times

C.W. Garrett has recovered sufficiently from the wounds recently received as to be able to be driven out for an occasional airing.

Chancellor T.J. Fisher is holding the regular May term of chancery court this week.

Last Sunday at Granville, L.M. Burfors of Elmwood, but who is now engaged in carpenter work in Carthage, was married to Miss Lizzie Armistead, Rev. J.B. Jordan officiating. On Monday the bridal couple came to Carthage and are now at home at the residence of Mrs. P.G. Dillard.

Wilson County ---- The Democrat

Melvin Young has fitted up something elegant in the way of an office in what was formerly the sheriff's office at the court house.

The revival at the Christian Church is arousing considerable interest. Rev. E.A. Elam, formerly pastor of the church is doing the preaching.

F.J. Sanders has bought Dr. Gwynn's interest in the store house on the corner of the square and East Main street and rented the same to Dr. J.R. McDaniel.

Rufus Fields has resigned his position as editor of The Hartsville Vidette and has returned to Lebanon.

Bob Hatton Bivone is called to meet at the court house Saturday, business of importance, W.H. Harkreader, President.

White County ---- The Expositor

Tom Huboard, who was shot by Gid Moyers some six months ago, near the Seals post office, died Tuesday, May 5. The whole lower part of his body had been paralyzed ever since he was shot and his death comes as a relief to the weary and wasted body. He has been an object of the most extreme pity for many weeks. ---- The Crossville Chronicle

George McBride, aged about 35 years, a citizen of the second district of White county, died Tuesday, May 12, after a few days of sickness. Mr. McBride had been twice married, both times to daughters of C.T. Hasten and leaves a wife and three children. He was an industrious man and a clever citizen and his death is sincerely regretted.

About 2 p.m. Tuesday, May 12, 1896, death visited the home of Judge J.D. Goff and gathered to her fathers the spirit of Mrs. Mollie Goff, the affectionate wife and tender mother. She had been a sufferer for many months with consumptive and consequently the fact had been painfully evident for some thime that the grave would be the end of her suffering.

J.V. Williams of Chattanooga came in Wednesday to attend the funeral of Mrs. J.D. Goff.

R.P. Baker has sold out his newspaper plant at Honey Grove, Texas and is visiting here.

Bob and Charley Waller left this week for Lancaster, Texas, where they will make their home.

Cannon County ---- The Herald

Rush Hawes has moved into his handsome new house on Main street.

A horse belonging to Wm. Bragg became frightened and ran away this evening, completely demolishing the buggy.

Mr. James Biles and Miss Phoeba Barrett of Edgefield were united in marriage last Sunday, Esq. H.L. Preston officiating.

Jeff McCabe dropped a sharp hoe on his foot one day last week, making a wound about two inches long, which has laid him up for a few days.

Dr. R.F. Tatum, Elder D.B. Vance and Miss Zora Vance attended the Baptist convention at Chattanooga last week.

W.A. Cathcart has brought an old ram's horn to town and its doleful notes are doing much to make the lives of our people miserable. It is strongly suspected that he has been employed by the proprietor of some summer resort to run the people out of town. He should be looked after by the authorities.

The iron fence for the court house has arrived and will be set up in a short while. W.A. Carter, who has the contract to put up the fence has about got the foundation stones delivered. The stones are 18 x 18 inches, from 10 to 14 feet in length, and weigh from 3000 to 4000 pounds. The stone to be used in front of the south door of the courthouse, 20 feet long and weighs about 6000 pounds. These stones are brought from Mr. Carter's quarry five miles west of town.

Letter from R.A. Caplinger, McKinney, Texas

[Two columns devoted wholly to diagramming sentences, the only name mentioned is Supt. Gothard]


Elder Dave Gunn is conducting a meeting at the Church of Christ.

Born to J.W. Sandlin and wife last week, a boy.

Hugh Goodner, (col.), was buried here Monday.

John C. Cooper was here last Wednesday.

Ralph Robinson and family of Crossville passed through town last week.

Misses Anna Cullom and Carrie Sewell visited at Mahone last Sunday.

L. Driver and wife of Temperance Hall were in town Monday.

Charlie Wheeler and Miss Eva Word attended the Sunday School Convention Saturday.

Levi Foutch was in town one day last week.

J.H. Snoddy has recently made several successful tests of his Hog Cholera remedy and is receiving many testimonials in regard to its merits.

Jo Shaver and Miss Alice Cullom went to New Middleton Sunday afternoon.

Elder S.H. Wright was in town last Monday.

Mrs. Eph Claborne and Mrs. Dave Davis of Brush Creek were here today.

A number of our citizens were summoned to Lebanon last week as witnesses in the case of Ford against Marler.

Mrs. J.B. West and Mrs. Grant Roy visited Lafayette Wood Tuesday. Mr. Wood is not expected to live many days.

Zed McMillin and wife are visiting the family Chas. McNelly.

Rev. Ira W. King and Mrs. King are both in bad health.

Misses Maggie and Emily Evans of Sykes were in town this morning.


I will exchange goods for shelled corn at 30 cts. Per bushel. ---- C.W.L. Hale

H.H. Kidwell and daughter of Gassaway were here Monday visiting.

Rev. H.M. Jarvis of Darkey Springs, White county, spent last Friday night here.

P.C. Adams and wife of Cottage Home were here Monday. Mrs. Adams has been in poor health for some time.

Sam Burton has moved back to this country from Nashville on account of the Tennessee Cotton Mills shutting down.

700 hand were thrown out of employment. W.H.C. Lassiter and P.C. Crowley of Smithville have been leasing land for gas and oil in this country this week. Nearly all the land in the Flatwoods has been leased.

Dr. Ernest Stark writes from his new home in the west that he has started out with a good practice and that he is well pleased.

The guarantee that accompanies each treatment at "Our Native Herbs" is backed up by a cash capital of $80,000. Full particulars free. W.M. Bailiff, Dowelltown, Tenn

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