Editor, Will A. Vick

May 13, 1896

Cateston News

The string band has been practicing together lately. One of the members, Mr. W.D. Cates, has been unable to practice any this winter on account of a mashed finger.

Mr.and Mrs. C.T. Cates are visiting relatives in Dekalb county this week.

John D. Smith, representing the firm of Vick & Bright, passed through Cateston this week several times.

Miss Effie Odom of Auburn is teaching a class in instrumental music near this place.

Miss Maude Elliot is visiting her sister, Mrs. McKnight near Milton.

John Jamison at Burt, this county and Miss Maggie Orion of Statesville were married last week.

Miss Sue Youree of Cripple Creek attended the reception of Mr. Jamison.

Mr. Elvis Brandon spent last Sunday night with the family of Mrs. M.J. Cates.


Fourteen years ago Dr. Wm. Davidson of Jackson county died and was buried in the usual way. Last March his wife also died. A grave was prepared by the side of her lamented husband, but it soon filled with water, so much so that it was decided to bury her at another place not far off, which was done. On last Thursday relatives and friends decided to remove the remains of the Doctor to the side of his buried wife. His grave was uncovered at the bottom of which a large running stream of water was found passing in at the head and through and out at the foot of the grave. The coffin and all other wooden material which had been used in putting him away, except the bottom plank of the coffin had decayed and turned to earth again. But to the utter astonishment of everyone present, Dr. Davidson lay before them in full life size, perfect in form, except both arms were gone and his mouth a little enlarged. On examination it was found that he was petrified and had become a solid rock instead of flesh and blood.

Mr. C.N. Wheeler of Cookeville and County Surveyor of Putnam county was present at Dr. McCoin's last Friday, the old homestead of Dr. Davidson, which place the petrified body of the Doctor had been removed and made a critical examination of the body. He says the socks on his feet were plainly visible and the gloves which he had worn on his hands were crossed upon his breast and had turned to solid rock. Those present who handled the body informed him that the body was a solid rock. The body had been put into a new coffin and a winding sheet drawn around it.

Crowds of people were flocking to Dr. McCoin's to view the body as the Doctor was a well known physician of that part of Jackson county and is well remembered by many other citizens.

[Paragraph about preparations that I can't read-too light].

The phenomena has created a profound sensation all over this section as no such like occurrence has ever been brought to light so far as remembered. ----Cookeville Press

Temperance Hall

Babe Brint was kicked by a mule last week which proved very fatal, breaking his arm and shattering the bone in several places.

Attorney Bill Corley was here Thursday.

Miss Eula Smith has returned home.

Tom McClellan, Sr. of Long Branch was here last week and reported that the burglers had been to his smoke house and carried off a considerable amount of bacon.

Tom McClellan, Jr. visited home folks at Dowelltown Saturday and Sunday.

Dry Creek

Mr. J.L. Talley will move his saw mill down to W.B. Williams store near the foot of Snows Hill in about two weeks.

Mr. Lem Thomason killed a very large rattlesnake in his crib a few days ago.

Miss Bettie Hendrix is still on the sick list.

Mr. Wm. Ethridge is confined to his bed with pneumonia fever.

Since our last writing death's Angel has visited in our midst and claimed for its victim, Mr. Jack Pack, one of our brightest gems. He leaves a father and step mother, two sisters, one brother and a large circle of friends to mourn his loss.

Emblem, Texas

Mr. J.L. Banks has been right sick, but is up again.

About a year and a half ago, Nathan Barnes left this country for Tennessee to raise hogs. Now he no longer hauls cotton to the sounthern markets for his cash, but revels in the wealth of the "Flat Woods", ships his hogs to a near market and stands at the head of "Flat Woods" hog raisers. (I mean razor backs.)

Father's Birthday

Perhaps no man of his age in this country has a larger posterity than Elder L.D. Smith of Commerce, Wilson Co., Tenn.

He was born May 4th 1834. He was left an orphan in early life, but fortunately found in home in a noble Christian family and raised to respectable manhood. At an early age, before he was yet twenty years old, he wooed and wedded the only daughter of Elder Henry Bass, who two weeks his senior, on Oct 27, 1853, the ceremony being performed by Elder John Phillips, then pastor of Fall Creek Baptist Church.

Of this union thirteen children have been born, twelve of the number still live, with forty-six living grand-children, living representatives beside a good number that have gone on to the sweet by and by.

These are scattered from the Volunteer State to the frozen regions of the upper Mississippi. The father passed the 62 milestone on the journey of life May 4, 1896. This was the occasion for the reunion of 32 members of this family with a number of friends, making a total of 46.

The children had prepared to give their father a surprise in the form of a birthday dinner furnished without the father's knowledge. --------- J.H. Grime

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Smith County ---- The Times

Geo. S. Corley and wife have returned from a visit to Lebanon.

Born to Wirt High and wife last Thursday, a boy. Mother and child doing well.

L.A. Ligon has three children down with the measles.

John R. Aust, U.S. Commissioner, tried several revenue violators from Lancaster and Buffalo Valley this week.

Chancellor T.J. Fisher has returned to Carthage from holding chancery court at Jamestown and Crossville. He reports the oil fever booming in those places.

White County ---- The Expositor

Chief Justice Snodgrass visited relatives in Sparta Saturday returning Monday.

Putnam County ---- The Press

J.H. Verble, our efficient Trustee, informs us that his sister-in-law, Miss Hennie Johnson of Monterey, is very low with consumptive.

L.L. Grayham, Attorney for the South, Penn. Oil Company spent last Tuesday in Cookeville.

Mrs. J.A. Wright returned from Nashville Tuesday evening much improved in health.

Thomas McBride, son of Joe McBride, who accidently shot himself week before last and reported in The Press at the time, we are exceedingly pained to report died at the home of his father last Friday.

Judge J.W. Pickett [sic] and wife had a narrow escape from serious injury last Sunday. They were on their way to the funeral of W.J. Wallace near Silver Point. In driving up the hill not far from the Wallace residence the horse refused to pull the buggy and its inmates any further. The road was along a narrow ridge at that point and the horse began to back and in spite of all that could be done on he went down, down the side of the steep gorge, but as he started, Mrs. Puckett [sic] and the Judge jumped out and in this way escaped serious injury. The horse and buggy plunged into the gorge, the horse fell and broke his right leg just below the pastor joint and smashed up the buggy, but no other damage was done.

Dry Creek

Born to John Martin and wife recently, a boy!

Miss Dottie Orr is boarding with Mrs. Nancy Hendrixson at present.

Miss Eula Turner went to Bill Dad yesterday also Mr. Chas. Fuson and Miss Eula Hill.

H.L. Farmer of Alexandria was visiting in this community last week.

Mr. Bill Lewis is boring a well for Sampson Chapman.

Dismal News

The writer was very much rejoiced a few days ago at the arrival of two of my nephews from the state of Missouri that we never had seen before. They are nice young men, they are sons of William Scott, our brother, who was a federal soldier and died in the army at St. Louis. They mean to stay in Tennessee some time yet.

There was quite a sensation produced here yesterday. William Neal and Miss Mary Scott, Ran Scott's daughter, were married down near Smith Fork by Esq. Yeargin. They ran away as her parents were very opposed to the match.

Columbus Driver and family went visiting at Ran Driver's Saturday.

It is rumored this morning that Elijah Bliths wife has drove him off. Lige and W.R. Bennett went and got his things this morning at Capt. Bass' where they have been living.

Brother and sister Hawker has just started to Lem Tarpley's to see their little grand daughter, who is very sick with measles. Their daughter, Jennie, is sick also.

Born to J.B. Scott and wife recently, a girl.

Charles Blithe has been very sick with congestion but is better.

James Blithe is having chills since his return home from his son, Charley's.

Mr.and Mrs. Isaac Cooper left last Wednesday morning for Nashville to see their son, Willie in company with Mrs. Lula Griffith to see her brother, William Yeargin.

New Bildad

The little child of Wm. Cope fell from the upper story of the Hotel, but did not seriously injure the child-a very narrow escape.

Thos. Webb, who is working with L.P. Potter had to return to his home on account of rheumatism.

Mrs. Jeff Sanders is down with an attack of malarial fever.

Mrs. Helen Womack of Cross Roads has just returned to her home after a two weeks visit to relatives at this place.

Miss Minnie Cantrell of this place was married last week to a Mr. Reeder of Fall City.


George Powell and wife visited relatives near McMinnville last week.

Wm. Martin (col.) and Irene Vance were married yesterday, Esq. L.L. Melton officiating.

Bill Jetton and wife visited relatives at Liberty Saturday and Sunday.

G.W. Hale has moved his well machine too Short Mountain where her has several wells to drill.

J.H. Melton went to Nashville last week.

N.G. Maddux of Mechanicsville was here last week.

Claude Spurlock of Short Mountain was here yesterday.

James Mears and Willey Bailey of Rock House were with us yesterday.

Forks of Pike

Rev. T.J. Estes filled his appointment at Four Corner Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. J.W. Groom and daughter, Ester and Mrs. T.P. Bragg left last Tuesday for Nashville to spend several days with Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Evans.

Miss Maude Flippen spent Saturday with friends at Liberty.

Miss Alice Robinson has been suffering for several days with a sore finger.

Miss Pattie Cooper returned to her home in Alexandria Monday.

Mrs. S.D. Fite is on an extended visit to her daughter, Mrs. Bill Jenkins of Missouri.

Nat and Misses Nettie and Mag Foutch and Misses Eva and Daisy Yeargin spent Sunday with Misses Alice and Martha Robinson.

Mr.and Mrs. J.B. West and Master Frank Groom made a flying trip to Watertown last Tuesday.

Miss Mattie Griffith is somewhat better this week. Mrs. S.H. Flippen and daughter, Miss Mary, attended preaching at Alexandria Sunday.

Jim Barry and family and family spent Sunday with Wm. Robinson and family.


Jim Fletcher left for West Tennessee last Saturday.

Mrs. Silas Watson and son were here last week.

Dibrell Dinges and Charlie Crutchfield spent Sunday in town.

Mrs. Chandler and children of Carthage are visiting Mrs. Lester of this place.

Mr.and Mrs. J.D. Lauderdale and Mrs. I.T. Allan of Hartsville are visiting the family of Mr. H. H. Jones.

Claude Smith, Esq. was here Sunday.

Price and Lamb have moved their photograph gallery from Hickman to this place.

Mr. C.M. Brumfield and family were in town Sunday.

R.C. Nesmith and wife visited Mr.and Mrs. Pledger last week.

Mrs. Sarah Hays of Temperance Hall was in town Tuesday.

Mrs. Bryant and Mrs. Tom Bryant of Auburn were here Monday.

Mrs. Lillie Bryson of Auburn was here Tuesday.

Mrs. Dr. Nichol and son and Misses Ada Thomas and Minnie Parish spent Monday night at Mr. Wilson Woods.

Miss Eula Smith returned to Temperance Hall Monday.

Mr. Charlie Williams and wife were here Tuesday.


The health of our community is better excepting Aunt Chrissie Reynolds who seems to be in a very precarious condition.

W.C. Lawrence is thought to be improving.

N.L. Corley and family will move to the home of Bethel Cheathem near Smith. Mr. Corley has been in bad health for some time.

W.H. Overall of Capling took in the fair at Watertown Saturday.

Prof. Robt Curtis and T.R.J. made a flying trip to Linwood last week.

J.F. Hendrixson of Capling has in his possession the finest horse in DeKalb county.

The warning trumpet of Mrs. S.J.M. Malone was sounded on last Saturday notifying a few of her many friends that on the following day, (Sunday, May 3) she would give a dinner in honor of her 55 anniversary and 55 persons took dinner with her.

Prof. J.R. Curtis, a late graduate from Huntingdon would like to take charge of a good secondary school and any community would do well to employ him.


Plum Cold Ice at J.T. Turney's.

Potatoslips at Sam Vanatta's.

B.W. and J.E. Robinson returned from Nashville last week.

T.H.W. Richardson and wife of the Flat Woods have been visiting relatives here.

Sherrill Evans has been here this week representing the Ranking Mfg. Co. of Nashville.

Rev. J.M. Stewart returned yesterday from the Southern Baptist convention which has been in session in Chattanooga.

Prof. R.L. Smithson came home from Alabama last week. He will spend some time here. He has been elected to fill the same position he held at an increase in salary.

Mr.and Mrs. Wm. Turner, Mr.and Mrs. C.D. Williams, Misses Violet West, Laura Byford, Daisy Driver and Venie Robinson of Temperance Hall were here last Saturday and some of them remained over until Sunday.

Mat Bratten and Misses Zella Vick and Nettie Youngblood visited in Putnam county.

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