Editor, Will A. Vick

July 3, 1889


Mrs. Dr. Turney, Miss Stella and Mr. Edward Hale are in Indiana visiting relatives.

Misses Angie and Nettie Strould are visiting their sister, Mrs. Pennel.

Mrs. George Smith and daughter, Lillie spent the day in town.

Misses Lassie and Alta Patton were visiting their g-father Saturday.

Miss Anna Jennings spent Saturday night with Miss Lou Bullock.

Drs. Knapp and Gillepsie were in town this week.

Children's day at the C.P. church----Dr. Gold of Alexandria spoke. G.M. Jones decorated the house and Miss Zella Webb was organist.

Farmer's Alliance of this place elected L.D. Stroud as President.


d. June 9, 1889, aged 19 years, 9 months and 23 days---m. Bro J. Foster Beard, December 9 1885.

Long Letter from W.[Wilson] L. Waters about "The West" mentions seeing
Dock Huddleston and Bob Coleman, who left Wilson county 2 years ago.


Mrs. Lula Borum of Illinois is visiting relatives here.

W.E. Garrison of Alexandria is visiting his father-in-law, E.S. Bowers.

Grant Fite was in town Saturday.

There will be a land sale at the residence of Hardin George, dec'd. on the 3rd day of August.

Mr. Winfrey of Shop Springs was here Sunday. The blind boy received the sad news of his father's death last week.


Mrs. Bowman of Nashville is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Mary Reece.

Mattie Hayes, d/o Az Hayes, has been sick.

Rev. John R. Hearn died Saturday.

I.M. Sandlin brought watermelons to sell from Nashville.

Mrs. D.W. Dinges and dau., Pauline, Mrs. Callie Rollins, Mrs. Alice Williams and Misses Ophie Tyree and Callie Tubb left Friday for the Women's Missionary Conference at Franklin.

Ed Price of Carthage was here in the interest of the Record.

Ed Bone of Gainesboro, Texas is expected to arrive this evening.

Charlie Wheeler has been on the sick list.

Hal Tubb and Marrie Smith went to Nashville Monday.

Charlie Simpson and Jim O'Laughlin went to Alabama Monday.

M. Tiller of Lebanon is stopping at the Central Hotel.

Mrs. Carrie Jones and son, Jimmie Baird Jones, are visiting M/M B.F. Bell.

A.B. Hicks rode out to his farm on Smith Fork Monday.

Miss Bettie Saunders has returned to her home in Carthage.

Miller Schurer has again been the recipient of a beautiful bouquet.

Mrs. Ed. Reece and daughters have returned from a visit to relatives on Smith Fork.

Mrs. Fudge and Mrs. Franklin of Nashville are visiting at John Rollins.

George Cooper arrives at home Monday.

James Foutch of Nashville is visiting relatives near here.

Mrs. Bettie Hays Bridges and son are visiting Mrs. Eddie Hays at Helton.

Misses Elmer West and Tony Hays returned yesterday from a visit to relatives at Nashville.

Mattie Hays, d/o Az Hays has been sick at Ike Cooper's this week.


Born to Ed Gleason and wife, a boy.

Born to Dr. Sellars and wife, a boy.

Col. Jas. Fuller, old resident of Rutherford county, is visiting his son, Dr. Fuller.

Mrs. J.R. Gassaway was in town shopping this morning.

Mrs. Dr. Fuller has been very sick.

B. Waterman is here again today talking shoes, dry goods, etc.

John Gleason has gone on a pleasure trip to Birmingham, Alabama.

Sam Vanatta was in town last Saturday.

Chas. Wheeler has recovered sufficiently to go on the road again and is here today.

J.F. Turner & Bros. have commenced work on the new boarding house for Rev. Stewart.

Judge Dan Williams was here yesterday and left his semi-annual report.

Edward Manley and wife of Granville, Jackson county came to Stewart Wells to spend a month for their health.

John W. Overall returned home from Nashville. He has received an appointment under Collector Nunn as Deputy.

J.B. Loring was here last week from Trousdale and Macon counties, where he has sold large bills of fruit trees.

Mrs. B.A. High of Alexandria passed through Sunday.

Thos. Prichard has a 70 acre farm for sale situated 2 miles north of Dowelltown.


Mrs. Minnie Odom has been very sick.

Clide Odom got his leg broken by the kick of a mule.

Charlie Jones is still very sick.

Miss Hattie Alexander, who has been visiting the family of Giles McBroom, left for Porterfield Sunday.

Andrew McKnight of Porterfield was here Sunday.

Messrs. Chas. Nichol and T.M. Bryan paid Forks of Pike a flying visit.

Miss Lena Odom has been very sick.

C. Dougherty is anticipating a trip to Cincinnati soon.

Cottage Home

L.D. Hamilton, J.D. Patton and some others are done plowing.

Henry Reynolds, near this place, hung himself from a tree, June 22nd. He and his wife were not living happily and when she had gone he seemed to prefer death. Old man Tomie Wooden happened by in time and saved his life.

T.K. David harvested 60 bushels off 3 ½ acres.

David & Turney, the new well-digging firm, will bore one for the schoolhouse of this place.

J.B. Cathron is attending the Institute at Lebanon this week.

Rev. T.S. Patton preaches here every first Sunday.

J.S. Barger bought a fine young mare from Mint Johnson.


Marshall Blankenship of Henderson X Roads was visiting friends and relatives here last week.

Bratten & Lamberson have begun their new drugstore.

H.C. Patton threshed wheat last week.

E.S. Priest, Esq. has, or will soon move to Nashville where he will be engaged for the next four years.

Mrs. Magness and little dau., Ola, are spending time here with friends and relatives.

J.M. and John Jennings of Statesville, B.C. Hale and Dep. Sheriff Beard all bought lots here last week.

Pick Up

There are two applications for the position of teacher at Hebron school house. They are Mrs. Fanny Patterson and William Turney.

Our little town boasts of one of the oldest persons in the county, county, Uncle Bil, aged 88 years.

W.H. Tribble has purchased a new surrey and a horse to drive to it.

Mrs. Mollie Treece of Nashville was visiting her parents this week.

Mrs. Tennie Hucherson is in very feeble health.

B.R. Williamson had about 50 bushels of wheat carried by high water.

Forest Smith has returned from school at Jackson, Tennessee.

Clear Fork

W.G. Bratten is on the sick list this week.

Mr. B. Preston and wife went to Alexandria last Sunday.

J.B. Stark has a horse with a badly swollen leg.

Lee Overall of Capling was in the neighborhood a few days ago.

Misses Sarah Fite and Etta Woodside of Liberty were in the vicinity Thursday.

Faulkner Springs

Thomas Faulkner returned home from a short sojourn to Red Sulphur Springs.

Jas. Greer's family are all down [sick].

E. Montgomery returned from a trip in Alabama.

Chas Faulkner is in the mountains on a trip for the Tn. Mills.

Messrs. Ed Harwell and Bell McClarty of McMinnville were visiting the Springs this evening.

Charlie Foster came up from Smithville yesterday to take charge of Mr. Montgomery's team.

Rev. A.L. Comer preached an interesting sermon.

Shop Springs

A valuable mare of John Bryan, Sr. died a few days ago-thought to have been shot.

Bettie Mangrum has been suffering from heart disease.

Horace Thompson has a very sore finger.

Will McKee went visiting last Sunday.

Sue Donnell of Lebanon is visiting Miss Laura Berry.

Mr. Summer Shaw and family of Baird's Mills paid Mrs. Bettie McKee a visit.

Harry Johns, who has been doing business in Alabama since January visited friends and relatives here last week.


The Smithville Base Ball club has been challenged by McMinnville. It has been accepted and the following members will participate in the game: James Dearman; J.T. Allen; Jno. Potter; Grander Lawson; G.M. Foster; Ed Gleason; Fox Evans; Will Evans; Joe Wright; and C.P. Winstead.

A fishing party consisting of M.A. Crowley, Jno. Windham, D.A. Eaton, and W.B. Foster left for the mouth of Pine Creek today.

Will Evans of Liberty was with us this week.

The young folks enjoyed a social at J.M. Kidwell's Monday night. The following were present:

Miss Fannie Seawell P.C. Shields Miss Mollie Crowder Will Evans
Miss Willie Lee J.T. Allen Miss Effie Smith Will Holmes
Miss Hallie Dearman P.C. Crowley Miss Jodie Dearman J.C. Foster
Miss Lelia Phillips A.S. Holmes Miss Nora Lee M. Fletcher
Miss Lee Witt G.M. Foster    
Rovers were; Messrs. J.W. Eaton, Sidney Foster, D.M. Lockhart and Misses Grace Pettie, Josie Lee, Mattie Blankenship and Prudie Crowley.

A.B. Hooper, the popular drummer, wears a plug hat now.

M.L. Wilson of Caney Fork was it the city today.

Mrs. Belle Phillips and son are visiting Mrs. R.E. Shields this week.

Miss Laura Seawell and sister, Fannie are visiting friends and relatives in Smithville.

County court commenced Monday and established a new district. We are unable to give particulars as yet. The following venire was selected:

District 1 D.W. Dinges & G.E. Henley District 12 G.W. Springfield
District 2 J.D. Smith & M.C. Vick District 13 R.M. Griffith
District 3 H. Craddock District 14 N.B. Bozarth
District 4 T.J. Haas District 15 L. Driver
District 5 J.A. James District 16 D.G. Eaton
District 6 A.J. Cantrell District 17 T.H. Nixon & C.H. Exum
District 7 J.H.S. Knowles District 18 Jas. Foutch
District 8 W.S. Johnson District 19 J.B. Henley
District 9 R. Black & M.L. Bonham District 20 A.H. Robinson
District 10 W.J. Fitts District 21 W.N. Adcock
District 11 S. Warford  
S.A. Eaton and Silas Anderson were appointed officers wait on the court.

Letters in Post Office

Mrs. Nancy Chapman, Otto Cook, W.B. Denton, H.C. Flippen, Dr. H.O. Barbee, Miss Etta Smith, W.P. Smith, Rev. R.O. Taylor, Rev. D. Moxan, W. McDaniel, Wm. Pruett, H.G. Roy, Frank Wheeland, H.J. Phillips, J. Pickett, Mathis R. Mott & Co., W.A. Nelson, Es q. J.F. McBeach, C.D. Mullinax, J.W. Boylet, W.P. Livingston, J. Jones, J. Jones, Esq., W.H. Hawker, J.W.S. Hellton, Wm. Hill, Jas A. Hodge, Miss Eller Hall, H.W. Phillips

Business Ads

Barber Shop---Liberty---Abe Thomas

Avant & Edge---Smithville---Attorneys at law, A. Avant & J.D. Edge

W.G. Crowley---Attorney at law and Solicitor in Chancery

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