Tennessee Connections

One of your visitors nominated your site for the TC Award of Excellence.
Your site is an excellent resource for Tennessee Genealogy, and am pleased
to present you with the TC "Award of Excellence."


I'm pleased to inform you that your county site was selected from other nominees for consideration of a "Palmer Aw ard"
within your USGW region. We are not an "Official USGW" group nor are our "USGW Awards".
Our goal is to recognize the outstanding contributions made by County Coordinators
and their helpers for the benefit of those doing genealogical rese arch.
As a selected nominee you are presented with the "Palmer Award Nominee" graphic.

Gracies Family Tree

For Dekalb Co. I would like to offer my Special Award,
the RedRose. I think you county coordinators are doing a wonderful job
and don't see how you do it all. :)

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