Thomas Webb Genealogy Room

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The Genealogy Room Named For Thomas G. Webb
By Dwayne Page

The new genealogy room at Justin Potter Library has been named in honor of DeKalb County Historian Thomas G. Webb.

The designation was formally announced Sunday during open house of the newly expanded and renovated library.

County Executive Mike Foster read the resolution to be adopted by the county commission “Whereas, it is fitting that the DeKalb County Commission and County Executive should permanently commemorate the accomplishments of those who serve our communities with the greatest integrity, dedication, and devotion, and whereas, no DeKalb County person has done more to educate, promote, and encourage further knowledge of our ancestors and their way of life than Mr. Thomas G. Webb. Whereas, Mr. Webb taught in our public schools for 44 years. Throughout his tenure, he amassed a wealth of genealogical material and knowledge and whereas, Mr. Webb gladly shared that material and knowledge with all who sought his help and advice. Whereas, Mr. Webb has donated his material, his time, and abilities to Justin Potter Library and it’s genealogy room. His legacy will long be appreciated and remembered by all of us who were inspired, encouraged, and assisted by him. Be it resolved by the DeKalb County Commission and County Executive concurring that the genealogy room at Justin Potter Library is hereby designated the ‘Thomas G. Webb Genealogy Room’ as a lasting tribute to Mr. Webb’s diligence, dedication, and preservation of an unbelievable treasure of facts about DeKalb County and it’s people. Be it further resolved that we, individually and collectively, wish to thank Mr. Webb for his education, inspiration, and friendship he willing gave us.”

A copy of the resolution will be displayed in the genealogy room and another copy has been given to Mr. Webb.

Mr. Webb has researched and written about the history of DeKalb County and the families who live here for sixty years, and while he is mostly a private person who doesn’t enjoy the limelight, Webb says simply he “appreciates the thought”.

Webb says he is most proud of the fact that the library has been expanded and renovated for more people to enjoy and make use of. “I’m very pleased with the library and I’m very pleased that we have a lot of my records on file here so people can use them 100 years from now. We have something on most of the families who have been in DeKalb County for any length of time.”

June Close, Director of Justin Potter Library, says the honor is well deserved. “He has donated copies of all his records to the library. These records are priceless. Plus he has given us all the profits from sales of both books he wrote. This is just a very small token of how we really feel about him and what we really would like to do for him.”

Close says she is also proud of the newly expanded and renovated library and hopes everyone will stop by to see the changes.


  1. Kaye

    God bless Mr Webb.

    I was so appreciative when he communicated with me on my Haye’s family.


    1. Taneya (Post author)

      Thank you Kaye for sharing the sentiment.

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February 1, 2018