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Decatursville, TN Courthouse Fire, Jul 1869

On July 3 the Court-house of Decatur County, at Decatursville, Tenn., was entirely consumed by fire. Loss, $100,000. The lawyers of the town had their offices in the Court-house, and their libraries were all consumed, together with valuable papers which they had in their possession. In the County Clerk’s office there was $30,000 in currency. The County Court Clerk also had many valuables in his office, which he tried to save, with more important county papers. He wrapped himself up in wet blankets and penetrated the building, but the flames drove him back, and he was slightly burned in the attempt.

The New York Times, New York, NY 12 Jul 1869

Petition for Division of Perry County

The following petitions can be found on microfilm at the Tennessee State Library and Archives in Nashville, Tennessee. The original petitions are also available. These are part of Record Group 260, Acts of the 26th Tennessee General Assembly.

The page numbering is added by the archivists and included to aid you in location on the original documents.

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Perry County Tax List – 1837

Tennessee State Library and Archives, Tax rolls, Microfilm roll # 7, Perry Co, TN

In 1837, Perry County included what would become Decatur County. Districts 1 – 6  were located on the west side of the Tennessee River which would become Decatur County and districts 7 – 12 were located on the east side of the Tennessee River which would remain Perry County.

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