1897 Memorial Day Monument 
in white bronze (zinc). San Francisco National Cemetery
San Francisco, California

Presidio of San Francisco

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 Looking south and uphill. Looking south from west side.
Circular marker: Joseph U. Aebi
Died, 1906. Native of Bern Switzerland
Timothy E Robinson Hiroshi Masuda William Wilson
Fredrick Rieckhoff James F. Sammons Matt Neal
D.M. Riordan, Mary C. Roirdan  Harrry Francis Anderson, Jr.
Carson H. Ivey
Master Sgt, US Army WW I
Tennessee, Died 1952 Lance Charles Lange, died 1901
Mary Lange, died 1913
Edwin J. Winkler Monument to Fallen 
Marines, Boxer Rebellion, 
China Louis Moon
Egbert Frank Bullene
Major General
Died, 1958
George F. Butler
Bugler, U.S. Cavalry. 
( front of marker )
His Wife
Annie Butler
( back of marker )
James Nobel, died 1878
Joseph Wesley Everington,
died (fell) 1899, 
Philippines Islands
Louis C. Westphal
Joseph Simonson
P. Petroff
G.A.R. Monument
By the Crew of the
U.S.S. Oregon
In Memory of
Their Shipmates
Harry Fisher
Albert Turner
Robert E. Thomas
Charles B. King.
U.S. Marine Corps.
Killed in Action on the
Tartar Wall
of Peking China
In Defense of the
During the
Boxer Hostilities
Of the Summer of
The remains of Privates Fisher are buried at McKeesport, Pennsylvania and those of Private Charles B. King at Iantha, Missouri.

James Byrne
Peter Clark
Wesley C. Dougan
Geo. W. Lubberben
Batt'y "L" ART'Y.
By Strikers Near
Sacramento Cal.
July 11, 1894.
[Note: These soldiers were killed in a train wreck during the Chicago Railroad Strike (Pullmam Strike). "By July 10, President Grover Cleveland ordered the strikers to cease or be arrested. The next day he sent in Federal troops and the rail yards were secured by Marines and Army Cavalry. A train was assembled and left for the Bay area on July 11. It was waylaid and derailed by strikers as it came into Yolo County and a number of soldiers were killed. The troops followed up by attacking the strikers resulting in more killings. By July 13 the strike was over." Source: California HISTORIAN

Joseph U. Aebi
Born March 27, 1861.
Died, April 20, 1906.
Native of Bern Switzerland.
[Circular marker]

Harry Francis Anderson, Jr.
Pvt. Battery 62nd Reg.C.A.C.U.S.A.
Born San Francisco, Cal
Oct. 11, 1896
Died March 23, 1918
Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God.
Matt. V 8...

Egbert Frank Bullene
Major General
US Army
World War I & II
January 25 1895
February 21 1958

George F. Butler
U.S. Cav. His Wife
Annie Butler

[Joseph Wesley Everington]
Joseph Wesley,
Husband Of
Nettie A.
And Father Of
Ethel J.
Born At Oldham,
Lancashire, England
July 31, 1864
Fell At
Jaro, Panay, P. I.
March 1, 1899.
[White bronze (zinc) Woodsmen of the World (WOW) momument.]

Carson H. Ivey
M Sgt
World War I
June 13 1887
July 16 1952

Charles Lange
His Wife
Mary Lange

Hiroshi Masuda
US Army
World War II
Feb 23 1917
Jun 13 2000

Louis Moon
Co. B
20 Kans. Inf.
Sp. Am. War

Matt Neal

James Nobel
1st. Sergt.
Battery A.4. Arty.
March 22, 1878.
Aged 47 Years
Erected by his comrades
as a token of esteem.

P. Petroff
Born In
Feb. 14, 1826
Died In
San Francisco,
Jun. 1, 1894.
Served in the Army of the Union, from Sept, 1862, till Dec. 1865. In the 14th U.S. Inf. Army of the Potomac.

Fredrick Rieckhoff
Co.B 21st Infantry U.S.A.
March 24, 1880
24 Years

D.M. Riordan
Mus'n Co. E.
156th Ill. Vol. Inf.
Mary C. Riordan

Timothy E Robinson
Col US Army
World War II
Mar 20 1904
June 13 1990

James F. Sammons
Co.B 21st Infantry U.S.A.
March 24, 1880
25 Years

In Memory Of
Joseph Simonson
Native of New York
Born Aug. 7, 1833
Died Feb. 13, 1904

Our Beloved Son
Louis C. Westphal
Private Co D 1st
Cal Reg USV
Died in Manila Mar 11
1899 Aged 20 Years

William Wilson
2 Medals of Honor
Sgt US Army
Indian Wars
Dec 22 1895

Edwin J. Winkler,
1 Sergt. Co.L. 30th. U.S.V.
Metropolitan Police of Manila P.I.
Died Apr. 11, 1901
Aged 25, Yrs.

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