Frank L.L. Bowen
died 1905 Mount Tamalpais Mortuary Cemetery
San Rafael, Marin County, California
Photographs of a Hillside Cemetery

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Southwest Area, Upper Section
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28. Garden Old Section E
Middle section, uphill portion Middle section, uphill portion Middle section, uphill portion
Soon Frank L.L. Bowen, died 1905 
and a fallen gravemarker Peter Rasmussen, died 1904
William Lucas
died 1886. Fallen gravemarker Soon
Charles Mason
HBM's Vice Consul
Died 1889 Leander Carpenter
Jane Elizabeth Carpenter
Tennessee Beatrice Bartlett
Dr. C.F. Parks
Lily S. Parks
(d") West of 28. Garden Old Section E
Looking north from the road.               Davenport
Caroline Baker   John Pushton
 1843---1914     1839---1904 John P. Davenport
Glenn L. Ensign
(c") East of 28. Garden Old Section E
William Clayton Pickersgill, C. B.,
 died 1901.
Old Section E.
British Consul General Jessie Margaret Russell, died 1900
Blanche Russell Menzies, died 1975 Laura C. Russell
Soon Soon Soon

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