John George Staveley Newton, died 1876 Mount Tamalpais Mortuary Cemetery
San Rafael, Marin County, California
Photographs of a Hillside Cemetery

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Southwest Area, Lower Section
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(“b”) East of 30. Garden D 2.
Emma Harrison
A. Dalton Harrison Stone gravemarkers and obelisk. 
Newton, Harrison, Porteous.
Garden D 2, northeast corner. James Stoddard Porteous
Janet Landsborough Porteous
Alexander Blacklock
26. Garden F; 27. Garden F A; 30. Garden D 2.
Looking west at
30. Garden D 2 Looking southeast at
26. Garden F Mouse Patrol
James Charles Small, died 1886 John Reynolds, died 1880 William C. Davis, died 1874,
top portion of gravemarker is missing
John Palmer, mini gravemarker Fred'k Dreypolcher, died 1905 Mama Fromming
Carlota Hanson, died 1892
(Wife of Thomas H. Hanson) and
Emma Hanson, daughter of Thos H. Hanson 
and Carlota Hanson Chesley Thurber, died 1898, age 52, and
 his son Guy Thurber, died 1896, age 20 Alfred Crocker, died 1907
("a") West of 26. Garden F
Cecil John Trigon
died 1907 Baby Lo Bue
1949 FALK
Margaret 1926
Ida E. 1943
Jean G. 1948
Gravemarkers and overgrowth. Willie Wehr
died 1901 William Henry Young
died 1905
Fallen tree
between gravemarkers. E.J. Taliaferro
died 1905 Soon

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