Sickness and Death

Triangular Monuments and Tent Graves.

Mt Gilead Cemetery

Tent Graves of Mt Gilead Cemetery, 
White County Tennessee


Headstone and 
Tent Grave, Mt Gilead Cemetery

­Loucinda Cope Was Born Oct 1, 1820 Departed This Life June  15, 1885
Headstone and Tent 
Grave, Mt Gilead Cemetery

Memory of Andrew C. Keathley Born Sep 18 1816 Died Jan 31 1857 He Died at His Post
Mt Gilead Cemetery

Photo images contributed by Sandy Keathley, TNGenWeb White County Coordinator. He writes “the tent graves are from Mt Gilead Cemetery in south White County. The tents are sandstone, quarried by my umpteen-greatuncle Thomas Keathley, in the 1860s.” Mr. Keathley also wrote that Andrew C. Keathley “was a Methodist minister, a circuit rider.”
Mt Gilead Locator Map (90k)


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