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OLD-SOUTH-BURIALS is a freely provided RootsWeb public mail list. The list is used for the purpose of research of burial practices in the Old South (USA), including monument typology, grave stone types, the culture of death, folklore, and old time religion. Primarily this list will be used by the TNGenWeb special project, Sickness and Death in the Old South, DarkFiber, and by Independent Webmasters who pursue the same subjects. It is our intent that the mail list be for scholarly pursuits.

This list is not a standard cemetery list. Please do not post your personal cemetery queries to the list.

This list is open to all interested parties, but by subscription only. No one will be able to post to the list unless they are subscribed to it. This way, advertisers will not be easily able to “spam” the list.

No commercial activities by subscribers are allowed on this list! Advertisements on the list are the exclusive prerogative of RootsWeb. Any advertisements placed on the list by RootsWeb helps defray the cost of providing the list.

No flames are allowed, nor are threats, promoting e-mailbombings, jokes, or passing along chain letters. Please practice good Internet “Netiquette.”

Of course, those folk who do not follow the rules may find themselves banned from the list. So be good for goodness sake!

Tag lines, Sig lines (signature files). These are the small files that subscribers automatically insert to their e-mail postings. These files are allowed on list postings, however, they are subject to the same rules as the message itself.

Additionally, tag lines that prohibit disclosure, copying, and/or distribution of the list posting are in opposition to RootsWeb’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and should not be included on this RootsWeb public mailing list. Those folk who feel the need to add unnecessary legalese tag lines will face unsubscription from the list.

Before you subscribe, you might want to read RootsWeb’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Subscriptions to the list are available in two modes: first is the standard mail mode (L) where each message is relayed to subscribers as received: second is the digest mode (D) where a number of messages may be bundled together before being relayed to the subscribers. The digest mode (D) is recommended.

You may subscribe to the OLD-SOUTH-BURIALS list in the standard mail mode by sending a message to:

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Or, you may subscribe to the DIGEST mode, where posts are bundeled together and then sent to the subscribers. Digests produce less clutter in your mailbox, but replying to an individual message may require a little extra effort.

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