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Three Lead Coffins

Lead Coffins

The image1 above shows three lead covered coffins, in situ, which were found within the foundation lines of the old “Brick Chapel,” St. Mary’s City, Maryland2 (ca. 1683).
It is suggested (but not proven) the three interred individuals are, Philip Calvert, Chancellor of the Colony and youngest son of the first Lord Baltimore; his first wife, Anne Wolsey Calvert; and a six month old child, perhaps a child by Philip and his second wife, Jane Sewell. Philip Calvert died shortly after December 22, 1682.
The use of double coffin (a wood inner coffin, lead outer coffin) indicates wealth and the placement of the coffins within the chapel indicates honor. The coffins were found parallel to the north wall of the north wing of the chapel.

Brick Chapel Foundation


1. The graphic representation of the three lead covered coffins shown at the top of this page is not a photograph. It was created in Adobe Photoshop. It was based on a real photograph.

2. St. Mary’s City was the fourth permanent settlement in British North America, and Maryland’s first capital, 1634 until 1695.


Historic St. Mary’s City.


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