Grassy Cove Presbyterian Church Membership List (1936)

The following is a list of members of the Grassy Cove Presbyterian Church, Cumberland County, Tennessee. They are taken from pages 42-43 of the church record book. No dates are listed on this page. The page before has dated material of Sept., 1936.

J.D. Brady Mrs. Stacy Godsey
Rose Brady Ernest Dorton
Mrs. Mabel Brady Mrs. Rebecca Dorton
John Brady Nannie Dorton
Mrs. Dora Brady John Foshee
Mary Brady W.B. Andrews
R.E. Ford Mrs. Bettie C. Andrews
Mrs. Agnes Ford Paul Burton Andrews
Gordon Ford Velma Adkerson
J.B. Loden Myrtle Brady
Mrs. Sallie Loden Cora Ghist
True Loden Bessie Ghist
Mrs. Clara Wilson John Ghist
Mrs. Urilla Ford Hattie Gist
Mrs. Canzada Kemmer

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