Robert Carden Newspaper Clippings

The following news items appeared in the newspaper just prior to the articles by Robert Carden’s description of his Civil War experience.

May 30, 1911  — B.H. Carden, who lives on the Tom Clark place in Adamson Grove, [Iowa] is enjoying a visit from his father, R. C. Carden of Manchester, Tennessee, who is here for a visit until after the 4th of July. Comrade Carden was a confederate soldier in Co. B, 16 Tennessee Infantry and served during the entire war. He is a typical southern soldier and gentleman. While in town Saturday with his son, he met a number of the old “Yankee boys” against whom he bravely fought during the four years of the war, and between them there was a lively exchange of friendly yarns, interesting to themselves and to the younger generation who gathered around them. We hope Comrade Carden’s first visit in the north will prove one of the happiest experiences of his life.

Confed. Evacuates. — R. C. Carden, the old Confederate veteran who had been visiting for over two months with his sons, B. H. Carden in Adamson Grove, and Jack Carden of Reasnor, left Sunday for his home at Manchester, Tennessee. This was the first time Comrade Carden had been north of “Mason and Dixon line,” and he found the Yankees a pretty good sort of people, especially the Union Veterans, among whom he made many friends. We think he would love to come back some day, and we would love to have him.