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The following books containing information on Clay County Cemeteries are available.

Cemeteries of Clay County, Tennseee by Jane Hembree Crowley and Charles A. Reeves, Jr.
Based on Walter E. Webb's book, Clay County, Tennessee Tombstone Inscriptions.  With additional information: A full name index, Burials after Webb’s last canvasses, Cemetery GPS coordinates (where known), Grave relocation information due to construction of the Dale Hollow Dam (with maps), and family connections. These two volumes encompass nearly 750 pages. They are 8-1/2" x 11" in size. Paperback, professionally bound and published., and can be ordered here:

Clay County, Tennessee Tombstone Inscriptions by Walter E. Webb

Tennessee, Clay County Bible and Tombstone Records, Historical Records Project, (WPA)

Clay County Cemetery records formerly on Rootsweb.

Listings on the Tennessee Tombstone Transcription Project

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Glynda Sawyer provided this listing of the Cherry Cemetery on Union Hill Road.

Cemetery records in the USGenWeb Archives.

Charlie Gregory supplied these photos of the Tinsley Cemetery, taken by John Waggoner, Jr., which include Abraham Lincoln's grandparents' gravestone.

Map of the Location
Overall Photo
General Photo
Hananiah Lincoln Marker
Lincoln Grandparents Marker
General Closeup Photo

The Tinsley Cemetery, a.k.a .High Cedar Cemetery, is located near the Jackson-Clay County line off Highway 53 on Tinsley Bottom Road. Turn on Tinsley Bottom Road, continue for 7/10 mile passing Joe Lynn Road. Go past the next brick house and turn right up hill just past barn behind house. Go through the gate and continue uphill on the farm road for 2/10 mile to the Lynn Cemetery. Continue past Lynn Cemetery for 1/10 mile to the cemetery. The cemetery has dense ground cover of periwinkle and poison ivy.

Several fieldstones.copied by Retta Waggoner July 21, 2002:

Tinsley, J.B. 10 March 1863 - 2 Dec 1994
Tinsley, Sarah 12 Aug 185(4)? - 15 June 1883 D/O P.M. & M.M. Tinsley
Tinsley, Philip M 5 Sept 1818 - 12 Mar 1889 Father
Tinsley, Mary M. 8 Feb 1827 - 7 Aug 1897 Mother
Tinsley, Alice 18 April 1797 - 16 Jan 1824
Tinsley, John 29 Feb 1796 - 15 Apr 1853
Gilpatrick, Joseph 1838-1898 Funeral Home Marker
Gilpatrick, Nancy 1841-1924 Funeral Home Marker
Gilpatrick, Felix 1864-1908 Funeral Home Marker
Warden, Barbara June 24 Mar 1940 - 31 Mar 1940 D/O Mr & Mrs Arlie Warden
Hix, Felix Ormel 13 July 1858 - 30 Sept 1943
Hix, Sarah Jane 8 Feb 1869 - 31 May 1938
Elliot, Inez 28 May 1820- ?
Lynn, Molly 12 Feb 1902 - 30 June 1936
Lincoln, Hananiah Capt 12 PA Regt. Revolutionary War - 1814
Stone marked as follows: Mr & Mrs Abraham Lincoln- Grandparents of the President aka Hananiah
Stone, W.F 21 July 1869 - 5 Jan 1938
Stone, Martha 1884 -1901

The following book can be ordered from Sistler and Associates or check library catalogs for availability and inter library loan.

Dale Hollow Graves by Gary D. Norris. Contains information on 825 persons removed from the pool area of Dale Hollow Lake in 1943 and reinterred into the five adjoining counties of TN and KY: Clay, Overton, and Pickett Co., TN and Cumberland and Clinton, Co., KY.

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For a listing of the cemeteries shown on Charles Reeves' Clay County Cemetery map, click here. See the Map Resources page for more information about the map.

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