Calvin Baltrip and wife Dora

Information contributed by, Edward L. Baltrip, 9290 Doty Road,
Maybee, MI 48159, email:

Calvin and Dora Baltrip
Taken about 1954.This is a photo of my great grand parents Calvin Baltrip and his wife Dora Baltrip (Dora was blind at this time). They live in Lone Mountain, TN

Laura Jane Keaton Baltrip
Taken about 1917, age 19 years. Picture of my Grandmother. Her father's was named Jake Keaton.

James Baltrip
WWII 1942. Photo taken in 1942. Oldest son of Alonzo Baltrip

Alonzo (Lon) (Foot - Nee)Baltrip
Taken about 1920. Alonzo was born in 1900, son of Calvin & Dora Baltrip listed above. Lone Mountain TN

Lone Mountain Saw Mill
Taken in 1980. It was located behind Wilkey's Store (I think that was it's name) just outside of downtown Lone Mountain. I am looking for a photo of the old store that sat in front of this sawmill. My dad said it's name was Wilkey's Store.

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