Captain John Nicks’ Cavalry Company

Spence’s History of Hickman County says this company was organized by Captain John Nicks, and Lieutenant David Moore Spence, both regularly commissioned officers in the Confederate service, in the early part of 1863, with the intention of joining Colonel William S. Hawkins’ Regiment. It was captured near Centerville in September 1863, and those who were not killed in action were sent to Federal prisons. No other record of the company was found. William S. Hawkins was the first major of the 6th (Wheeler’s) Cavalry Regiment. No record was found of a Captain John Nicks, although Captain John Hicks later served in the 12th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment. There was a D. M. Spence in the 11th Tennessee Infantry Regiment who may have been the same man as Lieutenant David Moore Spence.

This unit history was extracted from Tennesseans in the Civil War, Vol 1. Copyrighted 1964 by the Civil War Centennial Commission of Tennessee and is published here with their permission. This history may not be republished for any reason without the written permission of the copyright owner.

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