This Compiled Military Service Record abstract was transcribed and submitted by Earlene Porter


Rank Entering the Service: Private

Rank Leaving the Service: Private

Military Unit: 5th Infantry Regiment

Alternate Name for the Military Unit:

Company: E

Enlistment Date: 1862

Place of Enlistment: Warren, TN

Abstract of Information available in the Service Records: Miles Bonner served in the Army of the Confederate States from 1862 to 1864. He was a member of Company E, 5th Vol. Regiment of the Infantry from the State of Tennessee.

Personal Information about the Veteran (Not contained in the CMSR): Miles Bonner, son of Redding Bonner, was born 2 February 1825 in Warren County, TN. He applied for and received a pension from the State of Arkansas, approved 11 March 1901. In 1903, his widow, Malinda J., applied for and received a widow’s pension stating that Miles died 4 September 1903. They had been living in Baxter County, Arkansas at the time of his death. His first wife was Clarissa Bonner, daughter of William Bonner. They were first cousins.

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