9th U. S. Colored Heavy Artillery Regiment

Organized at Clarksville and Nashville, Tennessee, 1864.

A report by Colonel R. D. Mussey, Commissioner for the Organization of Colored Troops, dated October 10, 1864, stated that authorization for the organization of this regiment had been given by the Adjutant General in February 1864, but that the desire to fill up regiments already organized had prevented recruiting for this regiment till a little before this date. The report went on to state that one company had been recruited at Clarksville, and 380 recruits from Ohio had been assigned to the command to fill up one battalion under Major Grosskopff. This was the only reference to the regiment found in the Official Records.

Dyer’s Compendium states the regiment was organized at Clarksville and Nashville, October 8, 1864 to November 1, 1864; was attached to the District of Nashville, Department of the Cumberland until May 5, 1865, when the regiment was broken up.

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