88th U. S. Colored Infantry Regiment

Organized at Memphis, Tennessee February 20, 1865.


  • Colonel-Edmund R. Wiley
  • Lieutenant Colonel-Charles Wedelstaedt

The first regiment known as the 88th was a Louisiana organization which was broken up July 28, 1864. This regiment has no connection with the earlier one bearing the same number.

On February 28, 1865, under Lieutenant Colonel Charles Wedelstaedt, it was reported at Fort Pickering, Defenses of Memphis. On April 30, still at Fort Pickering, it was reported as commanded by Colonel Edmund R. Wiley.

On July 14, 1865, in the organization of the District of West Tennessee, the 88th was placed in the 2nd Infantry Brigade, Colonel I. C. Kappner, who reported to Brevet Major General Augustus L. Chetlain, commander of the Post and Defenses of Memphis. On August 18, 1865, Brevet Major General John E. Smith, commanding the District, listed the 88th as one of the regiments still on duty in the District.

This was the last reference to the regiment found in the Official Records. Dyer’s Compendium states that the regiment was consolidated with the 3rd U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery, (a Tennessee organization) on December 16, 1865.


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