3rd Tennessee Mounted Infantry Regiment

Organized at Loudon, Strawberry Plains and Knoxville, in fall of 1864.


  • Colonel-Robert A. Crawford Lieutenant Colonel-Joseph Divine


  • Robert C. Carter, Co. “A”. Enrolled at Strawberry Plains, Jefferson County, June 30, 1864; mustered at same place August 8, 1864.
  • Benson M. Bailey, Co. “B”. Enrolled at Strawberry Plains, June 30, 1864; mustered at same point August 8, 1864.
  • Joseph Divine, Timothy Lyons, Co. “C”. Mustered at Loudon, August 10, 1864. Most of the men were from North Carolina; Tennesseans from Blount and Monroe Counties.
  • James L. Pearson, Co. “D”. Mustered at Loudon, August 10, 1864. Men from Monroe County.
  • Joseph M. Greer, Co. “E”. Enrolled in Blount County, July-August, 1864; mustered at Knoxville, August 11, 1864.
  • Joseph R. Bowers, Co. “F”. Enrolled in Greene and Knox Counties in July, 1864; mustered at Knoxville, September 29, 1864.
  • Enoch Voyales, Co. “G”. Mustered at Knoxville, October 1, 1864. Men from Monroe and Roane Counties.
  • Joseph C. Gray, Co. “H”. Enrolled at Madisonville, Monroe County, September-October, 1864. Mustered at Knoxville, November 30, 1864, and Loudon, December 2, 1864.

The report of Adjutant General J. P Brownlow, State of Tennessee, dated March 1, 1866, stated this was a three-months organization, and did no service, never being fully organized. Dyer’s Compendium mentions a skirmish at Lee’s Ferry on September 6, and at Greeneville, on October 12, 1864. No reference to the regiment was found in the Official Records.

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