1st Battalion Roster – Company D

The following roster is extracted from Hancock’s Diary or A History of the Second Tennessee Confederate Cavalry published in 1887. For more information, the book is available online.

The following is the muster-roll of Captain E. D. Payne’s Company (D).

NameRankLiving/Deceased in 1886
PAYNE, E.D.CaptainDeceased
PETWAY, R.G.First LieutenantLiving
RYAN, J.B.Second LieutenantLiving
BIRDWELL, J.W.Third LieutenantPresent at Surrender
DAWSON, W.R.First SergeantPresent at Surrender
SMITH, W.H.Second SergeantDeceased
BEVILL, J.M.Third SergeantPresent at Surrender
HICKMAN, J.A.Fourth SergeantDeceased
KNOTE, T.L.Fifth SergeantDeceased
WALKER, E.R.First CorporalPresent at Surrender
PETTY, S.H.Second CorporalDeceased
SALES, W.J.Third CorporalPresent at Surrender
BUCKNER, J.H.Fourth CorporalPresent at Surrender
JOHNSON, C.FarrierLiving
MARATTA, S.BuglerDeceased
COZATT, G.W.BuglerDeceased
ANDERSON, AlexPresent at Surrender
ADAMS, G.W.Present at Surrender
ALEXANDER, J.D.Present at Surrender
BLACKWELL, J.W.Present at Surrender
BLEDSOE, C.P.Deceased
BRADLEY, H.C.Present at Surrender
BRADLEY, WilliamsDeceased
BLAIR, S.S.Living
BRIEN, W.A.Living
CALDWELL, J.R.Present at Surrender
CARLISLE, W.G.Deceased
CAMPERRY, R.J.Present at Surrender
CARLER, WilliamPresent at Surrender
CAYEE, F.J.Present at Surrender
DOBBS, J.R.Living
DRANE, ThomasPresent at Surrender
DUNCAN, J.H.Deceased
FOREHAND, ThomasPresent at Surrender
FOX, ThomasPresent at Surrender
GALSCO, C.L.Deceased
GOOD, G.H.Present at Surrender
HUNTER, WilliamLiving
HAYNES, J.C.Present at Surrender
HEAD, RobertPresent at Surrender
HESTER, J.W.Deceased
HILL, J.B.Present at Surrender
HARBRING, J.Present at Surrender
HAYS, E.C.Present at Surrender
HEISS, HenryDeceased
HANDY, G.M.Present at Surrender
HANDY, D.S.Present at Surrender
HICKLE, G.R.H.Present at Surrender
JONES, JosephDeceased
JONES, J.M.Present at Surrender
KNOTT, R.S.Living
KIRKPATRICK, J.W.No Information
MAYFIELD, W.Present at Surrender
McCARNEY, L.W.Deceased
NELSON, N.R.Deceased
POLK, J.A.Living
PENDEGRAS, JamesPresent at Surrender
PETTY, J.M.No Information
RHODES, J.B.Deceased
RING, A.N.Present at Surrender
RICHARDSON, J.R.Present at Surrender
ROBERTSON, J.A.Present at Surrender
SMITH, W.B.Present at Surrender
STEELE, E.F.Present at Surrender
SKEGGS, C.H.Living
UNDERWOOD, F.J.Present at Surrender
WILLIAMS, A.J.Present at Surrender
WHITTEY, D.J.Present at Surrender
WHITE, EdwardPresent at Surrender
WASHBURN, J.M.Deceased
WOODS, N.Present at Surrender
WEST, E.M.Present at Surrender

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