1st Alabama and Tennessee Vedette Cavalry Regiment

Companies “A”, “B”, “C,” “G,” and “H” were organized at Stevenson and Bridgeport, Alabama, between September 10, 1863 and April 26, 1864; Companies “D”, “E” and “F” at Tracy City and Nashville, December 9, 1863 to February 24, 1864; mustered out June 16, 1864.

Adjutant General J. P Brownlow, State of Tennessee, in his report dated March 1, 1866, makes no mention of this organization; and in the Official Records the regiment is listed as an Alabama organization. Dyer’s Compendium lists Companies “D”, “E” and “F” as Tennessee companies.

The first mention of the organization in the Official Records was in a report by Colonel E. M. McCook, Commanding at Larkinsville, Alabama on August 26, 1863. He stated there was a report that four companies of Union men had been formed at Sand Hill, Alabama, and were waiting the crossing of the Federal Army to join it.

On September 4, 1863, Lieutenant Ephraim Little, commanding 1st Independent Company, Alabama Volunteer Cavalry, was directed to report to the commanding officer at Stevenson, Alabama, who was directed to furnish arms as soon as possible, and to post the company in the vicinity of Larkinsville, and along the line of the Stevenson and Huntsville Railroad as scouts, until they could be furnished with horses.

On September 27, Brigadier General James D. Morgan reported that Captain L. Latham’s U.S.A. company, guarding a government sawmill at Larkinsville, was attacked by guerrillas and “they disgracefully ran away.” Some 40 men were captured, and the rest scattered.

On December 29, 1863, Major General D. S. Stanley, Commanding 1st Division IV Army Corps, Department of the Cumberland, made mention of two companies, 1st Alabama Mounted, under Captains Allen and Long. He stated Captain Allen, with about 100 men, made a scout down Wills Valley to within eight miles of Lebanon, Georgia. On January 9, 1864, Captain Long’s Company, Alabama Rangers made a scout to Deer Head Cove, Alabama.

These references were all to the Alabama companies. The only record found of the Tennessee companies was dated January 20, 1864. At that time Captain S. P. Tipton’s company, consisting of one officer, 73 men, unarmed except for about half a dozen squirrel rifles, and not mounted, were part of the garrison at Tracy City, Tennessee, when that point was attacked by Major W. S. Bledsoe, 4th or 8th (Smith’s) Tennessee Cavalry. Just prior to the attack, Captain S. P. Tipton was surprised at his home in Altamont, Tennessee, and shot down when he came to his door in answer to a hail.

On February 5, 1864, Brigadier General Morgan L. Smith, U. S. A. reporting on an expedition from Larkinsville, Alabama, said: “One man, Morgan, mustered his company with pencil, on brown paper, christened it, assumed command, ordered an advance into Sand Mountain, and actually made captures of rebel home guards from hiding places which he and his men had just left.”

On February 15, 1864, General Smith reported that Captain Latham’s Company had been attacked by bushwhackers, and also said: “I saw General Grant in Nashville. He said he had just sent you authority to muster the Alabamians.

On March 3, 1864, Brigadier General Giles A. Smith, commanding 1st Brigade 2nd Division, XV Army Corps, at Larkinsville, Alabama, mentioned Captain Latham’s company as part of his force. This was the last record found of any of the companies in the Official Records. The field officers of the regiment are not known.

One muster roll dated February 24, 1864, at Nashville, was found, which covered Captain James H. Shannon’s Co. “E”, 1st Regiment Independent Vidette Cavalry. Stephen P. Tipton was shown as 2nd Lieutenant of this company consisting of a total of 91 officers and enlisted men, nearly all of whom had enrolled at Altamont, Tennessee, and been mustered in at Tracy City, Tennessee, on December 9, 1863.

Dyer’s Compendium states the regiment was mustered out June 16, 1864.

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