11th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Organization attempted in early 1864; dissolved February 24, 1865. A muster roll of Co. “A”, 11th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment, covering the period from June 30, 1864 to February 24, 1865, shows the first enrollments for this organization at Memphis as early as January 1, 1864. Enrollments were made by Lieutenant S. V. Clevenger, originally in the 25th Missouri Infantry Regiment, then in the 1st Missouri Engineers. Enrollments were made at Memphis, where the company was mustered on June 30, 1864, with some enrollments as late as July 7, 1864. Some time in July the company was moved to Nashville, where all subsequent enrollments were made.

On August 1, 1864, Governor Andrew Johnson commissioned S. V. Clevenger as 1st lieutenant, commanding the company, and placed him in command of the Tennessee Barracks and General Receiving Rendezvous, Nashville, on August 31, 1864.

A note on the muster roll gives the following information as to the organization of the regiment, and the history of the company: “This company participated in many hard marches through West and Middle Tennessee. Was engaged with guerrillas near Wolf River, Tennessee. Lost one man killed. Skirmished and scouted after guerrillas near Johnsonville and Camden on several expeditions. Fought guerrillas near Triune, Tenn., February 11, 1865-Lieutenant Clevenger shot in hand. Scouted through Cheatham County on Hurricane and other creeks, killing several guerrillas. Fought all day December 15, 1864 at battle Nashville, Tenn., between Granny White and Hillsboro pikes. Joined in charge on breastworks through the cornfield. Lost half the company by killed and missing in action. The remnant was transferred to Companies “F” and “K”, l0th Tennessee Infantry, February 24, 1865, by Andrew Johnson, Military Governor of Tennessee. Several other companies and many more men raised for this regiment, but never mustered into service. Split up and assigned to 6th Tennessee Cavalry and other regiments Tennessee Volunteers.”

A total of sixty names were on the muster roll, of whom twenty, including Lieutenant Clevenger, remained to be transferred on February 24, 1865. Clevenger became 1st lieutenant of Co. “K”, 10th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

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