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By Dallas Bogan

Reprinted with Permission from Dallas Bogan.  This article was published in the LaFollette Press.

      The following list of Revolutionary War soldiers are those men who received pensions from the Federal government for their services while residing in Campbell County.
     In 1818 an Act was passed by Congress granting pensions to soldiers of the Revolution. This Act was very strict which in turn allowed very few persons to qualify for benefits. The document was still not inclusive enough to assist many of the soldiers who provided themselves in the winning effort against British rule.
      By 1832, public interest had so united toward compensation for the veterans that Congress then passed a Pension Act which included even militiamen who had provided as little as three months' service in the war for independence.
Immediately afterward, within a year or two, veterans who had survived qualified before their country courts to obtain the pensions they so deserved. In 1835, a total list of veterans was published by an Act of Congress.

Included were:
     Isaac Armstrong, Pension Number: S16312, born: July 1762 in Maryland, military: Virginia Line, applied: Oct. 9, 1832, Anderson County;
      Charles Bratcher, Pension Number: S1501, born: 1762, Bedford County, Virginia, died: August 11, 1833, military: Virginia Line, applied: June 12, 1833, Campbell County;
      James Cabbage, pension number not found;
      John Cabbage, Pension Number: S3134, born: February 24, 1758, Chester County, PA; military: Virginia Militia; applied: March 11, 1834, Campbell County;
      Robert Chapman, DAR Number: 1779193, Military: 7th Virginia Regulars; Residence: Campbell County 1830-1840;
      James Chitwood, Pension Number: S1751; born: June 21, 1751, Cumberland County, VA; military: South Carolina Line; applied: Dec. 11, 1832, Campbell County;
Richard Crabtree, Widow's Pension Number: W8642, born: January 29, 1758, Louden County, VA, died: June 29, 1849, wife: Sarah Richardson, married: Aug. 10, 1792, Russell County, VA, military, North Carolina Line, applied, Aug. 2, 1834, Morgan County, TN (Soldier's Pension), applied Feb. 1, 1851, Scott County, TN;
      John Day, Pension Number: S2532, military: Maryland Line, applied: Dec. 30, 1833, Campbell County;
      Manoah Dyer, Pension Number: S2532, born: Sept. 25, 1755, Caroline County, VA, military: North Carolina and Virginia Line, applied: Nov. 12, 1832, Monroe County, TN;
      Daniel Going [Goins], Pension Number: S38744; In 1820: Age 65; wife age 67; military: Virginia Continental Line, applied: June 3, 1818;
      James Grant, Pension Number: S38759, died: January 21, 1824, applied: June 2, 1818, Campbell County;
     Joseph Hatfield, Pension Number: W5, died: August 26, 1832, wife: Rachel, married: Oct. 28, 1779, military: Virginia Line, applied: Oct. 21, 1843, Campbell County;
     Drewry Hembree, Pension Number; Not Found, born: Dec. 12, 1755, Spartanburg District, SC, applied: Oct. 10, 1834, Campbell County;
      Churchwell Jackson, Sr., Pension Number: S4432, born: Feb. 15, 1758, Orange County, VA, military: North Carolina Line;
      Rollings James, Pension Number: S2018, born: 1762 in MD, Military: North Carolina State Troops, applied: Sept. 10, 1832, Campbell County;
     David Lawson, Pension Number: R6200, died March 1, 1852, wife, Elizabeth, married Oct. 18, 1794, military, North Caro-lina Line, applied: Oct. 28, 1843, Campbell County;
      Dickeson Lumpkin(s), Pension Number: R6521, died: September 8, 1851, wife: Susan Luker, married, May 22, 1820, military: Pennsylvania and Virginia Line, applied: Sept. 11, 1832, [age 73] Campbell County; applied: April 2, 1855, Campbell County; [Widow's Pension];
      James McDonald, Pension Number: W7424, born: Aug. 21, 1758, Cumberland County, NC, died: Jan. 12, 1848, Campbell County; wife: Sarah Cox; married: July 20, 1797, Randolph County, NC, military: North Carolina Line, applied: May 31, 1834, Morgan County, TN, applied: Feb. 15, 1851, Scott County;
     Richard Muse, Pension Number: unknown; born: 1752, military: unknown, applied: 1840, Pulaski County, KY;
     Frederick Nester, Pension Number: S1572, born: April 24, 1739, Germany, military: North Carolina Militia, applied: Sept. 10, 1833, Campbell County;
      John Ousley/Oysley/Hously, Pension Number: R16894, born: Nov. 6, 1757, died: Dec. 19, 1845, wife: Tabitha Barton, mar-ried, Aug. 16, 1778, military: Virginia Line, applied: March 19, 1833, Claiborne County, applied: April, 1846, Claiborne County, [Widow's Pension];
     John Reed/Read, Pension Number: W193, died, Dec. 9, 1838, Morgan County, TN; wife: Nancy Morris, married, Septem-ber, 1783, Greenville District, SC, military: South Carolina Line, applied: Sept. 10, Campbell County; applied, June, 1839, Morgan County, TN [Widow's Pension];
     Henry Ridenour, Pension Number: not found;
     John Ridenour, Pension Number: not found;
     Benjamin Rogers/Rodgers, Pension Number: W867, Born: Jan. 29, 1754/55/56, Culpepper County, VA; wife, Martha Brawley; married: March 24, 1788; military: Virginia Line; applied: Dec. 11, 1832, Campbell County, applied: March 12, 1840, Campbell County;
      William H. Rose, rank: Sergeant, military: First Battalion, 4th Reg. N. C. Continental Line, enlisted: April 23, 1776 to August 1783;
      Robert Ross, Pension Number: W1496, died: Jan. 23, 1825, wife: Lucy Arnold, married, Nov. 22, 1792, military, Pennsylvania Continental Line, applied: April 29, 1818, Campbell County; applied: Nov. 3, 1838, Anderson County, [Widow's Pension];
     John Sanders/Saunders, Pension Number: W3873, died: April 6, 1833, Claiborne County, TN; wife, Mary Ann "Molly" Stotts/Statts; married, Aug. 17, 1780, Surry County, NC; military, North Carolina Line, applied: Jan. 4, 1833, Claiborne County, applied: Aug. 5, 1843, Campbell County [Widow's Pension];
     Timothy Smith, Pension: W196, died, June 18, 1832, wife, Esther, married, Aug. 18, 1780, York District, SC, military: New Jersey Cont'l Line, applied: Oct. 26, 1818, Campbell County, applied, June, 1838, Morgan County, TN [Widow's Pension];
      Thomas Slape, Pension: S39075, Died, Dec., 1820, military: Virginia Continental Line;
     Ali (Eli) Smith, Pension: R9751, died: April 19, 1836, wife, Jane Denny Smith, married, April 8, 1783, military, Virginia Military, applied, Nov. 6, 1843 [Widow's Pension];
     Ransom Smith, Pension: S3925, born: April 11, 1761, Hanover County, VA; died, Aug. 12, 1855, military: North Carolina Line, applied: Oct. 12, 1832, Marion County, TN;
     Robert Smith, Pension: R9697, died: Dec. 9, 1786, wife: Blessing, married: Fall of 1778, Botetourt County, VA, military: Virginia Continental Line, applied: Oct. 25, 1843, Campbell County, [Widow's Pension];
     Jacob Stooskbury/Stukesbury, Pension: S39094, in 1818: age about 63, in 1821: Wife, age 55, in 1838: age 85; military: Virginia Continental Line, applied: Sept. 8, 1818, Anderson County, military, Wagoner in Virginia Continental Line;
     Dennis Trammel, pension: R10672, born: 1759, Amelia County, VA, died: March 29, 1849; wife, Martha Cooper [sec-ond wife]; married: April 27, 1841, Russell County, KY, military: Georgia and South Carolina Lines, received pension from Special Act of Congress, applied; 1853, Taylor County, KY.

Time Line

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