Submitted by: Barbara (Thomas) Fitzmaurice
10225 Dice Rd., Freeland, MI 48623-8882

of Cleveland, Bradley County, Tennessee
Born c. 1787, East TN., Died 10 Jun 1888 Cleveland, Bradley Co., TN.
Married in 1812 Blount Co., TN. to
Jacob THOMAS, Jr. b. c1780 PA?
Daughter possibly of
Michael & Catharine ??? Neiman of Knox & Blount Co.,TN.

[From Tennessee State Archives - Roll 22 pages 69 & 70]


I, ELIZABETH THOMAS do make and publish this as my last will and testatment hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time. First I direct that my personal expenses and all of my debts are paid as soon after my death as possible out of any money that I may have at my death or that may come into my hands or into the hands of my Executor. Secondly, I give and bequeath to my son Wilson THOMAS all the money and the other property that I may have on hand at my death thereby accept I will to my daughter Caty Ann [Catherine, Mrs. Beard] WALLER the sum of Twenty five Dollars. This amount having already been paid her by me while living. Also to my daughter Mary ["Polly", Mrs. James M.] ERVIN Twenty five Dollars; also to my daughter Hetta [Lillie Esther, Mrs. Jacob Adam] CARVER the sum of Twenty-five Dollars: fourthly and lastly I do hereby appoint Wilson THOMAS my Executor in witness whereof I do take my hand and seal this March 25 1882. her



_______________________________________________________________________Signed, sealed and published in

our presence and we have sub-

scribed our names thereto

in the presence of the testatier

this Mar 25 1882


State of Tennessee} I, F. A. FRAZIER, Clerk of the

Bradley County } County Court of said County

do hereby certify that the

foregoing is a true copy of the original will of

Elizabeth Thomas, which was duly proven and ad-

mitted of probate at the July Term of the County

Court 1888, and ordered ??? at length of

Record in the Will Book and which is

now on file in my office. Witness my

hand at office this the 3rd? day of July

1888 F. A. FRAZIER, Clerk