Will of R. T. Lawson

Images Copied From Microfilm by: Susan Langheld, Transcribed by: Cathy Hall
Anything in brackets [  ] is unclear to the transcriber

Last will and testament of R. T. Lawson
State of Tennessee
Bradley County
This 13th day of March 1907, I
R. T. Lawson, being of sound mind and realizing the uncertainty of life do hereby execute this as my will and disose of my property as follows to wit:
That my land on which I now live be equally divided between my children it being the land originally belonging to their mother, and I further devise and will all my personal property of which may be possessed at my death after paying funeral expenses shall go to my afflicted wife
Adeline Lawson for her benefit and maintenance, the same to be sold and the proceeds disposited if thought best by the executor and used according to his judgment.
Witness my hand and date above mentioned his
R. T. (x) Lawson mark Witness
W. D. Manes
C. L. Burnett

Probate, Monday, December 2, 1907
It appearing to the satisfaction to the court that
R. T. Lawson latly departed this life in Bradley County, Tennessee, and that he left a written will, and W. D. Manes, one of the attesting witnesses, presented to the court a paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of the said R. T. Lawson, deceased, and asked that the same be admitted to probate and record, and came along with him the other attesting witness C. L. Burnett, and after being first duly sworn, said witnesses deposed and said that they were present when the said R. T. Lawson signed said paper writing by mark as and for his last will and testament, that he signed the same in their presence, and that they at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other signed said paper writing as attesting witnesses, and that said testator was at the time of sound mind and memory.

It is therefore ordered, adjudged and decreed by the court that said paper writing is as it purports to be, the last will and testament of the said R. T. Lawson, deceased, and the clerk is directed enter the same of record in the will book of this court, together with this order of probate.