Will of Samuel Howard

Submitted by:  Martha Allen Kidwell
Images Copied From Microfilm by: Susan Langheld

I, Samuel Howard, do make and publish this my last will and testament. First, I direct that my funeral expenses, and any debts I may owe, may be paid as soon after my death, as possible out of any money I may die possessed of. Secondly, that Margaret Howard, and Jane Katharine Howard, be allowed to keep and possess all the personal property that I now have on hand, of all kinds, whatever, and to enjoy equally between the benefits of said property, and at the death of Margaret Howard, I desire that the wagon, windmill, and all the farming utensils be either divided among my heirs, or be sold and whatever said property is worth, or brings when sold to be equally divided, among my heirs, and all the Household and kitchen furniture to be disposed of by my wife, Margaret Howard as she may see fit at her death.
This 16th day of February 1859. Samuel (his mark) Howard
Attest B.A. Davis Thomas A. Jones
State of Tennessee Bradley County

I, Joseph H. Davis Clerk of the County Court of said County do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the last will and testament of Samuel Howard deceased made on the 16th day of February 1859 which is on file in my office, witness my hand and seal of office in Cleveland Bradley County Tennessee, this 23 day of July. Joseph H. Davis, Clerk State of Tennessee, I Joseph H. Davis do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and perfect duplicate copy of the last will of Samuel Howard deceased and certificate to the same. And that the original will Book both having been destroyed by fire the morning of the 26th day of Nov. (This is the earliest will contained in Bradley County, Tennessee records, found in Book 1, p. 1 (1859-1884). Joseph H. Davis attested that it was a true copy of Samuel Howard's will which was on file in his office. The will as first filed had been destroyed in a fire along with other early Bradley County records.) "Samuel Howard built a cabin in the neighborhood of Laurel Hill in the year 1834. This is as nearly as I can ascertain the beginning of the history of the settlement. He emigrated from Rhea County. He was a man of medium height, very heavy built and weighed over two hundred pounds. He was very firm and quiet and was a man of great soundness of judgment. He was one of the first justices of the peace ever elected in Bradley County. At that time, a justice was considered the most learned man to be found and it was true to a considerable extent. There were but few preachers or doctors and if a school teacher could work to the double rule of three, he was very learned indeed. He reared five children, one son Logan, and four daughters: Zina, Catherine, and Margaret. Mr. Howard was a very worthy character and many of his descendants are proud of their ancestry." from: BRIEF SKETCH OF A COUNTRY NEIGHBORHOOD IN BRADLEY COUNTY, EIGHT MILES SOUTH OF CLEVELAND, TENNESSEE by, T. E. Thatch, 1894 Samuel Howard's son, Logan Howard was the father of John A. Howard. John A. Howard was the father of my great grandfather William Hamilton Howard. "Ham" Howard and Susan Webb were the parents of my grandmother Gertrude Howard Allen.