Submitted by: Susan Langheld
Death Notices from Newspaper in Cleveland, TN
1909-1911(from microfilm)

G. W. Melton

One our best known men died Monday, July 12, 1909 and was taken to the Bethel for burial Tuesday afternoon at 5 o’clock. Mr. Melton was known by a large circle of friends and greatly will be missed. He was born July 14, 1830, in Hamilton Co, Tennessee. Married Miss P.J. Nichols, September 15, 1860, in Florence , Lauderdale Co. Alabama. He obtained faith in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at Hopewell, Ga. September 15, 1870. Joined the Union Baptist Church the same year. Our dear friend and husband is gone from earth; he has gone to dwell above, where he will have no sickness there.There was a sad mistake and it was written that he was a widower; he leaves behind a wife and grandson to mourn the loss of a broken home. We will meet him ; we will greet him where the roses bloom again; he has gone from us but we know he has gone to dwell with the angles above where parting and death will not enter; don’t weep for the lost one, for the Lord doeth all things well. A Friend (July 23, 1909 Cleveland Herald, Bradley Co. TN)