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The following Civil War resources
are available at the Cleveland Public Library

Tennesseans in the Civil War (Cenntennial Commission, 1964)
The History of the Rebellion in Bradley County (Hurlburt, 1976)
1890 Civil War Veterans Census, Tennessee
Tennessee Confederate Soldiers Pension Applications (microfilm)
Tennessee Confederate Widows' Pension Applications (microfilm)
Confederate Veteran Magazine (1892 - 1932)
Medical and Surgical History of the Civil War
Official Record of the Civil War
Military Records of Union and Confederate Soldiers from Bradley County (microfilm)
Confederate Regiments:
1st (Rogers') East Tenn. Cavalry
5th (McKenzie's) Tenn. Cavalry Regiment
5th (McClellan's) Tenn. Cavalry Battalion
29th Tenn. Infantry Regiment
36th Tenn. Infantry Regiment
43rd (Gillespie's) Tenn. Infantry Regiment (later Mounted)
62nd (Rowman's) Tenn. Infantry Regiment (later Mounted)
63rd (Fain's) Tenn. Infantry Co. H
80th (Rowan's) Tenn. Infantry Regiment
Federal Regiments:
1st Tenn. Cavalry Regiment
3rd Tenn. Cavalry Regiment
4th Tenn. Cavalry Regiment
5th Tenn. Cavalry Regiment
5th Mounted Infantry Regiment

Civil War
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