Submitted by  Jackie Robinson

This is Waterville Lake.  The lake no longer exists.  The City of Cleveland has a water basin there and the Cherokee Springs Golf Course is on the rest of the land.  The postcard is postmarked 1909.
This is the old government building and Post Office of Cleveland.  The building still stands but is no longer used as a Post Office.
Bradley High School.   The school has been torn down and replaced by the Ocoee Middle School.
Ocoee Street looking south.  Postmarked 1946.
Bradley County Courthouse.  It was torn down in the 1960's.
Confederate Monument at the junction of Ocoee and Broad Streets.
Fillauer  Park and Swimming Pool.  This is no longer open to the public.
At the time of this postcard this home served as the Cleveland Public Library.  It is now the History Branch of the library.
Mineral Park Springs.  The Springs are off of what is now South Lee Highway almost at the Bradley/Hamilton County line.

Jane Colmenares - County Coordinator
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