Submitted by Jim Strickland

The Cleveland Weekly Herald

Cleveland, Tennessee
01 January 1891, Page 1

Mr.  Stephen Thatch of this county died Friday night last; aged about 70 years.

The Cleveland Weekly Herald
Cleveland, Tennessee
01 January 1891, Page 3


They fought a good fight, they finished their work, they kept the faith.

Stephen M.  Thatch was born Sept.  23, 1819, died Dec 26, 1890

Elizabeth Thatch was born Feb.  8, 1825, died July 16, 1890

Brother Thatch and his wife were both members of the M.  E.  Church, and had been for near a half century whose lives are worthy of imitation, whose walks wee upright before God and man, being led by the spirit which made them meek and humble followers of Christ, a good father and mother to their children, good neighbors and citizens of our common wealth.  They will be missed at home around the old fireside and altar.  Pa’s hat will be hung on the rack as usual and his coat on the wall, his glasses shut in the old tin case, his shoes in the hall, his voice hushed in the barnyard, his footsteps in the room, his form has passed away and his body’s in the tomb.

Mother, on whose bosom the children did rest, nourished and fed, and kindly blessed, her toils are all over and she is at rest, her knitting rolled up and carefully laid away, as life has now ceased and finished her say.  Her spectacles and bible now laid on the stand, but she’s now dwelling in that beautiful land.

They both gave evidence of their acceptance with God and in the triumph of that faith which they had walked so long before they departed to go hence to be no more among us, but our loss is their great gain.  The will of God be done.

Rev.  A.  J.  Berryhill

The Cleveland Daily Banner
Cleveland, Tennessee
24 March 1950, Page 1

James I. Thatch, 85, died at the home of his nephew, Herman Allen, Route 6, Friday following long illness.  He is survived by two sons-in-law, H. C. Jones, McDonald Route 1 and Ernest Strickland, Chattanooga, two grandchildren and a number of nephews and nieces.

The body will be at the home of H. C. Jones, Saturday morning after 10 o’clock where it will remain until the hour of funeral, Sunday at 2:30 p. m. at Antioch Baptist Church.  Burial will be in Church Cemetery. Fike Funeral Home is in charge.

(Grandson of Stephen M. Thatch)