Bradley County Newspaper
Microfilm Transcriptions ~ 1909

Transcribed by: Susan Langheld

SULLIVAN FAMILY REUNION Held near Big Spring Southeast of Cleveland Last Saturday

A notable reunion and family picnic was held at Big Spring in southeast Cleveland last Saturday, it being that of the well known Sullivan family, descendants of Rev. D.A. and Mary Ann Sullivan. Mr. And Mrs. Sullivan were married 45 years ago last Christmas and to them were born five sons and four daughters. One son Elisha was kicked by a horse at the age of two and died, that being 35 years ago. Of this family the other four daughters are living and in addition the family includes 27 grandchildren and four great- grandchildren. With one exception there has never been a death in the family. Grandfather Sullivan is 70 years of age and Grandmother Sullivan is 66 years old. In the family there are two doctors, 2 preachers, two teachers, two bearing the name Ella, 2 Laura’s and 2 Olin’s. The out-of-town members of the reunion and picnic were Mr. and Mrs. D.V. Manes and two children of Gainsville, Fla. And Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Sullivan of Calhoun. One son Frank is unmarried, being the only unmarried one of the second generation. It is needless to say the occasion was a most happy and enjoyable one. (9/21/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co. TN)


Governor Patterson Extends Executive Clemency to Bradley County Man.

The following item from the Nashville Banner concern’s a well known Bradley county man: William Kerr, of Bradley county, convicted in September, 1908, charged with lewdness, sentenced to ninety days and fined $50 and costs. Petitioner has been in the workhouse nearly three months. The workhouse commissioners and county officials certify to the worthiness of the petitioner. He is pardoned and relived of his fine. (4/13/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co, TN)

September Term Begins in Cleveland on Monday
The September term of Circuit Court began its sessions here Monday. The following cases have been disposed of:
EVANS, Charles, carrying knucks, not guilty.
SINOR, Roy, carrying a pistol, continued.
DIXON, John assault and battery, retired.
BALL, Ed selling liquor, continued.
BEATY, Dock selling liquor, continued.
GORDON, Jack, lewdness, nolle on cost.
LAWSON, Jim, assaulting officer, not guilty.
POWERS, E. and HANEY, O.H. refusing to work roads, nolle.
STEVENSON, Ambrose, public drunkenness, guilty, fined $10.
GIBBS, James, profanity, nolle on cost.
(9/7/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co. TN)

Son of T. F. Elrod Shot Late Sunday Afternoon But Doing Nicely Tuesday Morning.
About four o’clock Sunday afternoon, Jesse Elrod, the 15 year old son of T. F. Elrod was shot while standing in front of his home near Big Spring. The ball came from a 38- caliber pistol in the hands of either Melvin Dixon or Brady Gregg who were in a house on a hill just above where young Elrod was standing. It entered the left side near vital spot and may be said to have passed through the boy’s body. Dr. R. P. Sullivan was called and took the boy under his professional care Tuesday morning he was resting as well as could be expected, with a fair chance of recovery, so it was reported. Dixon and Gregg at the first denied all knowledge of the affair but when found with a 38-calibre pistol, all cells loaded, and an old pistol in their possession they were arrested and lodged in jail. Monday morning the boys said the pistol they were handling went off, that they did not know it was loaded, and that they and the Elrod boy were on the most friendly terms. Officers are making a most careful inquiry to ascertain the facts. Meantime the boys are held waiting developments. (8/3/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co. TN)

And Big Dinner at Home of Henry Kile Last Sunday.
A family reunion and big picnic dinner was enjoyed at the home of Henry Kile on Bates pike, Sunday Aug. 22. It was attended by 12 children and 30 grandchildren. All report a splendid time, an especially enjoyable features of the day being the ice cream, watermelon and other refreshments. Among those in attendance were Mr. And Mrs. J.P. O’Neil and family and Mr. and Mrs. General White and family, of this city; Mr. And Mrs. J. J. Kile of Chattanooga; W.M. Price and family, of Ocoee; Frank Fraizer and wife Malcedonia; Miss Nina Kile, of Ocoee, and Mr. And Mrs. Albert Kile. (8/20/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co. TN)

Suffered a Paralysis Stroke
Dr. Eb. Johnston, son of Mrs. Mary Johnston of this city suffered a stroke of paralysis at Hot Springs, Ark. Wednesday. Mrs. Johnston was at Benton Springs and was notified of the condition of her son and at once returned to this city. Dr. Johnston will be brought to Chattanooga. Nothing was known Friday morning as to the severity of the stroke. For a long time Dr. Johnston has been associated with Dr. Holtzclaw of Chattanooga. (8/20/1990 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co TN)

The case of Valentine A. FRIES, the seventeen-year-old Ohio boy who is heir to $600,000 and whose relatives have sought to separate him from his girl wife, has attracted the attention of legal men all over the country. Fries married Miss Hazel Brockett of Cleveland, who is eighteen, without consent of his grandfather and guardian. The grandfather by writ of habeas corpus took the youth from his bride, the court ruling that he could only see her on Saturday afternoons. (Has Photos if wanted) (8/20/1909 Cleveland Herald, Bradley Co, TN)

Residence in North East Cleveland Totally Destroyed.
The residence on Parker street belonging to G.L. Albert, was burned to the ground Monday night, a part of the contents being saved. Mr. Albert carried insurance on the dwelling to the extent of $1,800, which will cover the loss. The house was occupied by Mr. Dixon, a brother-in-law of Mr. Albert. The origin of the fire unknown. (8/3/1909 Cleveland Herald, Bradley Co, TN)

Last Saturday night, George Fraizer, who lives a few miles southeast of the city, was bitten by a copperhead. Just before retiring, he stepped into the smokehouse, and being barefooted, the serpent bit him on the foot. For a day or two grave fears were entertained as to his recovery, but at last reports he was doing nicely. (7/27/1909 Cleveland Herald, Bradley Co. TN)

Considerable excitement was caused in a vicinity of the jail Sunday afternoon by the escape of one of the prisoners. Willis Ware, a young colored inmate of the jail, had been granted permission by Mrs. Crox to go out in the yard for some purpose and made his escape. The alarm was immediately given and a number started in pursuit, but the negro had a good start and made good his escape. He was in jail charged with larceny awaiting trial in Circuit Court. (Cleveland Herald July 20, 1909)

A negro man named Aurthur Cate, wanted by the Chattanooga police, was arrested in this city Saturday morning, in Rymer Bros’ store where he was working, by Deputies Longwith and Henderson, and placed in jail. Sheriff Conner arrived on the afternoon train and took him back to Chattanooga, where he was wanted on a larceny charge. (Cleveland Herald July20, 1909)

Even little Jim County court last week ordered $10,000 bonds issued to build a county high school (in Octtewah?) Only seven miles wide! Reckon it was too little to know any better. Or maybe they were afraid one powder mill would blow them up if they got any further behind than Polk. –Benton News Gazette (Cleveland Herald July 20, 1909)

Charleston, Feb. 1- The coldest wave of the season struck here Friday, The temperatures being fifty-five Friday afternoon and Sunday night it was eight above zero. We have heard the astronomers say that since the great earth quakes that we were 360 miles south, and we sure did feel that way last week for we could sit around the house with out fire and with the doors open till late bed-time, But since the cold wave has struck us we feel like we are 360 miles north. I would like to hear what some of our other writers have to say on the subject. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Grandma Gibson, is spending this week with her grand daughter, Mrs. Nannie White (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Luke Mitchel, of Moore’s Chapel was here Thursday on Business. ( 2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Master Ernest Phillips of Liberty, spent Sunday with his grandma Mrs. Sarah Norman. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Misses Alice Coffman and Annavilean McKinney, of McKinneysville spent Monday with Grandma Norman. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Remos Kimsey has moved his saw mill to W.R. Dethro’s farm and will be ready for sawing. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Bill Watson and son John of Polk County were here on business on Friday. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Walter Randolph has taken contract to cut A.B. Kinser’s timber. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Miss Lena and Monty Watson, Myrtle Randolph, Chad Puett and Ben Watson spent Saturday afternoon at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Will Watson (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Homer Flowers spent Saturday night with his Uncle Jerome Flowers, near Pleasant Valley. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Quite a number of young people attended entertainment at Oak Grove Friday night. All reported a nice time. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Fred Hambright, of Charleston, was through this part last week assessing taxes. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Mrs. King Randolph and his daughter, Miss Mertie spent Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Newton Samples, of Oak Grove. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

There will be singing at Union Grove next Sunday afternoon conducted by Claude Puet. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

McKinneysville, Feb 1, Mrs. Alice Coffman and Anvillene McKinney visited Mrs. Norman, of Flowersville, Tuesday (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Miss Annie Rice of Climer was the guest of her mother Mrs. W. R. Dethero, Wednesday. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Robert and Labourn Ownbey of Cleveland spent last Saturday and Sunday here. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Misses Bertha and Estell Goins spent last week with relatives and old friends at Cleveland. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Misses Anvillean McKinney and Mrs. Alice Coffman spent Wednesday with Mrs. Carrie Ownbey and Mrs. Hilton.

Leonard Carpenter has gone to Stamper to spend a month with his sister Mrs. Myrtle McKinney. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Miss Dora Gibson returned home Staurday, after a weeks visit with her sister in Cleveland. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Bill Carpenter returned home Thursday, after spending several days with relatives here. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Wood McDonough, of Knoxville is visiting home folks. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Miss Janie McDonough spent Thursday night with Miss Avilean McKinney. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Mrs. Hilton left for Norton, VA Sunday to attend the funeral of her grandson. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

There will be preaching at Lebanon church next Saturday and Sunday, conducted by Rev. Brackett, of Ocoee, Everybody is cordially welcome to attend. (2/4/1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

R. F. D. No. 1 (2/1/1909)

Mrs. J. A. Johnson returned to Dalton after spending several days with friends and relatives at his place.
Fred Higgins , who has employment in Tasso , spent Saturday night and Sunday morning with home folks .
Miss Rachel Johnson spent last Thursday with Mrs. Lacewell.
Mrs. Isaac Richmond is on the sick list.
W.T. Dood is having a lot of logs cut and hauling them over to Webb’s saw mill near Flat Rock
Frank Marshall and son, are clearing and preparing a piece of ground to set in strawberries.

Calvin Ervin called on J.E. Gonund Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. Amanda Newman spent Wednesday with Mrs. Carrie Newman.
Miss Triplett spent Wednesday in Cleveland.
Miss Dollie Wrinkle called on Mrs. Mayfield Thursday afternoon.
J.E. Gound and Charlie Launderback called on Arthur Ervin Thursday night.
Will Browder took dinner at the home of J.E. Gound Saturday.
Arra Ervin and her sister Miss Carrie, start tomorrow to visit relatives in Monroe County.
We are now enjoying the cold wave around the fire.

McDONALD (2/1/1909)
Miss Martha Trotter returned home from Chattanooga, Saturday, accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Edwin Ward and children.
Mr. & Mrs. W. T. Kelley spent Monday and Tuesday in Chattanooga.
Misses Jessie and Bertha Kelley of Chattanooga, visited relatives here the latter part of last week.
Miss Fern Gobbert visited in Chattanooga last week.
Mrs. D.E. Everheart of Lauderback Springs is visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. T. Mullinax this week in Chattanooga.
Mr. Charlie Hacker of his place went to Ooltewah Tuesday.
Mr. Starr went to Cleveland Tuesday.
R.R. Waite of Chattanooga called on Miss Jaculyn Kibler Tuesday.
Mr. Joe Vaughn of Chattanooga was here Sunday accompanying Miss Jessie and Miss Bertha Lou Kelley home.
Miss Cliford Wolfe spent the night with Miss Ollie May Williams of Tucker Springs, Monday night.
Mr. Lee Kneff was here Monday.
George Bean and Delma Wolfe visited Mr. Frank Kelley Friday and Saturday.
Mrs. R. B. Pyrouns of Chattanooga visited relatives here last week.

Ocoee (2/1/1909)
Jim Hunt of Dare, spent Friday with Larry Armstrong.
Mrs. Snyder and her children, of Ocoee Tank, and Miss Jessie Armstrong of this place, spent Thursday with Mr. John Fraizer.
Elmo Cook made a business trip to Greasy Creek this week.
Miss Jennie Armsrtong is visiting her sister, Mrs. Jim Hunt of Dare.
Mrs. Henry Snyder and son Paul, and the writer spent Thursday evening with Mrs. Henry Cook.
Messers Sherman Fraizer and Elmo Cook are putting up a photograph building at Ocoee Tank.
Mrs. White and children spent Friday night with Mrs. Henry Cook.
Mr & Mrs. Pennie of near Old Fort, spent Thursday with Jack Postun
Mrs. Maude White and Johnnie Lou Cook spent Friday with the writer
Elmo Cook spent Sunday with Sherman Fraizer.
A Few of the young folks enjoyed a singing at the Shelton home Sunday afternoon.

R. F. D. No. 2 ( 2/1/1909)
S. A. Kile, who has been so sick for the past two weeks, has improved slightly as of this writing.
Miss Jessie Bean, who has closed a successful school term at Lea’s schoolhouse Friday, returned to her home at McDonald today.
Bud Steed of Athens, is spending a few days with W.P. Duff and family.
Miss Mary Cate Bates, of Charleston, spent Sunday with Mrs. George McKnight.
Mrs. D. F. Brock is suffering with rheumatism.
Frank Price entered school at Charleston today.
J.M. Pierce, conductor on the Southern Railroad, who has been visiting friends and relatives here, has returned to his work.
Mr. & Mrs. Green Phillips were called to the bedside of their mother Sunday, who is very sick at her home in Cleveland.
Bud Steed and Mr. Duff attended Sunday school and leauge at Bellfonte Sunday.
Robert McKnight will leave for Texas one day this week.

CLIMER (2/1/1909)
Frank Bigham and family spent Sunday with Mrs. Evans.
Misses Bell and Ora Imgram spent Sunday with Boo Ingram.
Goldman Ingram from near Rossville, Ga has been visiting friends and relatives the past week.
The writer has returned home from a trip to Etowah where he has visiting relatives.
Wash Ingram lost a fine heifer Saturday night.
Mrs. Verdia Johnston is visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Ingram this week.

CHARLESTON (2 / 8 /1909)
Rev. Henry Clemmens preached at the Methodist church south, Sunday.
Mr. William Davis and son Roy returned home Monday from Mineral Park.
Charlie Gambel of Polk County was visiting his sister Mrs. Mayme Moore, Sunday and Monday.
Mark Calhoun, of Benton, was here today on business.
Robert Palmer went to Chattanooga Sunday.
Felix Creasman was here recently on business.
W.E. Boyd was here on business one day this week selling goods to merchants.
Capt. Cotton of the Goverment boat at this place has returned from Knoxville.
Miss Mary Getty’s of Athens returned home yesterday, after a pleasant visit here.
Miss Bonnie McGhee was shopping in Cleveland today.
Miss May Epperson has closed her school out in the country.
Miss Hattye Mae Cate has been real sick for a week, but is somewhat improved at this writing.
Miss Edna Tonkin of Cleveland has a music class of 20 and will commence giving lessons next Monday.
J.G. Cate is having a nice room painted and fixed up for her music room at the schoolhouse.
Miss Tennie Hambright is spending a few days at her country home

Journal & Banner, Cleveland, TN June 25, 1909
Untill notice of date change.
Misses Lucy Davis and Nora Stuart will go back to Monteagle next week for a stay of some days.
Mrs. Parks and baby, of Chattanooga, were guests this week of Mrs. John Marshall.
Mrs. A. J. Murphy and daughter returned Tuesday from visit to relatives in the city this week.
Miss Maidee Kibler returned to her home in Tasso Monday after a brief visit to Misses Anderson.
Messers Will List of Salt Creek, and Walter Coulter of Chattanooga visited relatives in the city last week.
Miss Willie Hollingsworth, who had been a guest of Mrs. Reese Norris for some weeks, returned to her home in Atalanta today.
Hannibal Seagle of Chattanooga, was in the city Sunday, and conducted the services at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church Sunday night.
Mrs. J.L. Shugart and daughter Cheta left Thursday for a visit with Mrs. Shugart’s daughter, Mrs. T.B. Reed of Spring City.
Mrs. Joseph Good and son Joseph or Savannah, and niece Katherine Willis, of Atalanta, were in the city Tuesday en route to Ladd’s springs to spend the summer.

L.S. Clampitt, who will be remembered by many of our citizens and who is the son of the late Geo. W. Clampitt was in the city Thursday. Mr. Clampitt is now with the Keystone Type Foundry, of Atlanta, GA and has his headquarters in Louisville. Years ago, when yet a mere boy, Mr. Clampitt learned to set type in the old Journal office, then the property of J.B. Stern. His visit this week gave him an opportunity to renew former acquaintances at this place.

Daniel Helfner, who has been at work at Chicamunga, Ga. For the past 18 months, is home to stay.
Mrs. W.O.Higgins and her daughter Miss Maude, of Cedar Springs, spent Sunday and Monday in the city, the quests of Mrs. W. J. Lawson.
Dr. Cooper Holtzclaw, of Chattanooga, was called here Tuesday to see John Cochran, who is dangerously ill.
Col. A. L. Harrold and lady spent Sunday in Cleveland.
Hon. John L. Pearce was here today.
W.F. Wattenberger will start his thresher the first of the month.
Dike Higgins was in Benton Saturday.

Journal & Banner Cleveland, TN June 29, 1909
Untill different date given.
Mayor Charles S. Mayfield is the owner of a beautiful new touring car. This machine was purchased of the Marion Motor Company, and is a 35-ton horsepower, propelled by gasoline. There was considerable delay in getting this machine, it having been ordered several months ago.

The mill belonging to John R. Howard, of Grief was broken into Friday night and some corn stolen.
What is known as the Climer “branch” was higher Saturday night than it had ever been in the memory of the oldest residents in that vicinity.
Walter Leamon came up from Atlanta to spend a few days with his homefolks this week. Mr. Leamon and his brother J.M. Leamon are doing a nice contracting business in Atlanta.

New Residences
Mr. Huffine’s Ready For Occupancy
Others Nearing Completion

The beautiful residence of J.T. Huffine, which is being erected at the corner of Twenty-ninth and Church streets, is nearing completion and will be ready for occupancy , June 7th. Contractor W. L. Humphries is supervising the erection of this building., which contains ten beautiful commodious rooms. Mr. Huffine and his family will move into their new home next Monday. Mr. Huffine will probably have a concrete fence constructed in front of it. The old dwelling has been moved back 100 feet or more and will be used as a tenant house.

The residence of J.G. Cate, which is being, built on the Charleston pike; about one mile from the courthouse is practically completed and will be occupied in a few weeks. Mr. Cate, when he is installed in his new home, will devote his entire time to the management of the farm.

The Methodist parsonage on Lea st. will be completed by July 1st. This is one of the neatest and most attractive homes of which Cleveland can boast.

July 2, 1909
Until new date given.

SIX MEN Required to Arrest Callie Cody and Put Her in Patrol Wagon.
Mable Cody, a little colored girl, stole some jewlery vauled at $35.00 from A. A. Pierce’s drug store the first of the week. She was arrested by Policeman A. B. Flowers late Tuesday afternoon. Her mother, Callie Cody, was standing near at the time of the arrest and assaulted the policeman Flowers, using her umbrella effectively over his head, and, it is alleged, threw a good-sized stone at him. City Marshall S. H. Bean came to the rescue and with the aide of five men, succeeded in placing the assailant in a wagon and taking her to jail. The men whom Callie gave a tussel were City Marshall Bean, George Martin, John Bean, Jim Kaylor, Jr., Ed Bell and “Babe” Geren.
Callie laid down on them and got as stubborn as a Texas mule. When she was lifted into the wagon she kicked and proved exceedingly obstreperous. It was the most interesting tussel the officers have had for a long time. She bit a good sized piece of flesh off the hand of Geren and tore the sleeve almost entirely out of Sam Beans new coat. (Journal & Banner Cleveland, TN July 2,1909)

Going To Ohio
Mr. and Mrs. John King, who came to Cleveland from Freemont, Ohio, about five months ago, left Friday evening for Toledo< Ohio where Mr. King has accepted a position with the Ohio Germacise Company. During their residence here Mr. and Mrs. King have made many friends who regret to see them leave. Mr. and Mrs. King both express regrets at having to leave Cleveland but hope to return to spend a winter here occasionally. (Journal & Banner Cleveland, TN June 2, 1909)

Deputy U. S. Marshall S. O. Welch led a posse into Chilhowee Mountians in McMinn county, captured and destroyed a large still, and poured out several hundred gallons of beer. The operator, Buster Duggan, made his escape. Deputy Joe Brown, of this place, participated in the raid. (Journal & Banner Cleveland, TN June 2, 1909)

W. M. Dooley this week moved his handsome building at the junction of Spring Place and the Bates road. The new building is modern in every detail and very commodious. Mr. Dooley has an entire new stock of goods in his new store. (Journal & Banner Cleveland, TN June 2, 1909)

Tom Barnes, brother to J.D. Barnes, who was recently removed to Cleveland during a serious illness with Typhoid fever, is making nice improvement. (June 2. 1909)

The many friends of James Layne, who is visiting his brother in Memphis, will be pleased to know that he is improving in health, and hope for an early and completer recovery. (June 2, 1909)

Mr. & Mrs. Delaney
Mrs. E. H. Delaney, who, with her husband, Lieut. Delaney has just completed a two year’s tour around the world, has returned home and is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. D. P. Henderson. Lieut. Delaney is now in Philadelphia and will join his wife here later. Mrs. Delaney was before she married Miss Geraldine Anderson. –Chattanooga Times (Journal & Herald Cleveland, TN July 2,1909)

Citizenship Brown Brothers David Brown and William A. Brown, natives of Lanarke county, Scotland, but now residing in the second district of Bradley county, have made application for citizenship. They have been in this country since August 15, 1891. They are two of the best known and successful farmers of Bradley county. (Journal & Banner Cleveland TN July 2, 1909)

JUNE 3, 1909
The Journal and Banner on Tuesday announced that the students of Oak Grove Academy would hold their annual reunion in this city on Homecomming Day during the fair, but this was incorrect. The publication was based on misinformation, due to a misunderstanding, and no one regrets it more than the gentleman who gave us the information. But the reunion will be held in this city on next Thursday , June 3 and dinner will be served at the hotel Artz. A feature of the meeting will be the reading of the report of the school , students, classes, ect. Prepared by Col. T.M. Burkett, the principal , before his death . There will be a memorial session for Col. Burkett and other deceased members. Col. Burkett report, for a copy of which are indebted to Editor B.L. Heartsill of Dalton Argus, is as follows:

To the surviving members of school who attended “old Oak Grove Academy” at Cleveland, TN in the first half of the year 1861:

I beg you to say that since our very pleasant meeting on the fourth of June last , I have found a school record that I kept of said school and for your information, and pleasure, I hope , I make you the following report from said record.

The school was organized on Tuesday , January 1, 1861: we had school on the first , second and third days of January. Those days were probably devoted to organization and classification, as no grades were kept during those days, and no record made as to attendance . On Friday, the fourth day of January there was no school session; it was a day of fasting and prayer, appointed by the State Churches, and probably had reference to the political conditions, which were grave and threatening.

This daily record of grades in deportment and efficiency in classes began on Monday , January 7 On that day there was in the school pupils and students, numbering fifty- eight as follows:
Marcelino Guerra
Wm. O. White
Wm. L. Pickens
Wm. McMillin
John H. Reynolds
V. M. Campbell
Wm. B. Campbell
David S. Cooper
Lou A. Marsh
John Marsh
Frank T. Hardwick
Joseph H. Hardwick
Chas. A. Middlecoff
H. W. L. Middlecoff
John C. Legg
Thos. P. McMillin
Wm. E. Russell
Alfred A. Russell
Wm. Shields
John E. Shields
Wm. S. Edwards
Jas. F. Campbell
Jas. T. Turnble
Sam S. Edwards
John Ross
Gus A. Craigmiles
John T. Henderson
Alvin Beegles
J.D. Kenner
E.S. Kenner
Gus A. Cate
Geo. M. Beeler
John L. Tibbs
Joel F. Johnson
Julius Knabe
Gus R. Knabe
Wm. S. Bowers
Mar. Calloway
Jas. S. Beegles
E. B. F. Beegles
Thos. A. Cowan
John P. Davis
Wm. D. Traynor
Arthur Traynor
Jas. P. Traynor
Sam C. Parks
John T. Edwards
John T. Simmons
Geo. W. Dethridge
Dave Dethridge
M.S. Beegles
Jas. S. Montgomery
Rush Montgomery
Bois Montgomery
Joseph P. Lea
Jas. Lea
Geo. Lea
A.J. Goodner
To be accuratley correct, there were only fifty-six students and pupils in the school on Monday morning, the 7th of January. The record shows that J.D. Kenner and E.S. Kenner , who had evidently been present the week before on the seventh , were both at home sick. On Monday the 14th of January, a week later we had three new pupils Viz:
J.R. Cooper
Joseph Osment
Thos. Pasley
And on the 9th, being a week later , we had four new students , viz:
Sam Keebler
Perry Keebler
Will L. Cate
James Hague
It appears from the record that L. A. Camp was only in school one day, and his name is hardley right on our roll.  From time to time other entries were made as follows:
Ringgold McNeely
John Hauge
Frank Osment
C. C. Davis
Sam Brown
W. L. McSpadden
John Brown
Joseph Worley
W. S. Beckner
Henry Trim
J. F. Leeper
Wm. Tibbs
L. A. Camp
Richard Cate
P.C. Coffman
Wm. Payne
John Payne
Lawrence Payne
Dave Strawley
Wm. Parker
Cal Parker
Brad Parker
J. K. P. Clingan
Our school was organized on the first day of January, We had good attendance, the first number increasing through January, February and March. Later the war excitement grew high, troops were passing Cleveland going to Virginia; war speeches and anti-war speeches were being made at the court house ; everybody was excited, and the students were quitting school, till on Friday the 31st of May we had about twenty-five students in school . On Monday, the third of June school was organized and in session, and think we kept up a show of “keeping school” through out the following week. And that Monday the 10th . There was no school after that there may have been none after the third of June, the teacher like his school, had gone to pieces , and his school reports were not kept in the month of June. The school may have been dismissed on the evening of the third of June, but I think it was on the evening of the 10th when we adjorned without delay. Respectfully Submitted T.M. Burkett Teacher. (Journal & Herald Cleveland, TN May 28, 1909)