Flat Rock School ~ 1933

Submitted by:  S. David Smith

December 21, 2006
Hello Bradley County Website,
I am writing a History of the Mt Carmel Baptist Church on the corner Blue Springs Road at Weatherly Switch in southern Bradley County.  I have ran across some old pickers from the Flat Rock School that once stood at the south end of  Lead Mine Road where it dead ends into Weatherly Switch Road (Hwy 317).  It is where the fire station is located now.
This picture was taken in 1933.  Ms Gray taught at this school at the time this photo was taken, but she taught the other classroom.   Here are there names of the students.  All of these students lived near the school and near Mt Carmel Baptist Church.  Most of these children attended Mt Carmel Baptist Church sometime during their lifetime.

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Thank you,
S. David Smith

Front Row  (Left to Right) 1. Boy on his knees on the rock – unknown, 2. Mary Ruth Smith, 3. Naomi Masengil,
4. Broughton Rymer, 5. [boy with the combed back hair] - unknown, 6. Frank Varnell,
7, Warren Gee [leaning right], 8. Ernest Masengil [Arthur Lee Masengil's son],
9. Joel Daffron [or Joe L. Daffron].

Middle Row (Left to Right) 1. unknown Thompson girl, 2. Ruth Masengil, 3. Della Underwood, 4. Naomi Riddle,
5. Belle Maroon, 6. Alice Hodgson [with hands on knees], 7. Ruth Fraizer.

Back Row (Left to Right) 1. Frank Masengil [the tall boy], 2. unknown boy, 3. unknown boy, 4. William Daffron.