TNGenWeb Cemetery Database Update

Have you visited our TNGenWeb Cemetery Database lately? If so, you may have noticed that the site has been redesigned and has a few new features included.

The TNGenWeb Cemetery Database, coordinated by Jerry Butler, is a great collection of burial records from across the state.  As of this writing, the database includes more than 350,000 records from 15,000 cemeteries.   


In the database, you can

  • search for individuals across the state
  • restrict your search to specific counties
  • search on a first name, middle name, and/or surname
  • search cemeteries by name and/or by GPS coordinates – can even generate a map of your results

There is a page for each county that allows you to see, at-a-glance, which cemeteries have records available. In some instances, you’ll find these records also on our individual county sites; in other instances, the records will only be available here.  Additionally, each county has a link to a great map of cemeteries in the county and links back to each county website. 

If you’ve not used the database before, this is a good time to explore! If it’s been awhile, do some new searching – you just may find some information that was not there last time you checked!


8 Replies to “TNGenWeb Cemetery Database Update”

  1. Jerry does a fine job, I have over 300 hundred 32,000 burials for Putnam County, starting n old WPA Records for Jackson County TN

  2. I meant I had over 300 cemeteries for Putnam County Please excuse the Old woman.

  3. Well I looked and found no names with cemeteries and not all cemeteries,
    maps didn’t load. I guess if it ever gets finished it will be ok but for now
    its a teases. Lauderdale County if you want to see finish work go to then genealogy then cemeteries

    • Hi Cecil! The page you refer to leads to our older set of pages for Lauderdale County TNGenWeb. The most current pages are at And yes indeed, a lot of great work has been done to survey cemeteries there! The TNGenWeb Cemetery Database is an amalgamation of data from many sources and is by no means complete. In fact, it will probably never be “complete” as no statewide cemetery survey could possibly ever be. 🙂 We are a volunteer-driven project and the information we have is only as good as people being willing to contribute. However, the ability to search across that many records and across multiple counties at a time is a great benefit. Thanks for checking it out! Would you by any chance be interested in volunteering to help?

  4. Very frustrating. My parents, sister, cousins, and other relatives are buried at Corinth Cemetery, near Philadelphia, but I can find no records. My grandparents are buried on what we called Graveyard Hill in Philadelphia. I found partial records one time, but not with my grandparents, my cousins son, my half sisters mother & brother, and aunts & Uncles and other relatives. I find none here. Also, my maternal grandparents are buried at the Memory Gardens in Lenoir City and also my Aunt & Uncle. There are other relatives at the cemetery in Loudon, but I have found none of these records.

    • Hi Phyliss – Loudon County is one of the counties we could use help! Remember, TNGenWeb is a volunteer-driven website, so our data relies on contributions from others. So, we don’t have a lot of records for this county yet. Would you, by any chance, be able to help?

  5. I found 2 photos in the records for McCullough Chapel Cemetery in Dyer Co. for two of my ancestors. The first, was for John D. Whitson and the second was for “Erica (Wynne) Whitson”, w/o John D. Whitson. I believe this to be inaccurate. John D. married Elizabeth G. Fields, but his son, John T. Whitson, married a woman named America Emmaline Wynne, who died sometime prior to 24 July, 1879, when he remarried. I believe the “erica” is the last part of America. I could not find a place to send this information, so am writing here. I have documentation from Tenn regarding jhe three marriages. Also, where do I write for permission to download the photos? I would like to include them in my family research page. Thank you.