Testing the Waters

Something’s a brewin’ here in the TNGenWeb project! What is it you ask? A new website!

Over the Labor Day weekend we are launching a soft test of our new website. Tell us what you think! Do you love it? Hate it? Can’t find something you used to go to all the time?

Based on the feedback we get we will continue to refine and update the site, so you’ll want to check back for updates.  Meanwhile, go ahead and subscribe to our RSS feed so you don’t miss future announcements.  You can also sign up to receive blog posts to go directly to your email.

8 comments on “Testing the Waters”

  1. Physgill98

    I would really like the old web site back. Can’t find anything on this.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for leaving a comment. It can be rough sometimes when sites change design. 🙂 Can you share what it is you are looking for and perhaps we can help!

  2. Joyfulrev

    The old web site had a feel about it that was historical. The layout was better and information was better organized. This site is cold, sterile, and commercial. you asked for “feedback” and I agree with the previous poster: the old site was better. As an experienced user and web designer, I simply offer my opinion because you asked.

  3. Anonymous
  4. Ada

    I hate it. Don’t like the way it looks when the Tennessee page comes up. And what’s up with the FTP sign-in thing? that’s a pain.

    • Taneya Koonce

      Hi Ada,

      Can you offer any specific feedback for suggestions on what to change? We are interested in all constructive and helpful comments. Also, can you clarify what you mean by “FTP sign-in thing?” With more information we may be able to troubleshoot. Thanks!


  5. Nancy

    I havent’t checked any of the other counties, but whenever I clicked on the links for Rutherford County it bounced to a pop up ad for Family Search. Where did the information go that used to be on the Rutherford page? What is the point of having individual county sites if ther’e no longer any information there available to researchers? If there is still information available for individual counties where is it?

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