New Design for Perry County

As you may have noticed if you’ve been following the TNGenWeb Blog for the past year and a half, we have had many of our county sites get revamped and upgraded.  Our ultimate goal is to not only make it easier for our coordinators to add new content on an ongoing basis, but also help increase our engagement with all of you who use our sites in your family history research.

The latest county site to undergo this transformation is now Perry County.  Jerry Butler, our newest coordinator for Perry County, has launched a new version of the site today.


Jerry has long-standing research interests in Perry County so expect great information to be added over time.  To keep up with additions, you may be interested in subscribing to the site’s RSS feed or periodically checking the “What’s New” page. 

Thanks Jerry for the new site! And, we also thankful for the many efforts and contributions of the previous coordinator,  Jan Monnin.  If you have information to contribute, please do let Jerry know. 

8 Replies to “New Design for Perry County”

  1. While it is great to see updates and always improving the County’s site’s I would like to see someone take Henderson County and make some much needed changes.

    • Thanks for feedback David. Guess what? Jerry has also recently taken on Henderson County and you can expect an update to that site within the next several months. :-). Please certainly let him know what specific suggestions you have to help improve it and perhaps offer contributions of your own?

  2. I am a current user of and am Happy to see any improvements to ANY of the counties. I live in and was reared up in Lewis Co. and in the past I feel we had the BEST & Easiest site to use for locating Buriels of ancestors, etc. However, I have also been happy with Perry Co [the Co of my mother’s birth and I have Many relations here] I have been searching this site for several years now and was very disappointed recently when I came here and could NOT find anything which I was looking for. I sent a message to the only place I found on the site to reply to; but never received an answer. I was very happy today to sort of
    “stumble” onto the information on this site; which must have been put here very recent, as I have searched here for info which I was almost positive HAD been here before, but didn’t find it AND could not find a suitable person to contact. I am NOT the world’s most proliferic computer user; so sometimes have to spend a lot of time looking for ‘stuff’. I am sooo happy to learn that this site has been updated and DOES have a Reliable person overseeing the site. I wish that I knew more about how to HELP with these things; but at 75+ yrs; I just don’t have the ability to do much. I have to constantly call on my daughter for help.
    I do wish to welcome Jerry here and thank him for all he has done and IS doing to help those of us who need it so desperately.
    I feel that Lewis Co & Perrry Co have the BEST people that I have found on any of these sites and I do use other States Gen Webs also. Thank you Jerry and IF I can ever be of help to you in any small way. Please contact me.

    • Hi Anne, thank you so much for your comment. I will be sure to let Jerry know of your feedback. 🙂

  3. Bettie Sue; So good to see this message. I have Many ancestors buried in this county and will be anxiously awaiting for som,e new Cemetery postings.
    Anne Archer

  4. Dear Ann;
    Please do not feel you are to old, Jerry started working with me at 75 + and I have posted several thousand graves, he is very patient and will help you or some one will, I am not an experienced computer user either, I to have to wait for help but I have learned a lot. I am sorry I did not learn to use Excel much earlier instead of Access.
    You can do it, go for it. Bettie in TN