County Spotlight: Dekalb County

Today for our weekly County Spotlight series we are visiting Dekalb County.

Coordinator:  David Johnson is the coordinator for Dekalb County, first joining the project in October 2008.  After former coordinator, Athol Foster, retired the county, David took interest since his mother’s family is rooted in Dekalb County and the surrounding areas.  David had been researching his family’s genealogy and benefited from much of work he found on the USGenWeb sites. He found special value in queries that were posted as a way to connect with others researching his family lines.  Additionally, David had been sharing genealogy records he collected with others freely online via websites he personally created, so the goals of the TNGenWeb Project were very much aligned with his approach to genealogy. More recently, David also became our coordinator for Grundy County. 

smithville clockRecords Highlight: Without pinpointing any one particular record collection, David shared that he is quite proud in general that there has been much interest shown by Dekalb County researchers in their willingness to donate material to the site and offer corrections when errors are found.  The site has a collection of more than 2,000 obituaries donated by Earl France, as well as a good collection of abstracts from the Liberty Herald Newspaper 1886-1900 that were donated by Athol. Over time, thousands of pages of information have been added – mostly donations from others.  How fabulous!

Ideal Record Contribution: Bible records are of particular interest as these types of records are not easily available to the public in archives until the owner donates them.

Upcoming Projects:  Currently, there is a photo and biography project for Mount Holly Cemetery that is ongoing and in the future, David plans to add records of wills and estate settlements.  Possibly, even court minutes will be added. 

If you have research interests in Dekalb County then you will definitely want to stay tuned to the great work that David is doing! 

Photo credit: Smithville clock – by Brent Moore


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    • Hi Janis – are you asking if there is a genealogy society? I don’t believe so, but the Middle TN Genealogical Society covers this county. They have a newsletter and a member-only journal publication. Their site is at