Cemetery Database Has New Commenting Feature

Great news with regard to the TNGenWeb Cemetery Database.  The site now has the ability to for you to leave comments! Leaving comments can be a great way to provide additional information and details on people you may know or have researched, and may help you connect with others researching the same individual.

To leave a comment, look for the Comments icon on the top right corner of the page.  The system being used for you to leave a comment is called Disqus and is quite flexible. You can “sign in” with one of several online accounts – Disqus itself, Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, Yahoo or even just as guest.  However, if you “sign in” you can keep track of your comments and your replies – so it’s worth the few extra seconds.    Additionally, you can subscribe to get new comments to go directly to your email account, or see them via RSS feed for any particular record.  


Within a day of activating comments, there was already one submission! Gloria Cox provided a death notice for Mrs. Lovie Davy who is buried in Liberty-Davis Cemetery in Hardin County.  Quite encouraging!


 We invite you to check it out and sign in.  You wouldn’t want to miss an important connection with another researcher would ya?  


4 Replies to “Cemetery Database Has New Commenting Feature”

  1. Let me say this is a great feature. I plan on using this added feature to post or help others that have partial information and need more.

  2. Thanks to Tanya for suggesting Disqus to add commenting to the Cemetery Database. It is quite easy to apply and can be applied to standard html pages as well as the dynamic pages used by the Cemetery Database.

  3. I just wanted to introduce myself and offer to volunteer for any information gathering you might need in the Decatur County area. I am working on a project currently of a data base of Veterans’ grave sites and am currently recording the Mt Tabor Cemetery. I would be more than happy to update the rest of the cemetery list for you while I’m at it. (All of them in the county as I make my way to each of them for that matter).
    Please let me know if I can help in any way! – Taylor