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Haywood County Site Update

Do you have family from Haywood County? If so, you may be interested in knowing that we have a new coordinator for the Haywood County TNGenWeb site, and along with her, a new design for the site!

Your new coordinator for Haywood County is Jane Long. Jane is a native of the county and looks forward to continuing to build upon the work of former long-time coordinator, Jim Ackerman.

Among the useful records on the site are a database of more than 3,000 obituaries spanning several decades, and a marriage index of more than 11,000 marriages! The cemetery burials currently being incorporated into the TNGenWeb Cemetery Database is also expansive.  You can locate these, and more, from theRecords & Datapage on the site. 

haywood county new website

It is also now easier than ever to keep up as new material gets added to the site.  You can sign-up for the “email updates”  list and receive an email each time new content is added. More update options are in the right sidebar of the site. 

Please let Jane know if you have questions and/or wish to make contributions to the site.  Remember, each tidbit of information shared could turn out to be very useful for someone else in the future. 



Morgan County – New Site Redesign

Do you have people you are researching in Morgan County? If so, we hope you’ll visit the Morgan County TNGenWeb page for the resources you need.  Especially since the site now has a new and updated look!

Your Morgan County Coordinator is Julie Cromwell and she’s been busy the last several weeks actively updating the site to make it easier to add new material, and to make it easier for you to keep up with the latest updates. 


Once on the site, browse the navigation menu across the top to look at “Records & Data,”  different “Research Aids,”  check out the extensive “Photo Album,” find resources for “Queries and Mailing Lists,” and see “What’s New.”  

You can sign up for the site’s RSS feed to see updates in your favorite feed reader, or you can also sign up to get site updates going directly to your email.  Just look on the right side for the “Get Updates by Email” section. 

We hope you like the new & refreshed site.  And, remember, if you have material to share – we’d love to know. Just contact Julie using the “Contact” link on the site. 


Cumberland County TNGenWeb Site Updated

We are pleased to share the news that we have another TNGenWeb county site that’s been updated and freshened up with a new design — Cumberland County


Now that the site has been updated, there is a new option to receive site updates directly by email. If you do research in this county, you’ll want to be sure to check that out. To sign up, look for the the “Subscribe by Email” option on the right sidebar.  Alternatively, you can subscribe to the RSS feed and get updates in your favorite feed reader. 

Do you have any material to share for this county? Remember, the TNGenWeb is an all-volunteer project and our sites rely heavily on your contributions. Please do let Mike and Jill, the county coordinators, know if you have anything to contribute

Washington County Is On the Move

I am delighted to announce that we have a couple of Washington County updates to share today.  First of all, the Washington County TNGenWeb site has been completely revamped by coordinators Margaret & Betty Jane.  As with most of our sites using WordPress, you are able to sign up to the RSS feed to keep up with new additions and/or subscribe to receive them via email.  Great job to Margaret & Betty for undertaking the redesign – it took several months to complete.   They will continue to add information resources for you and please do let them know if you have contributions to make.


Those of you familiar with Washington County likely already know about the Washington County Obituary Project.  Started  as a partnership between the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee and the Washington County TNGenWeb approximately two years ago, the project aims to provide as many obituaries for individuals of Washington County as possible. Currently, they have more than 1700 obituaries (out of 10,000 already collected!) posted on their old site, but are now in the process of moving to a new website.  You can visit the new site at


 Enjoy visiting the new sites and exploring what is available.

New Design for Perry County

As you may have noticed if you’ve been following the TNGenWeb Blog for the past year and a half, we have had many of our county sites get revamped and upgraded.  Our ultimate goal is to not only make it easier for our coordinators to add new content on an ongoing basis, but also help increase our engagement with all of you who use our sites in your family history research.

The latest county site to undergo this transformation is now Perry County.  Jerry Butler, our newest coordinator for Perry County, has launched a new version of the site today.


Jerry has long-standing research interests in Perry County so expect great information to be added over time.  To keep up with additions, you may be interested in subscribing to the site’s RSS feed or periodically checking the “What’s New” page. 

Thanks Jerry for the new site! And, we also thankful for the many efforts and contributions of the previous coordinator,  Jan Monnin.  If you have information to contribute, please do let Jerry know. 

Cannon County Updated

And the site updates just continue here at the TNGenWeb.  Today, we are pleased to share that the Cannon County site has now been redesigned.  Cannon County is currently available for adoption so if you have research interests in the area, please do consider joining us.  More information about adopting a county is available on the main TNGenWeb site. With the new platform, no HTML knowledge is needed in order to work with the site.

The redesign was done in order to make it easier for us to add content for your research.  You can subscribe to the site’s RSS feed to stay current, or subscribe to receive new posts by email (see sidebar of the Cannon County site).   As always, our TNGenWeb sites rely on  you to make them better.  We always welcome contributions & donated volunteer time to help improve their value for your research.

Williamson County Site Updated

Have people to research in Williamson County?  Then, you’ll definitely want to check the newly updated Williamson County TNGenWeb site!  County coordinators, Noel Matthews & Darlene Anderson have been busy at work revamping the site to make it easier to find the information you need.  The newly redesigned site features a list of links along the left sidebar that will help you go to specific resources.

They have also added a Facebook group! Visit the site at and visit the Facebook page at

Gibson County Has a New Site

We at the TNGenWeb Project are happy to share that the Gibson County has now been updated.  Coordinator, Barry Reeves, has upgraded the site to make it more dynamic for you when you visit the site. 

The site now has several new features that you can take advantage of including:

  • the navigation bar across the top of the page (or, on the right side of the page) is your best place to start; especially the Records & Data page that is like a “Table of Contents” to the records that are available for the county.
  • an RSS feed of site updates that you can subscribe to using your favorite feed reader
  • a What’s New page so that when you revisit the site you can see the latest additions
  • the ability to share your email address and get site updates delivered directly to your inbox
  • you can now leave comments directly on the site — just look for the option to “Leave Comments” at the bottom of posts

Do you have Gibson County information to share?  Our sites are heavily dependent upon user contributions so we welcome you to share.   Barry may be reached at [email protected]

Decatur & Johnson Counties Get A Facelift

County site updates continue around the TNGenWeb.  Our two latest sites to get facelifts are Decatur & Johnson counties.

The Decatur County site is coordinated by Jerry Butler. Jerry has a vast amount of information about the county that he is steadily adding, so you’ll want to be sure to browse the site.  You can keep up with updates by subscribing to the RSS feed, or signing up for email delivery (visit the site to sign up for email delivery).

The Johnson County site is also redesigned, and is in fact, up for ADOPTION! Do you have ties to Johnson County and are able to contribute new information on a regular basis?  Check the TNGenWeb Adoption Guidelines and let us know if you’re interested.  With the update, the site is now easy to update – if you can use Microsoft Word, you can update the website – no technical knowledge needed.  Meanwhile, you can follow along as new material is added by signing up for the RSS feed, or getting updates sent directly to your email (visit the site to sign up for email delivery).

Visit the counties and be sure to let us know if you have information to share.  Family records, bible records, vital records, photos – we are interested in it all.  Share your info – you may connect with cousins you never knew you had!

Researching in Chester, Coffee and/or Decatur Counties?

Then you will most definitely want to check out the new websites for all three counties.  Over the past few days we have been busy updating the pages with new designs.  Each of the county coordinators are looking forward to adding even more material and of course welcome submissions if you have information to share. Best of all, with the new site formats, we have now made it even easier to keep up with new material as it is added – hot off the press! You can subscribe to the site’s RSS feed or sign up to receive updates via email.  See each section below for details.

  Chester County‘s coordinator is Nickey McKay.  Nickey is new to the TNGenWeb Project but has family roots in the area.   Nickey has a particular passion for cemetery research.  To keep up with site updates, subscribe to the RSS feed or sign up to get updates sent to your email.


Coffee County coordinator, Ray Amos, has a special connection to the area history.  His wife works at the county archives! Can you imagine the wealth of information they have access to?  Ray is also fairly new to TNGenWeb also, having joined us in August.  To keep up with site additions, subscribe to the RSS feed or sign up to get updates sent to your email.


Decatur County‘s host, Jerry Butler, is not a newbie to TNGenWeb and has been with us for several years now.  The new Decatur site just went online today and Jerry is looking forward to migrating information from a separate website for use in the TNGenWeb project.  To follow along as Jerry adds new information, subscribe to the RSS feed or sign up to get updates sent to your email.