Become a TNGenWeb County Coordinator!

Volunteering with the USGenWeb Project has been absolutely, hands-down, one of the most rewarding genealogy endeavors yours truly has ever undertaken.  

When I started doing genealogy, I was able to make great advances in my research because of the USGenWeb and the work that had been done by project volunteers. Seeking a way to give back, I looked at what sites were available in Tennessee (where I live) and jumped right in! I became the county coordinator of Blount County in 2007 even though I had NO familiarity with the county. But, what I did have was a can-do attitude and a dedication to the mission – to provide free resources and help for those researching their Tennessee roots.

volunteerstatemindIn that vein, we are on the hunt for individuals willing to also jump right in and help the project — we have several counties available for adoption and would benefit from the love and attention of a few good people.

Do you need to have knowledge of the county?  Of course it is always great if you do, but we can work with you if you’re willing to take the time to invest in learning more about the county. 

Do you need to have HTML skills? Nope! We can help teach that to you! And in fact, some of our adoptable sites are powered by a content management system which makes the process of making web pages just a little less scary. We have a great group of coordinators and we welcome any questions you may have as you start to learn how to add content to your county website.

What you DO need is a disposition oriented to helping others, and being willing to learn new things.  

The amount of time required each month varies by person — it all depends on how obsessed you become with the site.  We do ask that you add new material to your site on an ongoing basis and answer questions that may come to you from researchers and family history enthusiasts that may come to you via email. You are not expected to do research for anyone, but at the minimum, provide guidance on where they can go and/or resources they may wish to consider for their research. 

The sites currently available for adoption are:

Check ’em out and see what you think.  Once you become a coordinator, the “look and feel” of the site can be updated if you have different preferences.

If you are interested in joining our fantastic team,  please visit our Adopt A County page and get in touch with us – we look forward to hearing from you!


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