Benton County, Tennessee Genealogy

Rushing Creek Cemetery

            Rushing Creek Cemetery is a community cemetery located at the intersection of Reynoldsburg Road and Rushing Creek Church Road. David Donahue recorded the full cemetery in circa 1999 and most Rushing markers and some Herrin and Hudson markers on April 17, 1995.

            Two previous published records of this cemetery were reviewed. Charlotte Rushing Thornton recorded the cemetery in 1968. Her record appears in Family Findings, I(2), July 1969. This is referred to as Thornton in notes below. The Glover's Trace Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, include the cemetery in their Benton County, Tennessee Cemetery Records (Memphis, Tennessee: Richard H. Harris, Printer, 1979). This is referred to as DAR in notes below. The DAR record may be a retyping of Thornton's 1968 record as it lacks all burials in the 1970s. The DAR record notes one marker with "infant" and no other information, 20-25 sandstone markers, and 10-15 unmarked graves.

Aldridge, Fred L., 1916-1994\Aldridge, Mildred W., 1919-1983

Arnold, Lola [see Seaton, Lola Arnold]

Beasley, Martha Ann, 1834-1933

Bedwell, John W., 1895-1966\Bedwell, Irene Herrin, 1905-____

Berry, Daisy Rushing, 6/6/1879-9/3/1963\Berry, Thomas Alonzo, 7/5/1883-8/20/1971 [Masonic symbol]

Berry, L. C., 11/8/1954-5/2/1925\Berry, Sarah E., 6/16/1853-1/16/1923, "His Wife"

Berry, William O., 1921-1986 [Masonic symbol]\Berry, Reba L., 1926-____, "Married Sept. 4, 1943" "Parents of Gary, Danny, Darrel, Rita, Diann, Steve"

Boyd, Sarah A., d. 2/19/1862, "Age 34 Y'rs, 5 M's, 2 D's" "Wife of Rev. E. B. Boyd"

Boyd, Willie E., 8/3/1856-8/14/1858, "Son of E. B. & Sarah A. Boyd"

Brewer, Duel C., 1910-1978\Brewer, Blondell C., 1914-____, "Married 1934"

Brewer, Wm. Justus, 1901-1987\Brewer, Lovie Sparks, 1907-1958

Broughton, Albert R., 10/6/1871-11/11/1902, "Son of Thomas & Mattie Broughton" [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Broughton, Elizabeth, no dates

Broughton, Finas A., 11/27/1880-9/8/1912 [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Broughton, Infant, 9/15/1875-10/31/1875, "Infant daughter of T. T. & M. A. Broughton"

Broughton, Infant, born & died 10/18/1900, "Infant daughter of S. L. & N. E. Broughton"

Broughton, John Covington, 6/22/1865-7/21/1889

Broughton, Mary Emma, 4/27/1878-9/30/1905, "Dau. of Thomas & Mattie Broughton"

Broughton, Mattie A., 2/25/1884-10/17/1910, "Wife of Thos. T. Broughton"\Broughton, Thos. T., 11/21/1821-8/11/1910

Broughton, Missouri [see Combs, Missouri Shoals (Broughton)]

Broughton, Sidney L., 1867-1956\Broughton, Zula M., 1902-1937\Broughton, Nancy E., 1844-1926

Broughton, Susan Leore, 7/31/1873-12/8/1879, "Daughter of T. T. & M. A. Broughton"

Broughton, Troy, 8/1/1911-8/1/1911, "Son of F. & Della Broughton" [note: initial C. might be a G.]

Bullock, Dora B., 10/15/1853-7/29/1902, "Wife of S. W. Bullock" "Daughter of W. C. & Sophia Rushing"

Bullock, Emeline B., 1850-1933\Bullock, James B., 1848-1929, "Married Feb. 18, 1886" [replacement]

Bullock, S. W., 8/13/1851-7/31/1904 [Masonic symbol]

Carpenter, Avie [see Jones, Arvie Carpenter]

Carpenter, John C., d. 1/12/1942, "Age 77 yrs., 7 mos., 25 days" [not found in 1999; in DAR noted to be a Camden and Bruceton Funeral Home marker]

Carpenter, Urous L., 1/11/1889-11/1/1893, "Son of J. C. & Dora Carpenter"

Chandler, Infant, 8/4/1884-8/4/1884, "Infant son of S. S. & Susan Clayton" (broken, eroded)

Chandler, Myrtle M., 11/2/1877-5/30/1958

Chandler, Susan A., 11/1/1848-9/6/1900, "Wife of S. S. Clayton"

Chandler, W. L., 8/7/1909-8/25/1929

Cole, Della [see Goodman, Della Goodman]

Cole, Eliza A., 7/31/1856-12/12/1860 (eroded)

Cole, J. D., 3/25/1844-10/25/1853

Cole, James, 11/20/1845-1/8/1900, military marker as footstone "James R. Cole" "20 Tenn. Cav. C.S.A."

Cole, Mary, 10/15/1818-10/30/1862, "Wife of W. B. Cole" (broken, eroded) [death date inreadable; that shown comes from DAR]

Cole, Sarah, 3/20/1846-2/6/1920

Cole, T. J., 4/30/1863-8/25/1872

Cole, Wm. E., 12/28/1850-2/1/1853

Combs, Missouri Shoals (Broughton), 7/26/1819-6/9/1902, "Wife of O. G. Combs" [not found in October 1999, from DAR]

Combs, Orison, 2/14/1810-7/26/1870 [not found or not readable in 1999, from DAR]

Corbitt, Eliza, 1842-1924, "Aunt"

Corbitt, Joe G., 1890-1978\Corbitt, Hessie H., 1896-1989, "Married 1912"

Corbitt, Viola, 1834-1904\Corbitt, T. S., 1837-1910 (marker disintegrating)

Cox, Bettie [see Rushing, Bettie Cox]

Cuff, Della [see Ryan, Della Cuff]

Curd, Douglas C., 1899-1984, "Husband' footstone\Curd, Elizabeth L., 1899-1983, "Wife" footstone, temporary marker, Stockdale-Malin Funeral Home, d. 1/7/1983

Dinwiddie, Harold H., 1895-1930

Dinwiddie, Kron H., 1858-1930, "Mother"\Dinwiddie, W. M., 1854-1914, "Father" [replacement]

Evans, Bettie Minger, 1862-1929, "Mother"\Evans, William Henry, 1857-1935, "Father"

Evans, Joseph L., 3/16/1862-3/12/1890

Evans, Olive, no dates\Evans, Earl, no dates

Evans, Thomas, 7/6/1890-6/19/1905, "Son of W. H. & Bettie Evans"

Fausett, D. W. F., 6/28/1827-10/7/1878 (eroded)

Florence, Cyntha J., 1/17/1843-3/19/1914, "Mother"

Florence, J. B., 12/25/1838-9/30/1911, "Husband" "Father" [Masonic symbol]

Florence, Josiah T., 12/28/1809-12/7/1881

Florence, Mary F., 2/23/1841-7/6/1892\Florence, Avis, 3/1808-2/7/1896

Florence, Sarah, 12/11/1849-____, "Sister"\Florence, J. W., 1/9/1844-5/21/1919, "Brother"\

Francisco, George, 1874-1880\Francisco, Louisa, 1842-1878\Francisco, Robert, 1865-1888 [replacement]

Frazier, Margaret E., 1/14/1836-3/25/1924, "Mother"\Frazier, J. L., 12/9/1835-8/12/1928, "Father"

French, Delton (Dick), 1920-1991, "Father"\French, Joyce, 1926-____, "Mother"; carved rings and "Dec. 27, 1943"

French, James B., 9/11/1923-11/13/1992, "Daddy" footstone\French, Wilma L., 11/26/1925-____, unplaced "Mama" footstone

Garner, Granville, 1896-1932, "Son of G. F. & Josephine Garner" [Masonic symbol]

Garner, Josephine, 1853-1934, "Wife of George F. Garner"\Garner, George F., 1851-1935 [Masonic symbol]

Garner, Lizzie [see Quillan, Lizzie Garner]

Goodman, Della Cole, 1869-1935, "Wife of W. D. Goodman" "Mother"

Grice, Finis, 1903-1973\Grive, Zadie, 1910-____

Grissom, Artye, 1870-1919, "His wife"\Grissom, L. G., 1870-1907

Grissom, Willis, no dates, "Father"\Grissom, Willie Ann, no dates, "Daughter"\Grissom, Martha, no dates, "Mother"

Hall, Dewayne, 1936-1939, "Age 3 yrs., 2 mos." "Son of Joe & Virginia Hall"

Hall, Everett, 1849-1936\Hall, Lizzie, 1859-1939

Hall, J. S., 7/24/1851-7/18/1911

Hall, Mary [see Rushing, Mary Hall]

Hall, Robert Jr., 4/11/1916-3/21/1985, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army"\Hall, Lessie Mae, 8/13/1916-____, "Married Oct. 16, 1940" "Children: Grace, William, Jerry, Sue, Betty, Evelyn, Patricia, and Carol"

Hansel, Zilpha Ann, 5/19/1832-9/26/1915\Hansel, William, 10/30/1829-9/23/1906

Hargis, E. P., 7/1/1862-7/2/1916

Hargis, Estella B., 11/2/1871-6/2/1910, "Wife of E. P. Hargis"

Hargis, Mary E., 7/25/1850-8/30/1905, "Wife of R. I. Hargis"

Hargis, R. I., 8/14/1849-3/30/1929

Hargis, Robert W., 12/15/1899-12/28/1918

Hargis, Tiny, 1/24/1886-11/13/1903

Herrin, Abimlich, 7/13/1789-7/13/1862, also military marker "Cales A. Herrin" "Tenn. militia War of 1812"\Herrin, Sarah, 12/20/1790-9/1864, "Wife of Abimlich Herrin"\Herrin, John D., 9/25/1817-6/6/1939, "Son of Abimlich & Sarah Herrin"

Herrin, Abner C., 4/1/1825-7/13/1899\Herrin, Nancy, 12/22/1825-10/26/1896, "Wife of Abner Herrin"

Herrin, Allen C., 6/17/1871-11/5/1873, "Son of Wm. A. & Martha Herrin"\Herrin, Wm. A., 4/10/1832-5/29/1895\Herrin, Martha, 6/11/1830-11/26/1910. "Wife of Wm. A. Herrin"

Herrin, Elisha, 1780-1855\Herrin, Sarah, 1781-1836, "Wife of Elisha Herrin\Herrin, Agnes, 1735-1825, "Mother of Elisha Herrin" [replacement]

Herrin, H. I. Rushing, 1/18/1853-8/25/1903, "Wife of G. W. E. Herrin"

Herrin, Irene [see Bedwell, Irene Herrin]

Herrin, Jessie B., 4/26/1875-10/18/1911 [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Herrin, Lemuel, no dates, "Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. S. B. Herrin"

Herrin, Mary E., 4/13/1849-8/31/1914

Herrin, Maude I., 1882-1961\Herrin, James E., 1881-1918

Herrin, Nancy, no dates (homemade)

Herrin, Parthenia [see Perkins, Parthenia Herrin]

Herrin, R. H. (Bud), 7/7/1872-3/24/1957, "Father" [Masonic symbol]\Herrin, Bertha B., 7/18/1875-9/15/1964, "Mother"

Herrin, Sarah, 9/29/1861-7/29/1862, "Son of A. C. & N. Herrin"

Herrin, Solomon B., 1855-1933, "Father" [Masonic symbol]\Artemis B., 1862-1940, "Mother"

Herrin, Thos. B., 2/4/1845-7/6/1930 [masonic symbol]

Herrin, W. J., 10/1874-10/1875\Herrin, M. M., 5/1876-1878\Herrin, S. Ida, 7/1868-10/8/1868\Herrin, J. T., d. 7/1889, "Age 7 days" "Sons & daus. of T. B. & F. A. Herrin"

Herrin, William A., 4/10/1832-5/29/1895

Herrin, William, 10/9/1821-9/20/1895

Herrin, Wm. E., 9/14/1858-8/19/1880, "Son of A. C. & N. Herrin"

Hick, Donald\Hicks, Ronald, born & died 6/17/1959" "Twin sons of James & Betty Hicks"

Hicks, Michael Wayne, 1/18/1955-2/2/1984, military marker "SP4 US Army Vietnam"

Higdon, Ida [see Stockdale, Ida Higdon]

Hollingsworth, Donnie, 1891-1969\Hollingsworth, Callie, 1899-1991

Hollingsworthe, Elihu, 1923-1924 [replacement]

Hudson, Elihue F., 4/2/1875-10/2/1906\Hudson, Charlie M., 2/21/1877-10/26/1907, "Sons of F. G. & F. R. Hudson" [Masonic symbol; Woodmen of the World symbol; Odd Fellows symbol]

Hudson, Frances R., 1/1/1843-2/17/1920, "Wife of F. G. Hudson"\Hudson, F. G., 8/5/1838-6/8/1924

Hudson, Stella, 12/20/1851-12/20/1871, "Daughter of F. G. & F. R. Hudson"

Jones, Avie Carpenter, 1898-1926, "Wife of Harvey Jones"

Jones, Tavie, 1878-1946\Jones, W. R. (Bob), 1873-1917

Jones, William E., 2/15/1912-3/8/1916, "Son of W. P. & Eavie Jones"

Latimer, Belle Wright, 9/1/1858-2/10/1899, "Mother" [replacement]

Latimer, Harriet, 4/22/1867-9/28/1942, "Mother"

Latimer, John V., 3/9/1858-9/27/1949\Latimer, Lizzie, 6/13/1889-1/19/1958

Latimer, Mae, 1895-1897 (eroded)

Latimer, Minnie, 1887-1888 (eroded)

Latimer, R. C., 9/22/1907-8/1/1976

Latimer, Robert C., 1889-1965

Latimer, William A., 3/20/1861-8/30/1931, "Father"

Lockhart, Myrtle Marchbanks, 1886-1948, "Mother"

Love, M. E., 8/6/1839-11/27/1874, "Wife of William Love"

Love, Martha, 5/1/1800-12/12/1865, "My children..."

Madden, Bertha, 9/17/1885-10/14/1903\Madden, Sarah, 1/27/1845-5/23/1901, "Wife of John M. Madden"\Madden, John M., 5/24/1899-7/2/1925 (eroded) [dates for Bertha from DAR]

Marchbanks, Foster, 1880-1946, "Son" footstone\Marchbanks, Sallie, 1861-1937, "Mother" footstone\Marchbanks, William, 1858-1907, "Father" footstone

Marchbanks, Myrtle [see Lockhart, Myrtle Marchbanks]

Mathany, Buford, 2/21/1901-5/25/1911

Matheney, Ida, 1884-1933\Matheny, Earlie, 1882-1946 [replacement]

Miller, Mary E. Wilhoite, 11/23/1936-____\Miller, Larry I., 9/6/1930-5/12/1982

Minger, Bettie [see Evans, Betty Minger]

Morrow, Ida, 11/13/1861-3/11/1899, "Wife of S. I. Morrow"\Morrow, Infant, 6/2/1896-8/15/1897, "Infant daughter of S. I. & I. Morrow"

Nance, E., 8/19/1829-1/4/1863

Oatsvall, Marshall, 1888-1976, "Daddy"\Oatsvall, Maggie, 1892-1996, "Mother"

Oatsvall, Paul, 5/10/1923-10/20/1995, military marker as footstone "Lester paul Oatsvall" "PFC US Army Workd War II"\Oatsvall, Phyllis Sue, 9/3/1934-____, "Mom" footstone, "Married Aug. 11, 1978"

Perkins, Parthenia Herrin, 1818-1846, "Dau. of E. Herrin" "Wife of W. K. Perkins"

Prince, William A., 1878-1947

Quillan, Ann, no dates, "Wife of David Quillan" "Erected by J. W. Quillan"

Quillan, E. N., 11/25/1847-2/11/1924\Quillan, Sarah, 8/1/1843-11/7/1899, "His Wife"

Quillan, Lafayett, 7/15/1874-2/17/1885

Quillan, Lizzie Garner, 1877-1899, "Wife of W. F. Quillan"

Quillin, Jacob W., 2/15/1857-3/15/1943\Quillin, Maggie B., 2/3/1863-8/11/1943, "Wife of Jacob Quillin"

Reynolds, Daniel J., no dates\Reynolds, Ida May, no dates

Rudolph, Kasey Michelle, 6/24/1983, "Daughter of Dan and Kay"

Rushing, ______, 9/28/1895-5/22/1900, "Son of Bob and Jodie Rushing" (eroded) [name unreadable in 1995]

Rushing, Abel, d/ 8/27/1831, "Aged 48 yrs 9 mos 19 ds." "Consort of Sarah Rushing"

Rushing, Allie M., 5/2/1888-5/4/1920

Rushing, Bert, 1901-1978, "Father"\Rushing, Lutill, 1899-1989, "Mother"

Rushing, Bertha, 1894-1947 [adjacent to marker for John C. Rushing]

Rushing, Bertram, 1929-1966\Rushing, Christine, 1930-____, "Married Sept. 13, 1946"

Rushing, Bettie Cox, 1869-1931 [adjacent to marker for John C. Rushing]

Rushing, C. Ophelia, 4/21/1918-11/4/1970, "Our mother"

Rushing, Calvin, 11/23/1820-12/14/1882\Rushing, Nancy E., 12/25/1829-5/29/1900

Rushing, Calvin, 3/10/1869-2/2/1890, "Son of C. & Nancy Rushing"

Rushing, Cecil W., 3/19/1898-4/13/1898, "Son of N. B. & Lizzie Rushing"

Rushing, Cecil, 1899-1978\Rushing, Fred, 1896-____, "Married June 24, 1917" [ground disturbance indicates Fred buried here before April 1995]

Rushing, Daisy [see Berry, Daisy Rushing]

Rushing, Dora [see Dora B. Bullock]

Rushing, Dorsey, 6/2/1870-8/7/1962, military marker as footstone "Texas Pvt Co K 1 Regt Texas Inf Spanish American War"

Rushing, Era, no dates\Rushing, Ellen, no dates\Rushing, Lizzie, no dates, temporary marker 1888-1963

Rushing, Fannie, 1/17/1844-____\Rushing, Noah, 1/22/1822-12/23/1907 [Masonc symbol]\Rushing, John H., 2/28/1859-6/1872, "Son of Noah Rushing"

Rushing, Flora Jane, 1/1/1920-6/11/1989

Rushing, Gladys B., 1/15/1893-6/19/1923

Rushing, H. I. [see Herrin, H. I. Rushing]

Rushing, Horace, 2/12/1875-11/4/1921

Rushing, Ida, no dates, "Age 24 Years" "Wife of W. R. Rushing"\Rushing, Elva, no dates, "Infant dau. of R. W. & Ida Rushing"

Rushing, Infant, 12/22/1918-12/29/1918, "Infant daughter of E. C. & Zula Rushing" [not found in 1999]

Rushing, J. Croff, 1900-1977\Rushing, Ruth H., 1907-1973, "Married Sept. 24, 1924"

Rushing, John C., 1860-1942

Rushing, Johnny Lynn, 4/22/1950-10/22/1981, "Son" "Brother" [probably son of Bertran and Christine Rushing, whose double marker is adjacent]

Rushing, Josepha, 9/13/1833-4/16/1905, "Wife of R. W. Rushing"

Rushing, Kim, 1975-1991, temporary marker, 5 yards east of double marker for James B. and Wilma L. French

Rushing, Larry Wayne, 1954-1993, temporary marker, 4 yards east of double marker for James B. and Wilma L. French

Rushing, Lattie, 2/22/1896-8/20/1922, "Dau. of W. S. & E. Rushing"

Rushing, Leeta Ann, 1868-1955\Rushing, Clay, 1869-1956

Rushing, Leonadus, 1857-1936

Rushing, Lively, d. 5/18/1868, "Aged about 71 years" "Wife of Robert Rushing"

Rushing, Lizzie B., 1875-1932\Rushing, Nat, 1872-1914 [replacement]

Rushing, Luther (Thump), 8/15/1871-11/25/1963\Rushing, Mary Eula, 2/20/1898-12/27/1972\Rushing, Mary Lou, 3/11/1928-2/9/1989\Rushing, (Gabby) Gladys Ruth, 4/10/1934-8/6/1993

Rushing, Mahalah, 9/22/1821-9/3/1882, "Wife of R. P. Rushing"

Rushing, Marion Jasper, 10/2/1848-5/13/1935, "Father" [Masonic symbol]\Rushing, Mary Hall, 8/29/1849-8/14/1912, "Mother"

Rushing, Nancy J., 2/16/1856-10/5/1913, "Dau. of D. L. & Sarah Rushing"

Rushing, R., 1/8/1799-6/27/1855 [identified as Robert (Robin) Rushing in DAR and Robert Rushing by Thornton; marker only says R. Rushing]

Rushing, Richard P., 5/23/1812-8/1/1882

Rushing, Robert E. L., 12/25/1866-7/20/1876, "Son of C. & N. B. Rushing"

Rushing, Ruth Ann, 11/29/1942, "Our baby girl" [replacement]

Rushing, Sarah, 3/20/1788-11/29/1858, "Wife of Abel Rushing" (broken) [broken through death date; death date from DAR]

Rushing, Thomas (Jeff), 1877-1953 [replacement;DAR "Thomas Jefferson Rushing"]

Rushing, Vachel, 10/23/1866-9/27/1909

Rushing, W. C., 1/28/1826-1/7/1916\Rushing, Sophia, 3/22/1828-6/23/1913, "Wife of W. C. Rushing"

Rushing, Walter Harris, 10/27/1859-10/16/1906

Rushing, Walter O., 3/25/1921-4/18/1983, military marker "BMSC US Navy Vietnam"

Rushing, William G., d. 7/27/1838, "Aged 18 yrs. 11 mos. 18 da." "Son of Abel & Sarah Rushing"

Rushing, William S., 1868-1947\Rushing, Emma B., 1874-1957

Russell, Quincy, 11/11/1888-11/4/1904\Russell, Blanch, 9/24/1899-2/11/1905, "Children of John & Amanda Russell"

Ryan, J. C., 1870-1942

Ryan, Laura L., 7/6/1868-9/4/1933

Ryan, Lure D., 1911-1987

Ryan, Mary [see Wiseman, Mary Ryan]

Ryan, Mary Jane, 12/4/1841-8/3/1898, "Mother" [replacement]

Ryan, Nora, 11/29/1872-6/1933

Ryan, Patrick Henry, 4/8/1829-7/22/1885, "Father" [replacement]

Ryan, S. G., 1881-1958

Ryan, William Lawrence, 1877-1953, "Father"\Ryan, Della Cuff, 1875-1972, "Mother"

Seaton, Lola Arnold, 9/7/1923-5/4/1997\Seaton, Gerald Wayne, 7/15/1922-____ [Masonic symbol], "Married Aug. 23, 1941" "Our sons: Danny, Ronnie, Stephen, Bruce, Kent'

Seaton, Stephen Boyd, 1/21/1952-1/21/1952, "Son of Gerald & Lola Seaton"

Smalley, H. L., ____ 22, 1844, "Son of J. P. & M. E. Smalley" (broken, eroded)

Smalley, J. P., 12/25/1818-4/5/1890

Smalley, J. W., 8/15/1848-7/15/1855, "Son of J. P. & M. E. Smalley" (broken)

Smalley, M. E., 11/9/1829-1/2/1895, "Mrs." (eroded)

Smalley, M. E., 3/15/1843-9/11/1844, "Dau. of J. P. & M. E. Smalley"

Smalley, William Z., 1841-11/9/1861 [not found in 1999; from DAR]

Smith, David, 1937-1982\Smith, Carolyn, 1938-1988, "Married May 21, 1960" "Children: Cathe, Donny, Susan, Bo and Laney"

Smith, Floye, 1896-1971

Smith, Georgia Ann, 1862-1944\Smith, Lucian H., 1875-1963

Smith, J. W., 1832-1926, "Father"\Smith, Ada, 1862-1938, "Mother"

Smith, ray, 1900-1991

Sparks, Dari Lynn, 9/9/1961-12/12/1961, "Dau. of Don & Janice Sparks"

Sparks, Ida M., 1877-1941, "Mother"\Sparks, Jake, 1877-1952, "Father" [Masonic symbol]

Sparks, Infant, 1916-1916, "Infant son of Roy & Lois Sparks"

Sparks, Lois, 1897-1991\Sparks, Roy, 1894-1962, "Married Jan. 11, 1914"

Sparks, Lovie [see Brewer, Lovie Sparks]

Sparks, Nathaniel, 1925-1927\Sparks, Gertie, 1898-1963\Sparks, Lowell, 1901-1982

Sparks, Rebecca C., 1871-1951\Sparks, William A., 1866-1947

Sparks, Ruby, 1905-1991\Sparks, Buford, 1902-1963\

Sparks, William Justus, 1901-____\Sparks, Lovie, 1907-1958

Spence, S., 4/10/1868-10/21/1878 (homemade)

Spence, W. R., 1806-9/10/1888 (eroded)

Stevens, Thomas Walter, 10/15/1945-12/21/1991, military marker "US Navy Vietnam"

Stewart, Buell D., 3/7/1905-6/13/1968

Stewart, James J., 1883-1954

Stewart, Mary Ida, 1887-1954

Stewart, Mattie, 1858-1935 [replacement]

Stewart, Robert, 1854-1917 [replacement]

Stigall, Caroline, 3/23/1839-2/8/1902, "Wife of J. L. Stigall"

Stigall, Henry E., 1862-1947\Stigall, Eddiline, 1906-1918\Stigall, Mary (Mag), 1874-1946

Stigall, Herman L., 1907-____\Stigall, Clara H., 1905-1992 [note: this death year may not be correct], "Married Oct. 27, 1934"

Stigall, John W., 1866-1944

Stigall, Liza [see Wiseman, Liza Stigall]

Stigall, Mahala, 1868-1954

Stockdale, Ernest F., 1/5/1913-____

Stockdale, Henry Lawson, 1877-1951\Stockdale, Ida Higdon, 1883-1962

Ward, Mary D., 1908-1994\Ward, William, 1901-1974

Warren, Erley A., 1/23/1891-6/21/1910

Weatherly, Myrtie, 1890-1973

Weatherly, Sarah A. L., 7/23/1861-8/7/1868, "Daughter of S. M. & P. S. A. Weatherly"

Webb, Carlos, 7/7/1888-1/11/1928

Webb, Delie, 1855-1942\Webb, James L., 1865-1942

Wheatley, Martha, 2/14/1823-3/6/1906

Wildrick, Eula G., 12/9/1883-10/17/1977

Wildrick, James G., 1883-1942

Wilhoite, Mary E. [see Miller, Mary E. Wilhoite]

Wilhoite, Richard P., 1901-1998\Beulah, 1904-1969, "Married March 27, 1924"

Williams, Darin, 11/26/1987, temporary marker, Stockdale-Malin, no good reference point

Wiseman, Bill, 1923-1985 [Masonic symbol], military marker as footstone "Pvt US Marine Corps World War II"; dates on military marker 5/16/1923-9/9/1985\Wiseman, Pauline, 1929-____ [Eastern Star symbol], carved rings and "1947"; "Our sons Jerry and Terry"

Wiseman, Liza Stigall, 10/12/1874-2/14/1951

Wiseman, Mary Ryan, 1913-____

Wiseman, Sam Jr., 1/11/1928-7/26/1986, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II" [Masonic symbol]\Wiseman, Janice, 7/15/1931-____, "Wed July 1, 1950" "Our daughter Janet Carol

Wiseman, Stella L., 12/18/1891-5/17/1967\Wiseman, Sam A., 9/26/1888-10/9/1975, "Married Dec. 19, 1909"\Wiseman, Wilbert A., 4/29/1917-6/14/1962, military marker as footstone "Ohio EMA USNR World War II PH"Wiseman, James L., 7/29/1912-2/2/1973, "Married Sept. 27, 1962"military marker as footstone "S1 US Navy World War II"

Wright, Belle [see Latimer, Belle Wright]

Wright, G. W., 4/28/1878-5/24/1881, "Son of S. C. & S. E. Wright"

Wright, H. G., 6/23/1872-10/10/1872, "Son of S. C. & S. E. Wright" (eroded)

Wright, S. C., no dates, "Co. C 7 Tenn. Cav. C.S.A." (eroded)

Wyatt, Infant, 9/20/1891-9/29/1891, "Infant dau. of L. A. & R. L. Wyatt"

Wyatt, Lyman A., 1856-1937 [Woodmen of the World memorial]\Wyatt, Fleeta S., 1869-1948 [Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle symbol]

Wyatt, Roy F., 9/24/1892-1898, "Son of F. S. & L. A. Wyatt"


John [no last name, no dates; in Stewart row]

Thomas [no last name, no dates; in Stewart row]

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