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At first Chalk Hill was a Primitive Baptist Church but shortly before 1850 became a Missionary Baptist. One of it's long time ministers was Elder Bennett S. Browning, son of Jacob Browning. Both J. P. Arnold and Bennett S. Browning were born in 1817.

Around 1887 the Shiloh Baptist Church and Chalk Hill Baptist Churches merged to form what is presently know as Chalk Hill Baptist Church. William Hollingsworth gave the congregation a small acreage to have as a public burying ground.

Some of the Chalk Hill Church Pastors were:

William Yates Walter Joyner Edd Cooper Elvhew Martin Glinnie Quinn
Clarence Carter Mitchell Rayborn Jennings Herrington Haynes Lankford Floyd Saunders
Tommy Oatsvall Jimmy Wright Eugene Blankenship David Presley Wray Moore
Don Davis Charles Nichols Connie Bolan

Information from Book Families and Histories Benton County Tennessee
Courtesy of Benton County Genealogical Society



Eagle Creek Baptist Church was founded in the summer of 1887. The first pastor was Elder J. C. Park. The congregation build a church on land owned by D.D. Byrd. Services were held there until the building slid off it's foundation during service in 1917. Church services were held at the home of members, or on special occasions, at the Rock College School on Opposum Creek until 1919. By 1922 services were being held at the new church on Byrds Hill, located on the North side of Eagle Creek about 3/4 mild East of Highway 191. The land for the church and cemetery was donated by D.D. Byrd.

Information from Book Families and Histories Benton County Tennessee
Courtesy of Benton County Genealogical Society


Ramble Creek Baptist Church was organized in 1823 June the 15 by Jacob Browning with the following members to wit:



Isom Jones Lidia Jones
Louis Brewer Sen. Sithey Mintha
Tomis Brewer Sen. Lidia Brewer
Jack Wytta Sallie Jackson
Charles Robins Tishey Jackson
Benjamin Brewer Drusilley or Dewsilley Alsup
John Fifer Joanner Haris
Lemel Herrin Elizabeth Barnes
Lisha Herrin Jinie Watson
Joseph Mose Barbra Alsup
John Cormack Lavisa Lindsey
Cania Redic Celah Pitt
Harred Farmer Martha Brewer
Henrey Childers Fanie Alsup
Charles Barnes Rebecca Redic
James Wilson Lidia Raborn
Joseph Alsup Winie Myers
  Mandia Rhonelds
Arter Pitt Fanie Myers
W. Brewer Kisie Raborn
John G. Allen Susian Alsup
William Redie Sallie Brooks
Henry Raborn Jane Blan
Green Raborn Reachel Warmack
William Raborn Pernina Warmack
Calvin Myers Pollie Melton
Joe Rhonelds Marry Brewer
Hosia Allen Sallie Brewer
William Warmack Anie Waters
Maris Blan Jane Rasbery
John Rasabery Juda A. Rasbery
William Brice Sallie Waters
Tomis Brewer Nellie Myers
Hisicier Forst Jinie Marton
John McGlohn Disy Bird
E. A. McRae Viola Reyondles
John Dorety Susian Forst
Tom Bush Nancy Holdin
John Price Martha Forst
Sam Rasbery Merry McGlohn
James Taylor Jinie Smith
Edward Spain Marget Warmack
Joseph Manning Alabama Brook
  Barbrey Allen
  Manita Akers
  Mary Nickles
  Didamie Bell
  Elizabeth Yarbor
  Mary Bush
  Manda Bush
  Matilda Herdon
  Pollie Rasbery
  Manerva Paford
  Millie Spain
  Winie Holeman
  Lucresia Click
  Matild Smith
  Betsy Jane Forist
  Sarra Anie Forist

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