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Harmon's Creek Methodist Church


The land the church was built on was deeded to the church by Etheldredge Melton in 1869. The second church was built in 1882. The third building was built in 1947 and was still in use as of 1986.

Church Deed

Typ deed
Ref H742-43
Dat 13 Dec 1869
Rec 19 Feb 1870
Frm Etheldred Melton
To Age Hall, Henry Pafford, William Cole, Ichabod Farmer, and William H. Melton Con in trust for use of church
Re 1 & 3/4a on Harmon's Creek, Benton Co., TN
Adj Methodist Meeting House now standing
Wit Wayne Rye, registrar, and John Rushing, county clerk
Pt two oak pointers
Ln n; 16p;
Pt rock and two sycamores
Ln e; 19p;
Pt white oak
Ln s; 16p;
Pt boundary of Etheldred Melton
Ln w; 19p;

Some of the early preachers were:
Before 1882

John Pafford

A. N. Sears

W. H Blalock


Serving from 1882 - 1917

T. R. Luter Job R. Bell W. M. Midget D. H. Ross
W. A. Watts W. D. Dunn S. H. Blackwell T. J. Fleeman
Albert Wilson W. W. Henley R. W. McDaniel A. D. Maddox

The church register dated December 24, 1917 has a membership list and some of them were before 1882. The year given is the date they were baptized.

Baptized Before 1882 were:

Etheldridge Melton John Melton William H. Melton Pridgen Melton George Woods
W. W. H. Holland Loucresa Melton Charity Warnick Mary Ann Melton Caroline Davidson
Mary A. Phifer Mary Ann Melton Arminta Phifer Loucrsia Smith Bettie Woods
Amanda Melton Catherine Herndon Melrina Melton Jane Cole Rena Herndon

Baptized in 1882 were:

Andrew J. Melton Pleas A. Manning F. W. Melton H. I. Bates B. F. Holland
John W. Melton Thomas Herndon Ida D. Blanks Mary C. Cole Francis Bates
Martha P. Melton Hetta A. Phifer P. Holland Mary J. Melton

The following took the Church vows in 1888:

Aaron Melton James M. Melton W. R. Holland William Phifer
Etheldridge Melton Elizabeth Holland Dollie Melton Ivan V. Holland


William M. Blanks Lenora Melton


Martha Beatrice Melton Mollie Blanks
Jones Phifer Sian J. Phifer

1892 - 1903
Rachel Ida Melton
Ader Phifer
Pheba Melton
Catherine Farmer
M. A. Hamer
Lura Melton
Jay Phifer
Iva Melton
Flora Melton
Maggie Farmer
John Farmer
W. S. Wheatley
Will Hamer
Scott Berry
Mary A. Melton
Dan Cooley
Harris Parker
John Harry Phifer
Margret Wilson
Horace Corbitt

Baptized in 1903
Joseph Melton
James Farmer
Royal Melton
T. Corbitt
Milton Davis
William B. Wilson
Thomas Chester
John D. Melton
John lafayette Phifer
Thomas J. Melton
Vick Phifer
Anice P. Wilson
Eller Melton
Nella R. Melton

1904: Annie M.Melton
Landa Farmer

1905: Dora Melton
Margret Hartley
Herbert Melton

Samuel L. Melton

William T. Melton
Albert M. Melton
William E. Cooley
Guy Melton
Charley Frank Melton
Edward Melton
Mattie Cooley
Bulah Benton
Mary Atress Melton
Stella Melton
Ola Melton
Eva Ora Melton
Lu Gather Melton
Lola Melton

Robert Cooley
Lizzie Phifer
Nora Wilson
Florence Melton
Addie Chester

1909 - 1912
Sannie Blanks
Maudie Melton
Ester Melton

Johnie Lowery
Nettie Melton
Martha L. Melton
John E. Phifer
Henry Phifer

Ernest Brewer
Rufus Phifer
marrig Blanks
Etta Bates

Mary J. Brewer
Alice Melton
Ida Phifer
Lessie Vester
Elijah M. Brewer
Buford Brewer
Tom Farmer
Bob Brewer


Alie Corbitt
Annie Melton
Robbie Phifer
Maud L. Melton
Vanner Cooley
Carlis Pascal
Cordie Blanks
Athie Melton
Walter Phifer
Sherman Brewer
Ray Melton
Bud Blanks
Bill O. Melton
Alvin Corbitt
Grover Melton
Granville Melton
Merdie Melton
George Melton
Boyd Melton
Frank Raybourn
J. T. Melton
Iva Myrtle Phifer

John Gilbert Melton
Vivian Phifer
Eula Maie Phifer
Minnie Melton

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