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Cowell's Chapel Officers and Teachers, 1918
Right to Left: Rev. O. H. Lafferty, Noah Williams, Lee Cowell, Shafter Greer, Herman Cowell, C. H. Cowell, Mollie Cowell, Ida Cowell, Victoria Cowell, Cas. A. Cowell, unknown person. Kneeling: E. H. Smothers

Sometime in 1824, Elder Benjamin Peeples organized the congregation now known as Cowell's Chapel, but then it was called Chapel Hill (by which name it went almost till the War Between the States). Active in the membership of this small congregation were members of the Williams and Cowell families, as were the Bridges when they entered this area.

Pastors of the Cowell's Chapel Congregation

1824 F. P. Scruggs and Thomas Jefferson Neeley
1825 Ambrose Driskell and Henry J. Brown
1826 Thomas A. Young and William p. Nichols
1827 John Smith and Nicholas Simms
1828 F. A Jarratt and W. B. Walker
1828 F. A Jarratt and John E. Jones
1830 Richard H. Hudson and John Harrel
1831 John B. Summers and John Harrel
1832 Richard H. Hudson and William D. Sawrey
1833 B. F. Peeples and S. S. Moody
1834 Nathan L. Norwell and John Neal
1835 Ben Peeples and I. Green
1836 B. M. Burrough and J. Moore
1837 Arthur Davis and Alexander Avery
1838 Not specifically assigned
1840 Isaac Newton Manley (died 1859)
1841 Robert S. Collins (died 1848)
1842 Edmund J. Williams
1843 James Rhodes
1844 Bryant Medlin
1845 None Reported
1846 Daniel Tabb
1847 Jesse P. Lowry
1849 Matthew F. Mitchell
1850 William Price
1851 Isaac N. Manly
1852 W. T. Myers
1853 Levi B. Lee and John P. Webb
1854 Simpson Weaver
1855 Lucian B. King
1856 Robert W. Ayres
1858 F. A. Wilkerson
1859 James W. Mathis
1860 William B. Ramsey
1861 Henry Bosmon Covington
1863 A. L. Hunsacker
1864 J. F. Armstrong
1865 John R. Peeples
1866 Elias M. Baker
1867 W. R. Gardner
1868 William Turner Clinton Young
1869 None Reported
1870 Thomas E. Hall
1871 T. J. McGill
1872 T. D. Clement
1873 T. R. Luter
1874 R. R. Nelson
1876 F. B. Davis
1877 R. R. Nelson
1878 Jacob D. Sullivan
1879 H. B. Covington
1880 D. L. Hines
1881 J. H. Johnson
1882 W. H. Mannon
1883 William C. Waters
1884 A. J. Anderson
1885 F. B. Davis
1886 Charles Anderson Coleman
1888 John Guilford Jones
1890 Joseph H. Cason
1891 John Lawson Weaver
1894 Thomas f. Cason (1864 - 1926)
1895 Numa R. Waters
1900 J. W. Wardlow
1901 Yates Moore
1902 Daniel Cherry Johnson
1904 Eugene Monroe Mathis
1907 J. W. Wardlow
1908 E. W. Nelson
1910 Benjamin G. Lamb
1911 Arco Robinson
1913 H. L. McCamey
1914 O. C. Wrather
1915 W. T. Stubblefield
1916 Oliver Howard Lafferty
1920 C. A. Coleman
1921 Thomas Newsom Wilkes
1923 John Thomas Banks
1925 Thomas E. Calhoun
1927 William Slater Lockman
1929 W. King Dickerson
1932 Martin Hamilton Alexander
1934 Audie E. Holt
1935 Ollie Johnson Smith
1938 arthur Gaines Childers
1942 William H. Perigen
1944 William Marvin Vaughan
1946 G. W. Arrant
1948 J. W. Hulme
1950 Harold F. Wallace
1952 James H. Crutcher, Jr.
1953 W. C. Rister
1956 B. G. Gilliland
1957 W. Wayne Fesmire
1960 J. G. Babb
1961 Frank Madden
1963 Robert Sidney Saywell
1966 Sam Miller
1967 W. C. Howard
1968 L. A. Smithmier
1969 Claude Addust Bickley
1971 William Agee
1974 Daniel Jeffrey
1975 James Wreed Gladney

Information from book "Cowell's Chapel"
Courtesy of Jonathan KT Smith

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