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John G. Allen was my great, great, grandfather. He was born on 30 December 1810 in Northeast Carolina and traced as living in Benton County, TN before 1840 (He is mentioned in the 1836 Land and Poll Tax List, District #9 for Benton County, Tennessee).

He married Frances (Fanny) A. Smith on 1 September l831 who was born 31 March 1813 in Stewart County TN. Fanny Allen died 30 May 1890. John G. Allen followed in death on 21 January 1892.

Note: "Fanny Allen professed religion in June 1834. John G. Allen professed religion in September 1842. They joined the church in July 1843."

Their issue:
1. Hosea D. Allen born 20 _____1832; married Delphia Brewer; died (measles) at Union City Tennessee in the Confederate Army 28 January 1862.
2. Drucilla Allen born 5 August 1835; died 12 August 1837
3. John Allen born 24 April 1838.
4. Lucretia Obedience Allen born 20 August 1840.
5. Barbary Allen born 14 December 1843; married Frank Blanchard died 5 August 1867.
6. Nancy Allen born 12 November 1845; died 1 February 1919 of whom later.
7. Smith Allen born 18 August 1848; married Martha Dunn. (had one daughter: Barbara, who married Frank Blanchard).
8. Eliza Ann Allen born 16 May 1853?; married John McCree.
9. David Quillen Allen born 11 June 1850, of whom later. 10. James Taylor Allen born 16 October 1855; married Celia Jane Mannon 14 February 1878 Celia Jane Mannon, born 1860-died 1939, was the daughter of John H. and Christiana Clement Mannon. James died in 1927. He is buried at Herndon Cemetery in Benton County, TN.

Their issue:

1. Ida Allen, born 1879 in Big Sandy, TN; married Emerson Clement.

Their issue:

    1. Linnie Clement
    2. Louis Clement; married Janie Nolan
    3. Rosell Clement (died in infancy).
    4. Jane Clement; married Ben Sanders.

Note: A portion of the above information was taken from a handwritten Family Record completed by George Smith Allen (my grandfather) and handed down to me by his daughter Goldie Allen (Wheatly) (Little) (McBride) when she lived in Montana in July of 1981.

Note: Christiana (Christianna) Clement Mannon was a sister to Archibald Clement, a lawyer by profession. Their parents were Stephen Aaron Clement and Christianna Buchanan Clement. (Information provided by Catherine Marie Waters Stockdale of Big Sandy, Tennessee.

Submitted by Larry Waters

David Quillen Allen was my great grandfather. He was born on 11 June 1854. It is said that "he went to fight in the Civil War at a very early age." His first marriage was to Cathrine Cantrell (She had a brother, George) on 6 February 1870. They farmed in the District #8 of Benton County. After Cathrine's death, David Q. married Jerusalem Hollingsworth (They had no children). I remember visiting "Grandma Jeru", as we called her, as a little boy with my uncle, James Andrew Allen of Faxon, TN in the mid-1940's. We'd hike up the hill to her house and pick blackberries along the way. I have a picture of her with us.

David Quillen and Cathrine Allen issue:

1. George Smith Allen; died February 1936
2. James (Jim) Allen
3. Homer Allen
4. Liza Allen
5. Zany Allen

Submitted by Larry Waters

George Smith Allen was my grandfather. He was born ____ in Benton County,TN. He attended Peabody College,taught school and farmed in Benton County. (Have records of his teaching in District School #4). "As their family grew, he was forced to quit teaching and devote full time to farming." He married Thursa Kelley. Thursa was born 6 April 1874, the daughter of Andrew Jackson and Louisa Angeline Boyer Kelley of Hartsville, Missouri (Wright County), and died March 1927. George S. died February 1936.

George Smith and Thursa Allen issue:

    1. David Luther (Luke), born 5 August 1898; married Virgie Crews;died September 1936 at Heartville, Miss.

    2. Louisa Angeline Allen (Waters) (Clair), born 3 October 1899; first married to Hilry Waters; secondly married to Jess Clair (no children by second marriage). She died 28 November 1967 (Uterine cancer)
    3. Eva May Allen, born 27 September 1900; she was 27 years old when she died of tuberculosis (1927?).
    4. Goldie Alice Allen (Wheatly) (Little) (McBride), born 13 October 1902; first married Bill Wheatly; second marriage to Carl Little (no children); third marriage to George? McBride (no children). 5. George Allen Jr., born 12 April 1904; married Velma _______;died 5 October 1979 (Lived in Alabama).
    6. Rufus Roosevelt Allen, born 20 January 1905; died as infant 26 January 1905
    7. Ralph Travis Allen, born 27 December 1905; married Anna (Nancy?) White (She died in child birth); died September 1937. Descendants are reported to live in Tenn., Ohio, and Indiana. 8. Rebecca Elizabeth (Lizzy) Allen (Goforth) (Wilson); born 9 May 1909; married first a Goforth, secondly Paul Wilson (no children). Elizabeth died 14 January 1992 in Camden, TN.
    9. died in 1918 at age seven of meningitis.
    10.Clara May Allen, born 9 May 1914; married Newtie Frank Waters of whom later.
    11. James Andrew Allen, born 20 April 1916; married Moline Collier. Served in the European Theatre of WWII (more later). He died --,--, 1980. James Andrew (Uncle Andrew) and Moline Allen lived and farmed in Faxon, TN after WWII, moving to Chicago, Illinois for an extended time, doing factory work. Andrew was unhappy there and decided to return to Faxon. He purchased a farm there just up the road a piece from their old homestead. Their last move was into the town of Big Sandy where they had a home built. A few years later, in ill health and perhaps still feeling the effects of War experiences, took his own life. He served his country honorably from 23 January 1941, enlisting at Ft. Oglethorpe, GA until 25 September 1945 when he was officially separated from active service at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. He was assigned to Co C. 409th Infantry with military occupational specialty and no.: Truck Driver Light 345. During WWII he served in Normandy; Northern France; Rhineland; Central Europe; and the Ardennes. He was awarded the EAME Theatre Ribbon w/5 Bronze Stars, the American Defense Service Medal; Combat Infantry Badge, and Good Conduct Ribbon.

Note: A copy of his Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Army is included in this genealogy. On a personal note of firsthand experiences with Uncle Andrew, he was a tall (6'4") strong, but quiet man, who when asked about his war experiences chose to avoid talking in much detail about it. From conversations with my mother and Aunt Moline Allen, it was discerned that Andrew had experienced some terrible things that he did not want to talk much about, and that often caused him great distress in for example, dreams and flashbacks-reliving the horror so to speak. He of course was a war veteran and personal hero to me, and I always enjoyed my visits with Andrew and Moline immensel6".

Note: Included with this genealogy is a picture taken in 1917 of George Smith and Thursa Kelley Allen Family.

Submitted by Larry Waters

I do not know where James Greer was born. He is older than 16 in the 1790 Census of Richmond County N.C. He seems to be newly married with no children. James's wife is Elizabeth Pearce. The birth of their first daughter Jane in North Carolina (probably in Richmond County) in 1792. Their oldest son George in the 1850 Census says he was born South Carolina in 1796. John and William who are twins were born in Kentucky according to John in the year 1797. March 23rd 1803 in Wilson County Andrew Greer had taxes on his land on Spencer's Creek which were unpaid. James Greer Jr. was born in 1805 in Tennessee. In the Miro district, Court of equity, November term, 1806. William Tuton vs. Joseph Greer, James Greer, divisees, and William Magimpsy executor of Andrew Greer, deceased. The defendants are ordered to appear in court on the 2nd Monday in May next. B. Searcy, C.M.C.E.M.D. We know that he was in Stewart County by 1807. This is from a sale of land in Stewart County that he is a witness to. Hezekiah reported in 1850 that he was born in Tennessee in 1807. He has and another daughter Elizabeth who married Thomas J. Ward Jr. She was born in 1810 in Tennessee. This was probably in the Standing Rock community of Stewart County. Joseph was born in 1813 in Tennessee. Carroll his youngest son was born in 1817 after James Greer's returned from the battle of New Orleans. He was in James Gray's company as a third sergeant. This is in a regiment commanded by Col. John Cook under Major General William Carrol who commanded the Tennessee infantry at the Battle of New Orleans. Gray's company served from 13 Nov. 1814 - 10 May 1815. James Greer moved to Benton County. James and his sons: Benjamin, George, Joseph, and William Greer were listed in the 1836 tax list of District 6 Benton County Tennessee. In Greer family is here throughout the Civil War. You will find James Greer's sons and grandsons on both sides, Union and Confederate.

Submitted by Kimmel Kinion

Thomas J. Ward Jr. was born in 1805 on Brown Creek close to the town of White Store, Anson County, NC. His fathers name was Thomas J. Ward Sr. born about 1778. Thomas J. Ward Sr. was in the Anson County militia in the War of 1812. Thomas J. Ward Sr's father John was about about 1755 and was in the Revolutionary War. John Ward was in the 4th NC Line in John Nelson's Company. Thomas J. Ward Sr. was in South Carolina at the birth of his first son William about 1798. By 1803 and the birth of his first daughter, (Louisa) he was living in North Carolina before the time of William's birth I do not know. Sr. had two other daughters, (Elizabeth and Drucilla) and another son Robert S. Louisa married John D.Rushing. Elizabeth married William R. Rushing seems to be the brother of John D. Drucilla was born in about 1823 probably soon after coming to Stewart County with her father Thomas J. Ward Sr. She later married Jesse McGill. Thomas J. Ward Sr. was on the 1820 census of Anson County N.C. Thomas J. Sr. had two sons 10-16, Robert S. and Thomas J. There is one son William 16-26. There are four daughters under 10. One of these would be Elizabeth and the other 16-26 old is Louisa just before her marriage to John D. Rushing. This leaves three daughters that are listed which are not accounted for. Elizabeth probably was married before her trip to TN. That would mean that two more daughters were married between 1827 and 1830 and one shortly after 1830. The first record in Stewart County Tennessee is as a sheriff 1824-1829. He is still there in 1834. In about 1827 both William and Thomas J. Jr. seem to be traveling with their sisters Louisa and Elizabeth with their husbands to Tennessee. In 1830 Census of Humphrey County Tennessee we have Thomas J. Ward Sr. and John D. Rushing (Miss spelled John B. Rushing) close to each other on the same page (305). On pages 327 & 328 are William Ward, W.H. Rushing, James Ward, Robert Ward, Thomas Ward, and Phillip Rushing. Thomas J. Ward Sr. had a son listed as 20/30 which would be the age of Robert S. Ward his son. The Robert Ward on page 328 could be either him being counted again or another Robert which the sons and daughters of Thomas J. Ward Jr. intermarry with. The James and Robert may be the sons of John R. Ward a Methodist minister in these parts of Benton and Humphrey Counties. Thomas J. Ward Sr. also has two daughters listed. The one who is listed at 05/10 is without a doubt Drucilla. The other daughter listed as 10/15 I do not know. His wife I think is an Allen who is 50/60. Thomas J. Ward Jr. was married to Elizabeth Greer (proved by their sons marriage certificate) which explains William Greer her brother living next to them. Right above that is Samuel Watkins who hauled supplies for Francis Marion in the Revolutionary War. Notice his age 70/80. Thomas J. Ward Jr.'s children were : Mary Jane b. 1829 who married John McGill Jr, William J. b. 1830 who mar. Eveline Ward, Lavisa b. 1832 who married Jasper Theophilus Ward, Sarah b. 1832 married Jess McGill and then Sterling B. Floyd, Joseph Riely b. Dec. 25, 1835, who married Elizabeth P. McGill, Thomas Allen b. 1837 who married Martha J. Ward, Elizabeth Drucilla b. 1839 who married Thomas W. Markham, Rebecca Ann b. 1841 who married John William Ward, Lucinda who married her sisters 2nd spouse Sterling B. Floyd before her sister, and Burrel who married Partheny Ward. Five of Thomas Jr.'s children married five of Robert Ward's who married Frances. These are not Robert S. Ward's (his brother) children. Thomas J. Ward Jr. died in 1869. He was clerk for Benton County at the time. At his death he was in possession of 200 acres of his own land claim and 190 acres of his brother's previous claim. The 10 acres he gave to Rushing Chapel in 1860 was range 7 Section 5. This is latter called Pleasant Hill Methodist Church of the South. Several of the family are buried here in this cemetery which seems first named after John D. Rushing.

Submitted by Kimmel Kinion

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